The days passed by quicker than Letty could keep track of, Dom was teaching the boys how to race while still keeping up a steady racing record. He lost few times and when he did it was only to the greatest of racers. The boys quickly learned how to be the best and backed up Dom's every wish. Sometimes Letty had doubt that they could keep living the life they did, but amazingly they pulled through even through the darkest of straits. Mia continued working the store while the boys and Letty were almost always at the auto shop working on all kinds of cars. Dom and Letty kept on seeing eachother privately, though they became more public when they shared a kiss in front of the whole crowd at a race after Dominic won.

Dominic swiftly became known as the king of the track, he raced his heart out only when he felt he had some real competition, or if they really needed the money from the races. It was after one of these races that Dom had taken Letty to his bed without using protection. Letty had never been a fan of taking pills so birth controls pills were out of the question. She could only hope that she wouldn't get pregnant from their night together. A week after that night she started waking up with the need to puke, sometimes she made it to the toilet sometimes she didn't. It was one of these mornings that she didn't make it to the toilet when Dom found out. She had woken up earlier than normal and couldn't make it to the bathroom before she started puking. Her body wracked from the forceful heaves from her stomach. Feeling her hair being pulled back from her face, Letty knew that Dom knew about her 'sickness'. She just hoped he didn't put the clues together. She had been gaining weight lately, and it was starting to become more visible.

"Letty, what's wrong babe? Yo' got th' flu or somethin'?" His deep voice rumbled pleasantly through Letty's head. She wished she could be the bearer of good news for once.

"No Dom." She whispered once her heaving stopped. Dom picked her up and placed her on the bed, going to the bathroom he came back and wiped her face off with a towel. He then proceeded to clean the throw up from the floor.

"Then what's wrong?" His voice had lowered from worry and Letty wasn't sure how he would react. Taking a deep breath she prepared to tell him what was going on when she was interrupted by him speaking again.

"Are you pregnant Letty?" His words caught her off guard and surprise spread across her face before she could control her emotions. Letty nodded weakly as she stared straight into the eyes of her lover. Dom nodded as if he had predicted that was why she was so sick.

"How did you know?" She asked, raising her voice slightly. She was peeved from how easily he had taken the news. Dominic smiled slowly and shrugged.

"I remember waking up to my momma puking in the morning when she was pregnant wit' Mia." His voice was soft from remanicing on his past. Letty smiled at the peaceful look on Dom's face.

"Imagine that, me pregnant with your baby." The thought made Letty smile softly while Dom full out grinned. A smirk than spread across his lips to replace his grin.

"I also remember my momma and papa staying up late at night keeping me up from the noises from their bedroom." A dirty looked passed through his eyes as he raked Letty's figure with his chocolate eyes. Letty couldn't help but chuckle at her boyfriend's never ending desire.

"Care to keep the houses occupants up late?" Her suggestion caused a deep growl to leave Dom's lips as he launched himself from the floor to Letty in an instant.

"Sounds like fun." He mummbled against her lips. The kiss was hard and passionate from supressed desire.

"Too bad for you then," Letty laughed as she pushed Dom away and climbed out of bed. "I have to get some breakfast, then I'm off to work." She ran quickly away from Dom as he attempted to pull her back to bed.

"Letty!" He exclaimed grumply as she departed the room and left him feeling quite aroused.


It was in Letty's third month of pregnancy that the boys finally figured out that she was pregnant. Mia, of course, had figured out that the hispanic girl was pregnant by the second day after Dom found out because Letty couldn't keep it bottled up anymore and had to tell her. After finding out the boys started to baby her, they would take the harder jobs and picked up after Letty so she never had to bend over. Mia did all the dishes now while Letty took breaks. The girl quickly became angry at the slightest thing and the inability to get completely dressed without Dominic's assistance left her in a grumpy mood all day. Fortunately for Dom her sex drive went up considerably and they spent most of the night together.

As if the goodness that was being presented to them was a calling card for bad luck bad things started popping up. First Leon lost a race, then Jesse, then Vince, and then finally, Dom. They were running low on money and spent the last of their money on fixing up the cars. The food in the fridge and pantry was quickly running out, the store and the auto shop wasn't doing enough to support them. In the end they ended up selling one of their home made cars to Hector to keep food in the kitchen. Good luck struck again when Dominic finally won a race and money came flooding back into the household.

Before she knew it Letty's seventeeth birthday came and a party was thrown in her honor. She spent the night with Mia and the boys shoving cake down her throat and watching chick flicks (after the boys left of course). Letty than spent the night with Dom in precious love making before falling asleep to have pleasant dreams. The next year was just a blur in her mind, racing, having sex, fixing cars and more racing. The day came that there was a wreck on the tracks when Dom was racing. He came out uninjured by two other racers were in critical condition. Letty was out of her mind with worry for her lover even when he came back to her and held her in his arms.

They fought that night, Dom trying to explain to Letty how imperitive that they kept on racing to keep the money coming in, while Letty fought to make Dom stop racing, how it was too dangerous for him and he could be killed. Dom refused to stop racing but told her he would only race when nobody else was willing, or when there were really good racers on the track. This didn't make Letty completely happy but it satisfied her somewhat. Letty was in her sixth month of pregnancy when tragedy struck once more in their life.

Letty was standing on a chair to get something out of the top of the cabinet since none of the boys were in the house, when she slipped and fell from the chair. Her whole body filled with pain and she felt her water break. She screamed as loud as she could for Dom as tears began to pour down her cheeks. Ever scream and wail was filled with the pain in the knowledge that she very well could've lost her baby. Dom was inside the house at the first scream and scooping her up into his arms while hopping into the car. They all hopped into cars and were racing to the hospital quicker than Letty had fallen. Letty was with the doctor for more than an hour, leaving all the boys in a state of worry and shock. Dom was like a raging bear, snapping at anybody who dared to even look at him. Finally the doctor came out, but his expression was grave.

"Leticia Agostini's family?" The doctor asked them, already knowing the answer. Dom nodded quickly and stood up to greet the doctor.

"I'm Doctor Samuels, Leticia's doctor. I'm afraid I have some bad news."


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