Note: Fluff-ish about Greg and Nick's first kiss. It's kind of a 626 worddrabble. But it's cute.. or so I've been told. and I know that July 17th is in the future but roll with me people. Roll with it. \m/

Disclaimer: -is sick of doing this- I don't own CSI, or any of the characters. I do not own the date of July 17th 2005 although that would be wicked. I don't own the rain, dancing, police tape or parking lots. I don't own crime scence, I don't own dead people... get the idea? Good. Now, read younglings! Read! -is watching Star Wars-

It Should Have Been Raining

I remember everything about July 17th, 2005.

It was hot outside, it should have been raining.

You were swearing, you should have been dancing.

You were standing beside the yellow police tape, you should have been in a vacant parking lot.

You were on the verge of crying, you should have been on the verge of singing to the stars.

You should have been standing in an empty parking lot, dancing through the rain and singing while your shirt clung to your chest.

But no, no you weren't. You were standing by a recent crime sense in the heat, swearing with tears in your eyes at the sight of the young child murdered on the street. It wasn't the way I had pictured it. I had gone through this moment in my mind so many times and never had it been like this. Never.

I had seen you pacing by your car door with your cell phone in hand. It seemed as though you were debated whether or not to call someone. I could tell that the child behind you was bringing upon a gag. Maybe that's why you wouldn't call the person on your mind. Maybe you thought you would vomit if you opened your mouth long enough to speak.

"Just smile, it represses the gag reflex, or so Sara has told me." I said as I wrapped my arms around your waist from behind.

"Greg," you gasped in surprise. It almost seemed as though you were surprised by my touch, "I was just going to call you."

"So that's why you were pacing back and forth, not to mention ruining your shoes," I cooed in you ear, "I'm flattered but I'm already here."

You spun around in my arms and nuzzled your face into the crook of my neck. You whispered, sending shivers through my body as your lips grazed my skin, "Why am I still doing this?"

I felt the wet sting of your tears on my skin and it broke my heart to see you like this. You might not have known it but it did. It broke me.

"Because you're perfect, and selfless. You can't help but do good, you speak when the dead can't. You can't help but be Nick."

"But it's driving me crazy."

"You'd go crazy without it."

"Greg," you pulled your face out of my neck and wiped the tears away with your sleeve, "thanks."

I remember I just smiled as you walked away with your kit towards the crime scene.

"Aren't you coming?"

"Yeah," and I followed you. Everyone one had left already. David was gone, Brass, Grissom and Catherine had left for another DB and the officer had left after you had given him the okay. He wasn't really needed anyway.

Kneeling down beside you I felt you lean your head against my shoulder and sigh.


"Mmhmm," I loved hearing you say my name.

"Thanks again."

I turned slightly to look at you.

My hand trembled as it moved towards your face. My thumb absentmindedly stroked your cheek and wiped away the remaining tears. You put your hand over mine and warmth spread through my body.

"Greg," you whispered although you did nothing to stop me as I leaned in to you and felt your soft lips upon mine and I knew you were enjoying it as much as I was.

It should have been raining.

You should have been dancing.

You should have been standing alone in the parking lot.

You should have been singing to the stars.

But it was hot outside.

You were swearing.

You were kneeling beside the yellow police tape.

You were crying and you were mine, in my arms on July 17th, 2005.