A/N: This is a sequel to my story "Reticence." I suggest you read it, to get the feeling of some things, but here's a summary with important information if you don't feel like it:

Sheppard, Teyla, Ford, and Rodney go on a mission investigating energy readings. They find a shy society, the Tialysians, that builds their own technology based off of Ancient technology. They built a new Stargate (called the Avenue), they have massive shielding technologies, and cloak their cities to hide from the Wraith, who do not know they exist. They have Flyers that are based on Puddle Jumpers (AC- 200 series almost exactly like a Jumper, AC-300 series much smaller, but faster), and they run a program out of Avenue to the Stars Control (ASC) that sends teams (AS: 1..2.. etc..) out on missions through the Avenue under personal cloaking technology. The ASC is located in the city of Bealle. They considered revealing themselves to the Genii, but overheard of the strike on Atlantis, and quickly changed their minds. The Genii were never aware of their presence. All Tialysians have the ATA gene. They also have an off-world colony on Tianna, where the Athosians know them as simple, honest farmers.

During treaty negotiations the Tialysians reveal that during the war with the Wraith 10,000 years ago, a team of Ancient scientists experimented with a biological compound that would immediately kill Wraith, but no other living thing. It was disastrous in tests on the Ancients (the subjects all died). The Ancient's government banned the scientists from continuing, but they took all of their research and computers and fled to the deep caves of Tialys, where they continued their work. After the rest of the Ancients fled Atlantis, supporters of the scientists came to Tialys. After a few years, they were successful and released the compound on the planet, and it is still there. Needless to say, the Wraith found out and killed the as many of the natives they could find from their ships, but a couple hundred survived in the caves. It is also revealed that they have a Z.P.M., almost depleted, and are planning to build a prototype.


Dr. Anirul Belacu : lead scientist on the Avenue and Z.P.M. research

Dr. Hawat Belacu: older brother of Anirul, expert on weapon and shielding technologies

Chief Rone Belacu: Hawat and Anirul's younger brother, Aiden Ford's age, also a scientist but is a pilot in the military, member of AS: 2

First Minister Tomas Brynisin: equivalent of the President.

Minister Paulus Brynisin: Tomas's younger brother and Anirul's husband, assassinated eight years ago by Makina.

(Brynisins and Belacus grew up together, very close)

Commander Fenring Gallata: experienced pilot, CO of AS: 2

Colonel Kalea Akusi: also in AS: 2, an all-around military woman, not a pilot

Sergeant Jude Dura: in AS: 11, helped show the Atlantis team around the ASC

Makina: a rebel group, believe there are no Ancients or Wraith, threatened just about all important government officials, scientists, and military personnel. Few remain, but the agents that do are the best.

Disclaimer: All the Tialysians are mine, and so is their history and their plot lines. The Atlantis expedition and references to the show's plot lines are not of course.

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Chapter 1

The past month had been fruitful for both the Tialysians and the Alantians. Dr. Hawat Belacu became known to everyone in Atlantis, they all loved his sense of humor. He never looked down on anyone, though he knew more about Ancient technology than even McKay. Hawat never needed an escort to find his way through the city; he always seemed to know exactly where he was going. He told McKay and the other scientists more about the Ancients' weapon systems and shields that they had figured out in months. Of course, this wasn't much help in the short term, being as they needed enormous power. He also tried to explain how they built their Flyers based off of the Puddle Jumper technology. With him the Tialysians sent copies of the research on the compound poisonous to the Wraith, Dr. Beckett spent his extra time working on it.

After three weeks of staying in Atlantis, he went back to his planet, Tialys, to relate what information he deciphered from the city and to see his younger sister, Anirul, who had been busy giving Dr. Radek Zelenka headaches from talking about how their generators worked and how it was possible that they built the Avenue, err Stargate. Zelenka returned to Atlantis a day or so after, eager to share his pages and pages of notes, most of which honestly went over the Alantian scientists' heads. There were equations and variables that were thought impossible or were unknown on Earth.

McKay and Zelenka were in one if the labs, going over the information Zelenka had brought back.

"This doesn't make any sense, …this equation is for what again?"

"For their generators, they use a heavier element than naquadriah, and it's more stable. They call it maquial."

"Maquial…," Rodney repeated. "They have tons of this stuff?"

"That they do, it's in no short supply."

"I'd really like to get my hands on some."

"Unscheduled incoming wormhole!" came over the speaker system, "Tialys IDC, receiving communication."

McKay and Zelenka immediately ran up to the Control Room to find Dr. Weir waiting.

"Well Rodney, it seems as if you're wanted on Tialys, gather your things. You leave in… ten minutes."

He hid his excitement; he had been dying to go back, "What for?"

"Dr. Belacu requested you come to aid in the Z.P.M. research."

"Which one?" He hoped it was the one with the long wavy hair and sparkling blue eyes…


Rodney McKay stepped through the Gate, expecting to be greeted by Anirul Belacu; instead he was met by Rone Belacu and Fenring Gallata.

"Welcome back to Tialys Doctor," Fenring said.

"Hello Commander, Chief."

Chief Belacu stepped forward and said to Rodney quietly, "It's General Gallata now." But Fenring heard. "It's alright Chief, the doctor did not know." He addressed Rodney, "Well I hope you're prepared for a little trip. Dr. Belacu is at her house with Hawat, wrapping up the last of the research to bring back here. The Chief will take you in the AC- 304 Flyer."

Chief Belacu and McKay were very near Anirul's house in the country, the one First Minister Brynisin ordered her to shut up a month earlier. She had full intentions to immediately, but she was too busy showing Dr. Zelenka the generators. Now she was almost done, just a few remaining files and scientific equipment in her lab remained.

"I don't like this." Rone suddenly said as he cloaked the Flyer.

"What's wrong, why did you just cloak?"

"The house's shield is down…and I'm detecting two life signs outside, Hawat and Anirul have no business outside. I'm taking her in closer."

Chief Belacu slowly flew over the area in front of the house. Rodney and he immediately saw two men dressed in fatigues hiding behind the bushes that followed the front of the house.

"I'm taking them out." Rone said, Rodney could tell he was worried.

"What, why, now what's going on?"

"They're Makina."

Rone had the Flyer's weapons system fire upon the Makina agents. The weapons were very effective, the agents were killed instantly.

Chief Belacu landed the Flyer near the front of the house. He threw McKay one of the sound wave generating weapons, "It's set on stun, but another shot will kill the subject, so be careful."

The front door was wide open, and papers could be seen strewn about inside. Rone and Rodney ran in, Rone taking the laboratory side, Rodney taking the other hallway.

"Nooo!" Rodney heard Rone screaming from Anirul's lab. He ran there as quickly as he could from the other side of the house, weapon in hand, to see Rone's back, he was on the ground bent over a body. No it can't be her…

Rodney moved closer to see it was Dr. Hawat Belacu, Anirul and Rone's older brother. Oh my god… I just saw him at Atlantis… he was fine…Hawat was lying on his back in a large puddle of blood. The blood obviously came from a head wound. Rodney looked around the lab, a fight had taken place there. Instruments were on the ground, broken into pieces. Blood was spilled over by one of the tables also. Hawat had what resembled a crow bar in his hand, covered in blood, and another one laid nearby.

Rone was holding Hawat's hand, and had tried to stop the bleeding with his jacket.

"Rone… I…" Hawat managed to gasp.
"Don't talk brother; I'll get you out of here."

"No… don't…find Anirul…they, Makina…"

"I'll find her, no worries now."

"Good…bye." Hawat's last breath passed through his lips, but then his body turned to light and left through the doorway. Rone and Rodney couldn't believe their eyes as they looked at the energy and back to the empty clothes left behind. But thinking about this had to wait.

Rone was visibly distressed, his eyes were watering and he was muttering swear words. He stood up remarkably quickly. "They're not going to kill my whole damn family, I won't let them!" He started moving towards the door, he had his weapon in his hand, and tears were flowing.

"Where are we going?" McKay yelled after him.

"To find my sister! They are not killing her too!"