Leticia Agostini sat on the porch of her ratty home silently eyeing the children across the street chatting happily away while slurping on fresh lemonade. The children had moved there recently, they were always outside hanging with their friends or at their father's garage watching him work. Leticia knew, she had followed them many times. She was just another person to them though, she could only envy them since she didn't have enough courage to introduce herself. Seeing the many girls gathered around the roudy boys she smirked, even young the boys had the attention of all the girls in the neighborhood. One of the girls looked over and saw her, she had this beautiful, brown hair and the prettiest brown eyes Leticia'd ever seen. The girl walked across the street and smiled at her.

"Hi! I'm Mia, what's your name?" The girl introduced herself as she smiled broadly. Her voice was soft, her clothes were a pair of loose jean shorts and a red tank top but they looked so feminine on her that Leticia felt like she just crawled out of a dumpster.

"Leticia." She whispered, she was afraid of how the girl would treat her and she was shy being around such a pretty girl.

"Why don't you come over and meet my brother and friends?" Mia grabbed Leticia's hand even as she suggested it, yanking her they went across the street to the gathered crowd of children. She was pulled to the center of the semi circle and she saw a tall boy standing amongst the majority of the females. He had bronzed skin and a large body mass, his brown hair was cut short into a sort of small afro style. "That's my brother Dominic." Mia said pointing to the boy in the center. "And that's Vince." She said pointing to the boy standing over with another group of girls. This boy was different from Dominic, he was tan but not as much. He had muscles but he was clearly as not as strong as Dominic, he had dark brown hair and it looked messy. His sharp brown eyes flicked from one girl to the next, never focusing on their eyes but rather other parts of their bodies.

"Who's this Mia?" The deep voice brought Leticia out of her thoughts and she turned towards the now speaking Dominic. His eyes focusing on her body made her blush as she realized that she probably looked pretty bad. In her torn jeans, loose fitting t-shirt, wrecked sneakers with her long, brown hair tangled, she looked like she hadn't bathed in weeks.

"This is Leticia, she's my new friend." Mia sounded excited to introduce another friend to her brother but Dominic dismissed her without a second glance.

"Whatever, just make sure she stays outa my way." His dismissal made Leticia realize just how pathetic she looked, he probably thought her a street urchin at best.

"Forget about him Letty, he's just being a boy." Mia's petname for her was cute and sounded much better than her full name. "You don't mind if I call you Letty do you? I think it sounds cute." She smiled again and Letty, as she called herself now, couldn't help but smile with her.

"Sure." She felt more reassured now that Mia had brushed off her brother's gruffness so easily. Seeing as how he was a boy and Mia's brother, he probably acted this way with most of Mia's friends all the time. Gathering her courage back up she smiled broader.

"Let's go inside and play." The girls walked together up the stairs and into Mia's room, the room was very girlish and depicted everything that Letty was not. "Wanna play with my dolls?" Mia's suggestion made Letty widen her eyes.

"Uh, I'm not exactly a 'doll' typea girl." She tried to explain her situation to Mia but she brushed it off and pulled out her dolls anyways.

"C'mon! It's fun!" Feeling she should at least give it a chance for Mia's sake Letty sat down with her and forced herself to play along. Half way through the game Mia realized Letty really wasn't a 'doll' person and slumped trying to figure out just what they could do together. "How old are you Letty?" Mia's question caught her off guard and she sat there silently for a few seconds.

"Ten, you?" She asked back in question.

"I'll be ten in a couple weeks." The girls chatted together for a long time, sharing information about their lifes before trying to figure out a game they could both play and enjoy. "Let's go see what the boys are doing!" Mia suggested as she jumped up from the floor. Letty followed hesitantly at first.

"Won't Dominic just get mad at us again?" She really didn't want a repeat of earlier.

"Nah, if he does I'll just tell Dad, 'sides, I'm thirsty." The girls jogged down stairs and saw that the boys had come indoors and the girls were gone. Dominic and Vince were sitting on the couch playing cards with eachother while sharing crude remarks about several of the girls they saw. "I'm gonna go get somethin' to drink, be right back." Mia whispered in Letty's ear, leaving her alone with the boys. Dominic glanced her way and saw her.

"What're you doin' in here? Shouldn't you be upstairs playin' dolls with Mia?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

"I don't play dolls." Letty smarted back viciously, if he wanted to play hard she was game. Dominic snorted.

"Yeah right, you're just another one of the girls." Vince and Dominic laughed together at Letty's expense while she glared hard at him.

"How would you know, betcha don't even remember the last time you were interested in something other than girls! You're just like all the other guys, got you're head up so high in a girl's skirt you can't see straight anymore 'less she points ya in the right direction!" Growing up in a harsh house hold Letty had learned her rude manners from her older brothers who were now seventeen. Being the youngest of the family she was always hanging around them and their manners rubbed off on her. Vince stared at her in shock while Dominic rose from the couch to walk over to her.

"Now how would you know that?" His deep voice was dangerously low as he came to stand only inches in front of her. Letty didn't realize just how large he was until this moment and now she regretted making him mad. He stood at least five inches taller, his brown eyes staring dagger's into her own. Swallowing her spit she lifted her chin and puffed her chest.

"Same as you, I don't." She smirked and pushed lightly on his chest with her hands to make him back off some. To her dismay, he didn't even budge. His eyes darkened and he raised his hand as if to smack her. Instincts kicked in and she pulled away quickly, rememberences of familiar beatings made her back away, fear entered her eyes and clouded her thoughts. It wasn't Dominic standing in front of her anymore.


Letty's brother Diego stood menacingly over her with a bat in his hands. His normally calm, brown eyes were now sharp with anger. He raised the bat and brought it down on her stomach easily. His muscles rippling with every move he made. His voice was sharp as he spoke, filled with anger.

"Why weren't you a boy Leticia? You should've! Papi needed another boy to help him run the store but no! You came along, you stupid girl!" He raised the bat again and hit her harder, his beating got worse and worse. Blood poured freely from her as he beat her. She yelled and begged at him to stop but he didn't, he just beat her harder until she wasn't moving anymore.

"Now you've got what you deserved you little brat."

Letty was pulled out of the memory by the hands grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her insistantly. The fear fell from her eyes and brought her back to reality. She was in Mia's house arguing with Dominic and Vince. She looked up into Dom's big, brown eyes with her own chocolate ones and tears laced them. His brow furrowed in confusion as he realized she was now going to cry. The tears began to fall and he stared at her in confusion.

"What's wrong with her dawg?" Vince asked Dominic as he rose from the couch to stand by his best friend.

"I dunno, I raised my hand, she went blank and then all of a sudden she started cryin'." He sounded bewildered and Letty could only cry harder.

"Hey! What'd you do to Letty?" Mia asked as she came back into the living room from the kitchen. She placed her snapple on a side table and came over to hold Letty. "What's wrong girl? Did they bug you?" Letty couldn't help but smile weakly at Mia's assesment. "Here c'mon Letty, I'll take you home." As soon as she said the word home Letty pulled away and back against the wall. Her eyes were wide with fear even as she cried harder.

"No, not home. Please, no, I can't go back there!" Her voice was broken up from her tears but she made her point clear. Mia and Vince looked utterly confused but Dominic had a look of dawning understanding. He read her signs as clear as crystal.

"Don't worry Let, you can stay here with us tonight." Mia and Vince looked at Dominic in surprise while Letty couldn't help but be greatful.

"Gracias Dominic." She mumbled through her tears, wiping at her face with the backs of her hands she tried to stop the tears that fell.

"You can stay in my room tonight, do you need to call anybody?" Mia asked her even as she led her upstairs. Letty shook her head no, her family wouldn't care where she was, they never did. Letty watched as Mia pulled out a sleeping bag from her closet. She layed it out on the floor and smiled at her. "I don't have a lot of stuff, but you can borrow one of my pillows." Letty thanked Mia and took the offered pillow. Mia shut the lights out after Letty had made herself comfortable in the sleeping bag. She could hear Mia climbing into her bed and she shut her eyes. Soon she was drifting off to sleep still thanking God for bringing her to this place to meet such wonderful people.


Dominic smiled at Vince's joke but his mind was not on the present. It was with the little girl upstairs. Leticia looked around ten years old, three years younger than him. She was a feisty girl, proud and had power to back it up. He figured that when she was older she'd knock the socks off her future boyfriend. Remembering her dark, brown eyes widened in fear when he had raised his hand he wondered at the life she lived. Every night he stayed up because he couldn't fall asleep with the screams and whimpers coming from the house across the street. He assumed the family was being beaten, but he didn't have any proof other than the screams at night.

Letty was living proof of her family's brutality though. She had bruises on her arms where her shirt couldn't cover them, and in the places where her jeans were ripped he could see cuts. She had a smart mouth on her, he wondered where she learned her come backs from. Probably her brothers. He was aware that there were two boys living in her house. They were older than Dominic and weren't around much. Seeing Vince waving a hand in front of his face he brought himself out of his thoughts.

"What?" He asked gruffly, not happy at being caught unaware.

"You were starin' off inta space man." Vince said with suspicion in his eyes. "Thinkin' bout that new girl upstairs with Mia?" He said Mia with a dreamy like look in his eyes. It was no mystery to Dominic that Vince had a crush on his babysister, it in fact was funny to watch him admire her.

"Nah, got more important stuff to think 'bout." Dominic said to bring his best friend out of his reverie. He knew that if he let him, Vince could drift off into space and spend time thinking about Mia for hours.

"Yeah, right." Vince scoffed. Dominic brushed it off and turned back to the card game they were forgetting about.

"Let's play more tomorrow, I'm feelin' a lil off right now." He suggested even as he started to pack up the cards.

"Aight, lata dawg." Vince waved good night to Dominic and left towards his room. Dominic sat on the couch for several minutes before rising. Going into his room he brushed thoughts of Letty away and climbed into the shower. He washed away everything that had happened that day and brought up Johnny Tran's sister's face to his mind. Gabriella her name was, she was a pretty girl, had a fine body and wasn't afraid to flaunt it. She was out of his league for now but once he had class she'd be all over him. Getting out of the shower he dried off and put some boxers on. Climbing into his bed thoughts of Letty once again assaulted him.

She was a pretty girl, she'd probably be a lot pretty though if she dressed more girlish. What was he thinking? Letty was too young, he was a teenager and she was only ten. He had better fish to fry. And fry them he would. A smirk lit up his face as he thought of which girls were the hottest in his neighborhood. Mary-Ann's pretty hott, but her body's a bit too thick for my tastes, now if she was skinnier like Let... Dominic stopped his thoughts as soon as her name entered his mind. Whoa whoa whoa! Skinny like Let? Now when did I start compairing girls to her? Deciding he'd had enough for today he let himself drift away from coherent thoughts and into sleep.


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