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Part Time Jobs

Ron Stoppable stood in his red and orange office. His best friend/girlfriend was a hundred miles away. He pressed his head on the window. He was done with his paper work. All he had to do was wait for Ned, Phillips, and Wilson to give him a report and he could go home.

It had been over 24 hours since Ron had last talked to Kim. Friday was so hectic for both of them. They had to get their finals done, and Kim had to comfort Monique. Ron had promised to set Felix up with his cousin that day. Through all of that they forgot to set some time apart to spend together. It was rare for them not to spend Friday nights together. In fact, Kim liked to call Friday nights her "Ron nights". Likewise, Ron called them his "Kim nights".

Ron looked at the clock about a foot left of the cactus in his office. They wouldn't be here for a while. Ron sighed. The cactus was fake, of course. A real cactus has roots that stretch for miles. So it was impossible to put one in a pot. But it looked so real.

Ron turned his attention to his desk. It was a yellow "L" shaped desk that Ron kept as neat as he could. Right in front of his red chair was a small sign that read, "El Presidente".

Ron's pet naked mole rat, Rufus, had an ace-in-the-hole way to cope with boardum: sleeping. Ron couldn't go to sleep. He'd lose all his professionalizum. As he rubbed his temples, Ron noticed that right next to Rufus was his office phone. He smiled. It was all so obvious now. He picked up the receiver and dialed Kim's kimunicator.

"What's the sitch?" Kim answered.

Oh, how loved to hear her say that. Ron's lips curled into a smile.

"Kim Possible," he said, trying his best to impersonate Drakken, "I have your precious Erik. And, if you care about his safety, you will surrender to me."

"Cut it out, Ron," Kim said while giggling.

"All right," Ron replied, "Who's that laughing in the background?"

"Felix. I'm at the space center. Remember?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. Tell your dad I said, 'Hi.'"

"Why don't you tell him yourself? Here he is."

"Hello, Ronald," Mr. Dr. Possible said, "How've you been lately?"

"Great, Mr. Dr. P."

The doctor laughed and said, "Ronald, you can call me "James" from now on. When you call me that, I feel old."

"Have it your way, Mr. Dr. P."

This time they both laughed.

"It seem like it's been forever since we've been able to talk. Hasn't it, Ronald?"

"Sure has, James."

"I'm sure you'd much rather talk to my daughter now."

"Yes. I mean, 'NO'. I mean...uh..."

The older man laughed again and said, "Don't worry, Ronald. Here's Kimmie."

"So how are you, Kimiluv?" Ron asked when James gave the kimunicator to Kim.

He could almost hear her blush, "Ron, don't call me that in public."

"This isn't public. It's a private phone line."

As this was happening, rufus began to stir. He stood by the phone and watched his "daddy" talk with Kim. Ron had grown quite a bit since graduation. He was now close to six feet in height. That was amazing for a member of his family. Most Stoppable men were quite short, but Ron got his height from his mother. His hair was kept better too. It was cut shorter in the front and combed to the side slightly. This way he looked good but not too good. He was warring a blue dress shirt under a grey dress jacket and a green, pokadot tie.

As the conversation insued, three men walked into the office. The youngest of them was the same age as Ron, but he was a few inches shorter. He had brown hair, and his blue eyes were masked slightly by his round glasses. He wore an orange dress shirt under a brown dress jacket with a solid green tie.

"Mr. Stoppable?" he said.

"One minute, Ned," Ron said from his chair.

With Ned were Wilson and Philips. Philips was a black-haired man with a chiseled face, and he was about as tall as Ned. He wore a blue shirt over his narrow shoulders. He walked up to Ron's desk, stopped about two feet in front of it and crossed his arms.

Wilson was the tallest and oldest of the three. The only grey and white hair left on his head was in the back and on the sides of his head. He wore a broad beard and a well-comb moustache on his face. Both of which were grey and well trimmed. After a few minute to listening to his boss talk he rolled up the black sleeve of his jacket and looked at his watch.

Rufus just stood there. He cocked and eyebrow (so to speak, since he didn't have eyebrows). The mole rat placed his "arms" on his sides. He knew that this would go on and on.

"Who is he talking to?" Philips asked Ned.

Ned picked up a picture next to Rufus on the desk. It was a picture taken of Kim and Ron almosta year ago, after their graduation. Ron was sitting on the ground Indian style. Kim was right behind him, standing on her knees, with her arms wrapped around his upper body. Both of them smiling broadly, of course. And they had a lot of reasons to smile. The had been dating ever since their Junior year of high school, and now they'd graduated.

Ned's eyes narrowed as he pointed to Kim in the picture and said, "Possible. Mr. Stoppable's girlfriend."

Wilson's brown eyes drifted to his watch once again.

at the space center

"How's Monique, by the way?" Ron asked Kim.

"She'll live," Kim answered.

In the past two years, a lot had happened. First, a hottie named Erik swept Kim off her feet, but he turned out to be a sythodrone Drakken made as a part of his greatest plan. That was when she realized that Ron had feelings for her and was always there for her. Thanks to Ron's encouragement, Kim saved the day from Drakken's Omega Diablos.

Kim and Ron had both changed in appearance. Kim's red hair was still just as long as it was in high school, but she now preferred to wear it in a ponytail. She'd also grown quite a bit. The blue PDA devise in her left hand had a heart on the screen with one of those voice print reading lines across it. The line shook as Ron spoke.

"So has she stopped chowing down on the ice-cream? Is it save to enter your dorm room again?"

"Ron," Kim said as she crossed the room, passing the double sliding door the read, "Z 05".

"KP," Ron said (oh, how she loved it when he called her that), "You know how testy Monique gets when a guy brakes up with her. I'd rather not get chewed out by her the next time I come over."

Kim giggled as she sat in a blue, swiveling chair and said, "You've got a point. We might want to move our stay-at-home movie date to your dorm. Will that be a problem?"

"I'm not sure," Ron said, "Felix will be going out with my cousin, so he'll be gone. I don't know about Josh though."

Josh Mankey. He was once Kim's boyfriend. Oddly, after Kim hooked up with Ron, Josh and Ron started hanging out.She neverfigured that they'd decide to hang out aftershe broke up with Josh. Now Ron, Josh, and Felix shared a dorm. Kim and Josh were still on good terms, so he'd understand that they'd want some time alone and find a way to occupy himself elsewhere.

"So, I'm guessing that Monique won't be going anywhere," Ron said.

"That's right," Kim said, "And Yori canceled her date so that she can stay with Monique."

"To make sure Monique doesn't try to kill Bobby?"

"Now, Ron, you know that Monique doesn't hold a grudge."

"You only say that because you have yet to cross her."

"Yeah, I do," Kim said while swiveling in her chair and place her arm on the control panel.

"That's why boys should avoid braking up with her at all costs," they both said at the same time.

Ron was a bit awe struck that they both said such a long sentence at the same time. Kim, however, was quick to catch it.

"JINX! You owe me a–"

"KIMMIE," her dad shouted.

Kim spun around and looked at her dad, Dr. Forlong, Vivian, and Felix. They were all wearing white lab coats, except Vivian. She was wearing a blue dress (she had a date in five minutes). Dr. Forlong was looking paler than usual. His light skin was countered by his grey hair. They all had shocked looks on their faces. When Kim looked out the window, she saw why. She'd leaned on the launch button and the rocket was lifting off.

Kim bit her lower lip and said, "Gotta go, hon. Love you."

She could almost see Ron's smile as he said, "Bye. Love you too."

Kim hung up and gave an innocent smile.

Yes. It is the Yori you're thinking of. And Forlong is a real surname. You can find Zede05's fanart at ronstoppable(dot)net on the message board.

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