Callie moved wearily through the room readying herself for bed. It wasn't until she was returning from the bathroom that she noticed the small silver envelope on the floor in front of her suite door. Bemused, she reached down and picked it up. Her name was scrolled across the front and she recognized it to be Bruce's handwriting. A small smile played over her face as she headed to the bed. The envelope wasn't sealed and so she pulled the small sheet of note paper from inside. She unfolded it with only slight hesitation.

It had one phrase, and was only signed Bruce. 'Allow me to escort you to the Ball?'. He asked. Her heart fluttered and she knew that she'd say yes. She wondered when he'd slipped it under her door. Callie leaned back into her pillows dreamily. So, she would be going to the Ball with the Prince of the event himself. How fabulous. She snapped out of her reveries within minutes. Callie knew she should just enjoy it while she could. Very soon a time was coming when she would have to inform Bruce of the revelations by Nico Kramer. She knew she had to keep him safe at the Ball as well.

There had been tremendous fear within Nico's mind. He was terrified of failing. If Bruce didn't die tomorrow night then something bad would be happening to Nico. The same something that had happened to Lawrence. The thought almost made her shudder at the memory of his unholy eyes. His concrete belief that he'd already killed her. Something had snapped his mind in a million shattered pieces, and no matter how much anger she held toward Kramer she wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Callie stood and walked to the small writing table that took up a small portion of the large room. She had moved some of her personal stationary and writing utensils into the space just the day before. Quickly she wrote two words and then folded the small vanilla sheet of vellum. 'I accept' she'd written. She moved silently out of the room and down the hall. Making sure that no one spied her she moved to the door of Bruce's chambers. Callie was just about to slip the paper under the door when she heard voices coming from the room. Not able to help herself, she listened.

"Master Bruce I think you're making a mistake." Alfred spoke patiently.

"I know you do Alfred, but I don't." Bruce rasped.

"Miss Callie is an intelligent and understanding woman."

"Yes, she is, but there are some things no one understands." He sighed. "Look Alfred, I like Calliope, I like her a lot, but this isn't something that everyone understands or accepts. I'm not ready to tell her, and I'm not sure I ever will be."

"If you never give anyone your trust, then how will they learn to trust you?" Alfred spoke quietly. "There will come a day when she finds out on her own, and you'll wish you'd told her."


"You could possibly lose her."

"Alfred, it's impossible to lose something you don't have." Bruce answered back quietly.

Callie quickly decided she'd heard enough. She slipped the note under the door and sped back to her rooms. As soon as she'd shut the door she leaned against it. Her heart was beating rapidly. She supposed she'd always known that Bruce was keeping things from her, but then it wasn't as if they were a couple. It wasn't as if he owed her anything. If anything, she owed him. The mystery of it did intrigue her however. What would the rich and powerful Bruce Wayne be keeping a secret? Some strange fetish? A bizarre tradition? Perhaps he'd killed someone in those years he'd been gone?

She moved from the door and slipped into her bed. Just one more thing to get to the bottom of.


The next morning dawned gray and foggy. A light drizzle made its way down from the dark gray clouds and it was almost a guarantee that the drizzle would change to a downpour eventually.

Callie woke late and treated herself to a luxuriant bubble bath before doing anything else. Dressing in slacks and a light sweater she headed down to the kitchen.

"Good morning Miss Callie." Alfred said with a cheerful tone.

Callie smiled at the old butler warmly, "Good morning Alfred. How are you this morning?"

"Splendid Miss. And yourself?"

For a moment Callie thought of keeping the chat small and pleasant, but then she changed her mind at the last second. "I'm afraid it's going to be a busy night tonight."

"Master Bruce got your message last night." He looked pleased. "He's out currently. Would you like some breakfast?"

"That would be fabulous." She said and followed him into the kitchen.

"Another vision?" he asked quietly. "Did you go out last evening?"

Callie took a seat at the small island in the middle of the kitchen and sighed. "Yes, I went out, and no, no vision. Actually I went to visit Nico Kramer last night. I overheard him and a smaller man speaking. They were discussing killing Bruce this evening." When Alfred looked worried she rushed to calm him. "Don't worry Alfred; I won't let anything happen to Bruce. I wish I knew this man's name though. Perhaps you'd know." She said suddenly, surprised she hadn't thought of it before.


"He worked for the mob boss. The one that went crazy. The police could never tie him to anything." Callie tried to visualize the man. "Short, skinny, his face is almost weasely. He has a lot of scars on his face, like pockmarks. Thin mustache, and wears cheap, baggy suits."

"I believe you're referring to Andre Scarletti Miss Callie." Alfred said as he recognized the description. "He is indeed a nasty little man. Worked for Falcone for years. Always managed to escape prosecution. You say this is the man that is supposed to attempt to kill Master Bruce?"

"Indeed. I've got to figure out some way to warn Bruce." She sighed. "I'll keep a close eye on him this evening, but he should still know."

"Perhaps I can assist you with that Miss Callie." Alfred offered. At her inquiring look he continued. "Allow me to warn Master Bruce. He need never know the information came from you."

Callie observed the elderly gentleman quizzically. "You would do that? Protect me?"

"I would." He assured her.

She nodded once. "Agreed. Warn him. Then I will make sure he's protected this evening."


Several hours later Bruce was preparing for the Ball when Alfred entered the room silently. Bruce smiled at the man. "Don't look so somber Alfred, it should be a good night."

"Sir. That Seer person was here today while you and Miss Callie were out."

Bruce whipped around to stare at him in silence.

"She said to warn you that you were in grave danger this evening. It seems Andre Scarletti is going to make an attempt on your life."

"Andre Scarletti? He was one of Falcone's top dogs. Who brought him into this? He disappeared shortly after the whole Raz Al Gul disaster."

"She felt you should know sir."

"And you're just telling me this now?"

"Well it isn't like you've had a lot of free time Master Bruce." Alfred took on an injured air.

"I'm sorry Alfred. It's good you told me. I'll be extra careful to protect myself and Calliope." Bruce seemed lost in his thoughts. "Now, she should be down any minute. Let's go wait for her in the study."