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Chap '11'- Delving Into the Mind of an Astrophysicist Pt. 2

She had heard Dr. Beckett, but didn't listen. Sure it was fascinating, if one was a neurosurgeon or medical doctor, but Anirul was a physicist. She liked her science outside the body- wormholes, subspace/time, shields, splitting atoms, generating power… anything inside the body leave to the other doctors. Which she thought was weird considering her…other abilities. She saw his broken bones inside her head.

She sunk down on the bed on her quarters, head flat on the pillow, and remembered the only other time in her life this happened. She hadn't told Rodney the whole story about her father dying, she didn't tell him how she could see the rib puncturing his lung and how much energy she sent into him and how much it drained her eleven-year old body. It was as if she was missing something, something that would convert her energy and heal the bone and severe injuries. She didn't tell him about being in the hospital for a week, not recovering from injuries but from sheer fatigue. That is why she jerked her hand away from Rodney's. She knew it wouldn't work, no matter how hard she tried.

Anirul sat up on the edge of the bed, ran her fingers through her hair, and thought about what Dr. Beckett had described about the scan. Something about there being two intense glows, one in her frontal lobe and one in the parietal lobe -the areas that dealt with emotions, judgment, visual perception, and housed the sensory cortex…among a host of other functions. And then she wondered why the only times she experienced a healing this intense was today healing Rodney and all those years ago…She sighed and stood up. Anirul loved the city, but thought perhaps it had come time to leave it, not permanently, but for awhile. Being there had started to make her uncomfortable. Picking up her brush, she started to pace the room, unsure of what to do. She brushed her hair and decided to think about it after lunch and moved to the door.

"Hey sis."

That immediately stopped her. If it was who she thought it was… Anirul turned around to see her brother Hawat standing there clad in white.

"You really need to stop dropping in unexpectedly. Aren't you busy with cosmic issues or something?"

"No, I can't actually do anything, though I have the power to. You know that."

Anirul was happy to see him, but she was curious, "Then why are you here? Torturing me in your afterlife is the only thing you have to do?"

"I know you're thinking about leaving Atlantis."

"How would you-"

"Because it's what you always do when there's something you don't like. Dad died, you kept fleeing the city and roaming the woods; when everyone kept looking at you in pity after Paulus, you moved to the country; mom died, you stopped coming into the city of Bealle altogether for months, I die and you come here."

Defending herself she responded, "This was Tom's idea."

"Yes, but only because you needed the excuse." Tom knew her the best, out of anyone alive at least. Hawat knew her better, "You need to stop running Anirul."

"What would I be running from now?"

"The talk surrounding our heritage and about you and another astrophysicist, don't tell me you haven't noticed."

She couldn't believe him, what did he do, come back again just to antagonize and haunt her? She answered him sternly and crossed her arms facing him, "I'm not deaf Hawat. Every time I go into the cafeteria many people stop talking for a few seconds. I'm thinking about going back home because I found the research I've been looking for." At least that was her excuse.

"Home? This is the city of our Ancestors!"

She raised her voice, "I can always come back. If you forgotten, we are fighting for our lives down here! The Wraith can attack any of us at any moment, and it is my responsibility as a citizen of Tialys to protect my people and with this new research it will be more possible."

"It is also your duty as an Ancient to protect this city!"

"We are not Ancients Hawat!" How could he say that?

"Tialysians are the closest damn thing living to them."

The both of them stopped talking for a few seconds to calm down. The last thing either of them wanted to do was fight. When he was alive they rarely argued or raised their voices. They both had changed these past two weeks. Anirul sat down on the edge of the bed, and Hawat turned to face her still standing.

"I thought you weren't supposed to interfere with us corporeal beings."

"What I'm doing is not interfering, it's advising." A dangerous game he knew he was playing.

She shook her head at him, "You walk a very fine line."

"And I'm already outcast for it. I shouldn't even talk to you at all."

"What?" Her loveable older brother an outcast?

"The others do not approve of me much anymore. Unbelievable right? I've been Ascended for two weeks and I've made a mess of it."

"So you're up there by yourself?"

"Yes, and no. I've heard there are others like me who bend the rules. I will find them."

"You don't know where they are?"

"I may be powerful but it doesn't mean I know everything in all the galaxies."

"Good luck then brother." She smiled.

"Thank you. Promise me you'll think about what you're doing?" His little sister was extremely stubborn.

"Alright I will."

"Don't expect to see me anymore. This shall be a final goodbye. Have a good life sis." He waved.

"Goodbye." He was actually going to be gone…

He nodded and disappeared. Anirul stood up, thought a moment, and opened one of the dresser drawers.

Rodney McKay was standing on one of many balconies of Atlantis, this being the one off of the Control Room. He never really took enough time to enjoy the view it gave, it was astounding this time of night or morning, one o'clock. He had walked here from his quarters and passed a person here and there, bringing a cup poured from a bottle of something he had in his quarters. The light from one of the moons reflected on the sea and then up onto the city.

He was staring into the depths of it, the sea that the stasis-Elizabeth told that the other him had drowned in, that the whole expedition drowned the first time. He shivered at the thought. One thing he didn't want to do in this galaxy was die or keep watching the people around him die, they were becoming like family. Perhaps that's why he had stepped in front of Kolya's gun, Elizabeth was family. The memory of what the man did to his right arm suddenly flashed across his mind and he pushed it away.

He tried sleeping, but that had failed. His mind was racing with the events of the past two and a half weeks. First, he witnesses the Ascension of Dr. Hawat Belacu, a man he had come to respect during the weeks he was in Atlantis and who was practically a text book on all things weapons and shields, an immense loss. Next, he and Chief Rone Belacu had to go and save Anirul from the rebel agents of Makina. That was only the beginning, though the next ten days past without much incident. But then he and Anirul had managed to get glued together one night and John calls him the Kirk. Rodney McKay the Kirk of the expedition, yeah right, he thought.

Then the next day Aiden almost got crushed to death on that volcano planet and Anirul activated that machine that saved his life and he shattered his arm. The next day, only her twelfth, she found the reference to the ZedPM lab. They find out Anirul and the Tialysians are part Ancients, possess a minor healing ability, and have genetic knowledge. Finally of course, there were the widespread rumors involving the Captain Kirk aspect. It had been an eventful past couple weeks to say the least.

Anirul had been looking for him for the past hour, and found him like this, staring out at the sea, holding a cup in his right hand.

"Isn't it a little late to be drinking that?" She asked as she leaned on the railing on his right side. She had the urge to sit on the railing, but it was way too high of a fall.

"It's early, depending on your perspective. And this isn't coffee, it's some sort of cold drink made from roots or something, from your planet actually."

Anirul snickered.

"What?" He turned to face her.

"Roots?" She raised her eyebrow.

"Well what is it made from then?"

"A type of flower called ellindil."

"And the name of the drink?"


"Creative race aren't you?" He said sarcastically.

"We try." She said just as sarcastically. "The brewers most likely named it under its effects."

He was worried, "Effects, what exactly do you mean?"

"I um, think your slang for it is… drunk…"

He sighed with relief, "Oh right. So… uh…where did you disappear to today, I haven't seen you since... uh... the infirmary." He had gotten used to her being around.

She didn't want to say, not yet. "I've kept busy. How's your arm?"

"Pain's gone but it's still healing, slowly. Are you sure you can't just wave your hands and heal it?"

"You know I can't do that much, I would if I could though."

He shrugged. "It was worth a shot."

"Thinking about anything shattering?"

"Only our impending doom and that there's a scientist running around Atlantis whose part Ancient turning on devices with a touch of a hand and healing people."

"I am still the same person as when I came here Rodney."

"I know." He smiled at a memory.

"What are you smiling at?" She asked curiously.

"You standing by the door at your house, holding a weapon on us. You were incredibly non-threatening in every way possible. Major Sheppard could have knocked you over."

"I thought I was…fairly imposing." She said.

"Nope, not at all." He smiled and took another sip.

"There's something else isn't there." She narrowed her eyes.



"Have you heard the rumors… about us?"

"How could I not? The speculation about 'How the hell did McKay manage to land an Ancient' is my favorite. They don't seem to realize your genius, or mine for that matter."

"Oh they know alright. But doesn't it all bother you?" He asked, oblivious to her true meaning.

"Why would it?" She smiled. Answering a question with a question was her specialty, one of them. "I knew the glue incident would be all over the city."

"You're overlooking the fact that what they are saying about our relationship is not true. It's simply a working relationship." He said it as if he wasn't trying to convince her, but himself.

She quickly responded, "That's why it's called a rumor and that's why it would be best for me to leave in the morning." She didn't care what Hawat told her earlier.

"What? Anirul…You don't-" The light reflected off the water on the two of them.
She cut him off, "This all is obviously making you uncomfortable and I have found what I came for…"

"The ZedPM research."

"It is my life's work. I'm taking a copy of everything with me; that is what I was doing all day, that and packing. I have no other reason to stay that I am fully aware of."

"I suppose not."

She paused and took a deep breath before she spoke again, reluctant to say what she was about to say, "This is goodbye then Rodney. Maybe I will return someday. After all, our people are allies against the Wraith. I believe our people will continue to have a mutually beneficial relationship." Anirul stood up straight and held out her hand for a handshake, he took it.

"So do I, goodbye Anirul."

Anirul walked away to leave Rodney pondering his thoughts. They both had to be the most obstinate people in the whole damn galaxy. He turned back to the sea kicking himself for not saying something to make her stay.


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