A/N This is one of the first little scenes I did for this pairing and at the time I rated it M. I would always prefer to not offend. Anyways, a number of reviewers have said they thought I was being too cautious, so I'll cave and down rate it to T. I haven't made any changes, it's the same little one shot.

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Umino Iruka looked up from the tests he was grading to the man facing him. They were propped against the opposite ends of a sofa, legs entangled carelessly.

"I've often wondered Kakashi, why did you choose me? I mean there are so many others that are smarter than me, and better looking, and…"

The other man smiled, but whether at his companion or at something he had just read in his book, it was impossible to tell. "You're so easy." He mumbled, without taking his eyes off the page.


The teacher frowned and went back to his tests, striking a red line through an incorrect answer and circling a number out of one hundred at the top of the paper.

"You mean because I just let you kiss me that time and then I went to bed with you the first time you asked?"

The man jerked up from his book, a smile dancing in his blue eye while the red one remained completely inscrutable.

"God no! Don't you realise it took six months of carefully planned 'accidental' meetings before you would even stop and talk to me, and another year before I risked trying to kiss you. And you can bet I was pretty damn certain you'd agree before I asked you to sleep with me, I knew I wouldn't get a second shot if I screwed that up. Hell I could have worn even Ibiki down in a fraction of the time."

Iruka blushed and went back to his grading. "So that's not the kind of easy you mean."


Kakashi was reading his book again. Iruka groaned as he looked at a particularly splotched and untidy test, half the questions left blank. He pulled a face and tucked it at the bottom of the pile.

"Then do you mean because you're stronger than me? That it's easy to make me do what you like?"

The copy-nin looked up, not smiling this time. "I'm stronger than almost everyone in this village, in the country. You do know that I would never make you do anything you don't want, don't you?"

Dark eyes met his and softened for a moment then quickly moved away again. "So that's not it either?"


Iruka smiled at the next paper. "Yoshi-kun, you always try so hard, I just wish you would actually 'get it' sometimes. So just what kind of easy do you mean?"

Kaakshi sighed and closed his book. He put it on the floor next to him then reached forward and took the red pen and papers from the teacher, piling them on top. In a single fluid movement he pulled the dark-haired man towards him and scooted to the center of the couch, so that they were clinched together with their legs encircling each other's hips. Running his fingers through the other's silky hair he kissed his forehead and the tip of his nose before closing in on slightly parted lips.

"What I mean," he said at last, breaking free breathlessly, "is that you are so easy to love."