It has come to my attention that people wish for me to continue some of my fanfictions I started up a few years ago. I had fun writing the fics but I just got so focused on writing ten page papers, research projects, hanging out with friends, playing video games that I just let it slip my mind. Sure I still read fics and posted reviews but I never considered my fics in the slightest. I thought my fics were ok and at best, rudimentary. But I still see my fics getting more and more reviews. So I have decided that I will start up my fics again. However, I must stress that you shouldn't hope for a weekly post of that fanfics. I may sometimes but it's more likely going to be every two weeks. I'm sorry but I need to get into graduate school this fall and I need to get my thirty-one page paper edited and ready to go. If all goes well I'll be going to MSSU or FAU next fall. We shall see. In any case if you wish for a preference of which fic to do please respond. Right now I'm leaning toward The Last Super Hero but if reviewers wish for me to work on something else please feel free to give me a call.