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Mission Mode

This was perfect. Ron had convinced Josh to leave so that he could spend time alone with Kim. He had several moves set aside for this night. There were some movies filled with action, some with romance, others so scary that they'd ensure a lot of cuddling with Kim.

Ron's dorm room was neatened up, not that it needed to be. Kim didn't care. Ron went into the kitchen to check on the popcorn. It was perfect. No unpopped cornels that he could see. He spread the butter on them and sprinkle the salt. There was a knock at the door. That had to be Kim. Ron made sure he was dressed. One time he had answered the door before putting on his pants. Kim seemed to like what she saw, but Ron didn't like to talk about that moment.

He was warring a dark-blue button-up shirt with brown pants. He walked to the door. Kim was warring a green tank top with blue jeans. She looked beautiful, as usual.

"Hey, baby," Kim said.

"Hi, KP," Ron said, kissing her lightly, "How's the most beautiful woman in the world?"

Kim giggled and said, "I'm doing good, Ron. I'll be doing better after we start cuddling, my little ferret."

"Mmmmm. I like the way you think."


"Oh, poo," Kim said, "What's the sitch, Wade?"

"Sorry to interrupt your date," the fourteen-year-old super genius said, "but I've got a lock on Motor Ed."

"Well," Ron said, "I guess that's a little more important than our cuddling."

"But it gets weird," Wade continued.

"How?" Kim asked.

"He's gone to a lair that owned by Duff Killigan," Wade explained.

"Duff and Ed?" Kim said.

"Working together?" Ron added, "That's about a 6.8 on the wrongsick-ometer."

"Set us up with a ride, Wade," Kim said, turning off the kimunicator, "I'm sorry, Ron."

"Ed's the one that's going to be sorry," Ron said, "Taking over the world is one thing, but he interrupted my date!"

"Chill, Ron," Kim said, "Let's get ready."

—later at Duff's lair—

Duff wasn't exactly stationed in the most fashionable of places. It was only an old, empty warehouse. Kim was warring her new and improved battle suit. It was a two piece—upper body and lower body. It left her midriff exposed. The lower part of the black and grey suit, she wore under her olive-green cargo pants. Ron's battle suit was similar. It didn't expose his midriff and was more loose. It also had a retractable cape made of indestructible titanium. Ron wore his grey cargo pants over his battle suit.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," Kim said, "This just feels to…"


"It most certainly is," a familiar voice said.

"Lord Monkey Fist," Ron said.

"We meet again, brother," the British man-monkey said, standing on all fours, "And this time you will not escape."

"If I had a nickel for every time I heard that," Ron said.

"Shut your yap, Stoppable," Duff said, "Ya're doom is before ye!"

"See, Ron," Kim said, stroking her eyebrow, "Monkey Fist and Gill aren't the only villains that remember your name."

Ron smiled at her and said, "Whatever you're planning, it'll never work."

"Now, that's getting old, Ronald," Fist said, standing up.

Kim dragged her index finger down her left cheek and said, "We've stopped you before. What makes this time so different."

"You sure you want to try that, Kim?" Ron asked after seeing the finished signal.

"Yes," Kim said.

"Might I recommend," Ron said, then he scratched behind his ear and slowly brought his fingers across his cheek to his chin.

"That'll work," Kim said.

"What are ye doing?" Duff shouted.

"Trying to decide how to stop you," Ron said casually.

Duff started making unrecognizable sounds, eventually he said, "There is no way the two of ye can communicate like that! And you don't even know what we have planned. ED, BRING IT OUT!"

Motor Ed was piloting a gigantic blue monkey. It's feet were tank treads and it stood almost 40 feet. It started smashing walls. Kim and Ron jumped back to get out. They both hit a metal garage door.

"No escape this time, brother," Monkey Fist said, "HA HA HA HAHA HAHA!"

"That's laugh is really starting to work my last nerve," Ron said, "Maybe your plan will be the best."

"Right," Kim said (almost mockingly), "Go!"

Ron jumped up into the roofing. Since there was no ceiling, he would be able to get to the Monkey Bot 1.0 in relative safety. Monkey Fist saw this and jumped up to join him. Fist landed right in front of him. They were standing on the same two by four.

"Let me guess," Ron said, "Well, brother, although you and I are the only two people that have experienced the mystical monkey power of Tai Shing Pek Kwar, I am a monkey master; and you are not."

"I don't talk like that," Fist shouted.

"You're right. You sound more like this," Ron said, impersonating Fist again, "But I was to be the Ultimate Monkey Master! NO-O-O-O-O-ahhhhhh!"

Fist growled and attacked. Ron dodged every attack. He ducked under a punch, jumped over a kick. After about five blows (none of witch connected), Ron made his move. Fist tried to kick him. Ron arched back and grabbed Fist's foot. He stood up strait. Fist was torn off his position and at Ron mercy. Ron threw Fist down to Kim.

While Ron was doing this, Kim was dealing with Motor Ed. He didn't seem to catch where Ron went.

"Where'd the skinny dude go?" Ed said, "Seriously?"

"His name is Ron Stoppable," Kim said.

"Whatever. Seriously," Ed retorted, "I'm goin' to crush you, red."

Kim pulled her backpack off her shoulder. She dodged a laser coming from the Monkey Bot's shoulder and pulled out a sonic mine. Duff started pelting golf balls at her. She threw the sonic mine at Duff. It exploded in front of him, knocking him off his feet. Kim reminded herself that sonic mines weren't lethal as she pulled a second one out. She dropped her backpack and jumped to the door. It took Ed a moment to register where she had gone; a moment she used to place the sonic mine. She jumped back to secure herself. The round blue gadget blow a good sized hole in the door. Kim jumped out.

"She's escaping," Duff shouted.

"I can see that! Seriously," was Ed's response, "You can run but you can't hide, red."

"Her name is Kim Possible," Ron said, "You should know that by now."

"What?" Ed said, "How'd you get in here? Seriously?"

"Stopping you," Ron said as they crashed through the doorway, "Watch where you're going."

"You're so finished. Seriously, you are."

"Don't think so," Ron said, reaching for the controls.

Ed slapped Ron's hand and said, "Don't touch that! Seriously."

Ron slapped Ed's hand right back and said, "I'll give you seriously."

While Ron and Ed had their slapping fight, Kim had to deal with Monkey Fist (who had landed on concrete) and Duff Killigan. Kim's first sonic mine had ridded her of the exploding golf balls, but Duff was no pushover. He pulled out two golf clubs and used them as…well, clubs. Kim jumped left and right, dodging his swings. Duff managed to hit her in the back. Kim staggered and jumped back.

"Ha ha. Who'd laughing now, lassie?"

Duff jumped at her, swinging both clubs back as he did. Kim raised her leg and sent a hard kick into Duff's elbow. Duff fell to the ground letting out a painful cry.

"That's Team Evil: 1, Team Possible: 2," Kim said.

Then, Kim was hit in the face. It hurt like crazy. How could not have noticed Monkey Fist getting back up. He was practically in front of her, and she missed it. She didn't have time to beat herself up. She had to fight back. Fist managed to get a kick just past her into her side. She tried to block the next hit to her shoulder, but was so short of breath from the last hit that she couldn't manage it. It wasn't looking good.

In a sudden whoosh, it stopped. Kim opened her eyes and saw Ron controlling the Monkey Bot 1.0. It was holding Monkey Fist with one of it's long arms, which wrapped around him.

"Unhand me," Fist shouted.

"Yeah. Like that would work," Kim said, "Nice work, boys."

"I called Wade," Ron said, "A medical team will be here shortly."

"I'm okay, Ron," Kim said.


"I guess I am."

FYI: When Kim was referring to score, it was by hits. Hope you liked this one. I modified the first chapter a bit. Next: Friday Night Out.