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Ch. 1

Rain clouds settled over the PCA campus, threating rain showers and gusting winds. Zoey and her gang ate outside, enjoying what was left of the beautiful day, before it started pouring down rain.

"So, have we decided what kind of music we'll be having at this year's PCA Dance?" Nicole asked.

"Well, I was thinkin about having a couple of hired bands..." Zoey cut off.

"Like who? And do we even have enough money?"

"Well, we could do even better fundraisors this year..." Chase suggested.

"Well...I was thinking of Hoobastank...and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band...and a few others...still thinkin...or we could just hire a D.J. and save money...sound good?" Zoey asked.

Everyone agreed on the choice of hiring a D.J. They felt it was better because of the incident and the hard work just to get Drake Bell at the Spring Fling, they thought it was a better choice.

Zoey stared off into the distance, thinking of only her crush, Chase Matthews. Thinking of what they could be, but she herself wound not make the first move. It had to be Chase, if he liked her so bad, or so she heard.

"Earth to Zoey...hey ditzy blonde!" Logan yelled, slicing through her thoughts of Chase.

"What do you want Logan?" She replied sarcastically.

"I need to talk to you..." Logan said, then glanced at the others..."Alone."

Logan pulled her to the side, kind of roughly she might add.

"What?" she asked, irratatedly.

"You gotta help me."

"Why should I help you?"

"Because i really want to get together with Dana..." He said, a hint of red coming to his face.

"Whatever, but what do I get in return?"

"I'll help you get lover-boy over there..." He said, indicating Chase.

"But how..."

"Because, no girl stares at a guy, and doesnt even come back to the real world when other people call her." Logan replied, cutting Zoey off.

"Fine, I dont care. But I will help you, and i'm not forcin Dana to do anything."

"Thanks, you really dont know how much this means to me."

"Yeah...whatever." Zoey called back to him, leaving.

As Zoey came back to her table, she heard a roll of thunder in the distance.

"Come on you guys, its fixin to pour."

"Wait Zoey...I need to talk to you." Chase yelled out to her.

"Ok...just make it quick I want to get back to my dorm before I get caught in the rain."

"Alright, umm...Zoey I really lo..."

"Hey are you Zoey Brooks?" Asked a guy she hadn't even seen before.

"Ummm...yes, and may I ask who you are?" Zoey replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry...My name is Jason Fawkes." He said, flashing Zoey a perfect smile.

Zoey looked him over to really see what he looks like. he had gelled (but not to much gel) brown hair, with blonde highlights, and not to mention his hair was perfectly cut... perfect smile, a strong, slightly muscular body, and he was wearing a 2004 American Legion Baseball shirt, and jean shorts to go with it.

"Uhh...did you need something?"

"Oh, umm...i need help getting to my classes...im new here, and i dont know my way around this place yet..."

"Oh, ok..sure...hold on, I think Chase wanted to tell me something...Chase?"

"Yeah, but it was nothing."

"Alright then, Chase...I'll see ya later." And with that, Zoey took off.

Zoey showed Jason around the school, but she could hardly take her eyes off of him, he was so cute!

"Is there something you needed Zoey? You keep lookin at me funny..." Jason pointed out.

"No, I was lookin over there..." Zoey said, saving herself from embarrassment.

"Oh, ok. Well, here's my dorm. I'll see ya later then?"

"Ok. Bye!"

'Oh no, what am i thinkin? I cant be liking this new guy, I hardly even know him. Even if he does play baseball, I wont be intimidated.' And with that thought, she went back to her dorm to start makin plans on how to get Logan and Dana together. And on plans for the PCA Dance.

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