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A/N As in most stories, the best place to start is the beginning, so that is were we'll start. Even though I would like to skip the beginning, for beginning''s have to many introduction and formalities. After the introduction is when stories are the best, but to spare you from confusion, the author of the novel, drama, or short story, must fill the start of his or her writing with introduction''s and formalities. So let us precede!

It was a lovely June morning. The sun was shining very brightly and every living thing was affected by the heat that normally accompanies the month of June. So because of this inconvenience, the start of our story takes place indoors with the blessed gift of air-conditioning. In station square there's a little church to the north of the train station, and in this church Amy Rose was getting ready for her

"Hurry Amy," said a very uptight Cream. Though it was not her wedding, she was very nervous. Amy was her dearest friend and she was both sad and happy to see her getting married.

"Cream, if you don't calm down I'll never get ready," replied Amy, who was a tad flustered with her wedding dress and Cream was only adding to her frustration. " You can go ahead and leave, you need to finished getting yourself ready. I can take it from

"Are you sure?""

"I'll be fine. Now go on, I need to get ready!""

With that Cream left Amy to her thoughts. On someone's wedding day,one often thinks of the past and how it lead to marriage. Which was exactly what Amy was doing. As she strained her dress and searched the dressing room for her left shoe, she started thinking on how she first came to love Shadow. Eggman had built some sort of "hedggie kill''n machine". Surprisingly, (not really) Eggman wired it wrong. When he tried to use it, the contraption over loaded and formed some sort of sphere of light before it blew up. Some way or another, this light brought Sally the Chipmunk to Station Square. Naturally Amy was angry. She pulled out her hammer with thoughts of running towards Sally faster than you could blink an eye to teach her a lesson or two. But Sonic zoomed to Sally's side before Amy could make any actions. He was over joyed to see Sally. Amy found herself just standing and staring in awe. She was about to pick her hammer back up and charge, when Sally leaned over and kissed Sonic. Amy through down her hammer and ran off in tears. She ran till she couldn't run any more. She sat on the beach under the bridge just bawling and feeling sorry for herself. For a while she thought she was alone. But an awkwardness began to fill the air, and out of the corner her eye, she was sure that she saw something move. She reached for her hammer to wack what ever it was hard as she could and hoping that it wasn't one of Eggman's evil machines or Sonic and Sally. But she had thrown it down in anger, and the hammer was no longer an option for protection. But she still had her fists! She turned in rage ready to hit what ever was there, only to see the black and red hedgehog, Shadow. She fell to her knees and returned to crying. Shadow knelt in the sand and lifted her head.

"Your gonna flowed the beach," he said grimly.

"Sally...Sonic...I HATE THEM!" And Amy began to bawl.

"Hey," Shadow replied softly, "there's bigger fish in the sea."

Amy stop crying and looked at Shadow. She stuck out her lower lip in a pout and began to tear up again. "But I don't like fish."

Shadow couldn't help but smile at Amy's genius remark, yet he felt sympathy for her. He placed his hand on her shoulder. "What I mean is, Sonic's not the only guy on the face of this poor pathetic Earth."

Shadow's optimistic point of view on the Earth made her smile. "You have such away with words."

"There's others Amy. And there not that hard to find if you look. Besides, Sonic is an ugly shade of blue and is far to vain for my tastes."

Amy smiled and through her arms around Shadows neck to give him a hug. What really surprised her was that after a few seconds of shock, he wrapped his arms around her returning her hug.

There was a knock at the door. "Amy, do you need help? Your taking a long time to get ready!" It was Cream.

"Cream! I'm fine. Besides, the wedding won't start without me. Now go help Shadow with his bow tie or something."

Amy opened the box that held her vale. As she tried to put it on without messing up her hair, she began to giggle as she remembered the night Shadow asked her to marry him. They had just finished egging Sonic's house. They did this every month on the first Friday of the first week. Amy accidently through an egg into an open window and hit Sonic in the head. She had been laughing so hard that she had trouble running away and her sides began hurt. She sat on a bench in the park as she began to calm down. The night air was cool and there was a gentle breeze wisping by. The moon was full, and the stars filled the night sky. It was beautiful, and she was glad that Shadow was there with her. She looked up at him, he seemed a little uneasy and nervous.

"Are you afraid that Sonic is gonna get ya?" she said teasingly.

"No," he replied with a chuckle, "he should be more worried about me get'n him"

Amy smiled and turned he gaze back to the sky. She suddenly became thirsty and was reaching for her bottle of Lime Coke, when Shadow handed her something. It was a little black box.

"I...er...I want to ask you something. That is... Ah, Never mind, I'm no good at this sort of thing!" Shadow began to turn and run. But Amy had opened the box while he was talking. Inside was a diamond ring with a rock the size of Texas! Amy grabbed Shadow's arm. When he turned around, she kissed him. He took that as a yes.

But the real fun began when Amy arrived home. She lived with Cream and Vanilla in a small house just outside of town. For some reason Rouge was visiting. She had come over for dinner and was in the middle of a conversation with Cream. Amy came in, grabbed an apple and sat at the table. Rouge was in the middle of sentence when she noticed Amy's ring.

"Oooh! What a rock! Did ya' steal it?" Rouge joked.
"No!" Amy replied defensively.
"What!" Vanilla had walked into the room and heard the word ''steal''.
"Amy stole a rock," said Cream, she was a tad bit confused.
"A rock?" Vanilla was now confused.
"A diamond!" Rouge corrected.
"A DIAMOND!" Vanilla and Cream said in unison.
"No I didn't..." Amy began.
"Did you get it from Tiffany's? It looks like its from Tiffany's. Wow, it's hard to take one of their stones!" Rouge exclaimed, amusedby her own jesting.
"Amy!" Vanilla was still confused and couldn't believe herears.
"How many carrots is it?"
"How could you?"
"Didn't know you had it in you!"
"STOP IT!" Amy yelled loudly and conversation came to a halt. "I didn't steal the ring."
"Then who did ya get to steal it for you?"" Rouge laughed.
"Amy, you can't afford a ring like that," Vanilla looked very pale.
"It's not stolen. Shadow gave it to me." Amy replied.
"But why?" questioned Rouge.
"We're getting married." Vanilla Fainted

"Amy! It's time! The music is starting!" Cream was once again at the door.

"Calm down Cream, I'm ready." Amy pulled her vale over her face and walked out the door.

Shadow stood at the alter. He watched as Amy walked down the isle. She looked pretty in her dress. He smiled. Shadow squirmed in is tux, he hated it. Amy was now standing in beside him. The preacher began the ceremony, but Shadow had difficulty concentrating. What was he about to do to himself? He knew that he would be around for Amy's whole life, but he was immortal, and she would only be around for a fraction of his life. A fraction of eternity. He pushed his doubts aside. He had made up his mind. He looked up at Amy. She looked concerned.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" she whispered, knowing what he had just been thinking about.
"Yes," was his reply.
"But when I''m gone..."
"For better or for worse," Shadow said, "I do." And he kissed his bride

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