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Chapter 1: Joining the Community

Leah Lewis-Hall awoke at about five-thirty every morning butthis morning wasa special day. Today was the day that the Amish community was going to formally place her as a member of the community.

"Today's a great day" she sang as she made her breakfast. She usually didn't sing, but she was just so happy today that she couldn't help it.

As she was washing her morning dishes there was a knock on the door. When she went to open the door she saw Ethan Longacre standing there.

"Good morning, My Leah", he said, "How are you feeling today?"

"I feel great after two long years I am finally going to be Amish and a part of your community. Then we can be together and become man and wife." Leah replied.

"Yes I know" he said after giving her a kiss and entering the house. "We still have a little while before the ceremony begins, but I wanted to see to you before hand and take you."

"Well I am just about ready" she said and left the room to change into her best dress.

When Leah was ready Ethan helped her into his buggy and then they were off.

After the ceremony Ethan took her to his home were his family had prepare a celebration meal.

While doing the dishes after the meal she and Charity talked.

"Soon it will be time for Ethan to be baptized and you two can be together" Charity said

"I know, I'm so excited" Leah replied

"Ethan will formally introduce you to Ma and Pa. It will be great to have you in the family, Leah."

Soon came the time for Leah to return home. She said her goodbyes to everyone.

"Good night Leah" Mrs. Longacre said hugging her "Sleep tight my dear."

"Goodnight Leah" Mr. Longacre said with a wave.

Charity gave Leah a hug as she said goodnight "See you tomorrow" She said as she released Leah from the hug.

The couple got into the buggy and drove off.

"Goodnight, My Leah" He said.

"Goodnight, my love" they kissed after one long look at Leah Ethan got into his buggy and left.

Soon we will be together forever she thought to herself as she went inside with a smile on her face.