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Backwards Reflection

Chapter1: Throught the Portal

"Ghost child, at long last you will be mine"

"Not today Skulker, and not ever" Danny shot a few ecto blasts at the Ghostworld's greatest hunter. Skulker dodged the blasts, the green energy hitting the Fenton portal. The energy in the gateway turned reversed direction and turned from green to blue.

Not that either combatant noticed, as caught up as they were in the struggle. In fact, they didn't notice until Skulker Threw Danny off him, accidentally throwing him into the blue portal…


Danny screamed as he fell into the infinite blueness. Usually he was deposited into the ghost zone quickly, but now he couldn't see an end to this strange blueness. What if he fell like this forever?

With a flash the young halfa was dumped on the floor. The portal swirled for a few moments and disappeared. Danny looked around, expecting to see the ghost zone. Instead he looked like he was in…a normal room?

"Okaaaay, this is new?"

He heard footsteps rapidly approaching. Not wanting to be charged on b&e, Danny turned invisible.

"Is there anyone there Jack?" Mom?

The light flickered on and Jack Fenton entered the room, a baseball bat in hand. Wait? Was he wearing…..a suit and tie?

"No Maddie, no sign of an intruder." Jack relaxed "Must have been the house settling"

"Like, maybe it was a visitor from the other side, trying to make contact"

Jack sighed. "Jazz, how often do we have to tell you there's no such thing as ghosts" he flicked the light off and left the empty room.

Empty that is, except for the still invisible halfa, who was frozen in shock.

"Oh dear God" thought Danny "I just fell into the Twilight Zone"