AN: Okay, while typing this I just realize this is gonna get way confusing with the Dannys. DannyP represents our resident halfa, DannyH represents his counterpart.


Okay, so what now? I'm trapped in a parallel dimension with absolutely no clue how to get back. I need help, but from who?"

Well I guess if you can't trust yourself, who can you trust?


Figures there wouldn't be an intruder. It's not like anything interesting ever happens to me anyway thought Danny Fenton as he trudged to his room. Normal life, normal parents, my sister's a little weird, but please! Could one not-boring thing happen to me!

He opened his room and turned on the light. Immediately a hand clasped over his mouth. Oh god, it was an intru...der? Danny's eyes widened as he saw himself, holding a finger to his lips, indicating silence.

"I need your help" the other him said, taking his hand from his mouth

Scratch what I just said "Who are you?"

"I'm kinda…you. From another dimension. I fell through a portal and have absolutely no clue how to get back home."

"I need to sit down" DannyH plopped down on the end of the bed "This is just too weird."

DannyP sighed. The strange thing is I don't find this strange at all. Just another day in the life.

DannyH's mind was on other things. I don't believe this. It's like some bad comic book. Snap out of it Fenton! Isn't this what you always wanted? For something amazing to happen? You got your wish, prove yourself worthy of it. "Okay, tell me everything, from the top…"


"Anyway, I hid when I heard footsteps, because I didn't want to look like a burglar, and then Dad walked in, but he looked so different, I freaked. Dad told me the portal was supposed to link our worlds to other ones, so I figured I was in another dimension or something." DannyP finished his (somewhat edited) version of what had happened. He had left out that Skulker was a ghost (instead painting him as an intruder) and his own powers.

DannyH whistled. "Wow, your parents are inventors, huh. That's cool. In this world Mom and Dad work for this business firm. Suits, ties, meetings, the whole shebang. Then they come how, heat something up for dinner, watch the news, and go to bed. This family would be totally boring if not for Jazz." In response to DannyP's raise eyesbrow he added. "You should see her room, blacklight, psychedelic posters, crystals, she's stuck in the seventies or something. And she has this ghost fixation, she always trying to 'make contact with the other side'. He shook his head. "It drives Mom and Dad up the wall. I mean, we're talking two people who never let their children believe in Santa."

"Wow…." This really is the twilight zone thought DannyP.

DannyH smiled apologetically, "Went off on a bit of a rant, didn't I. It just bugs me. Growing up, Mom and Dad never let me believe in anything, but I always wanted to believe in something. I never stopped wishing that something amazing would happen. Something strange that they couldn't just explain away"

"Well, be careful what you wish for" because you never know when Desiree is listening in "Any ideas on how to get me home?"

DannyH thought a moment. "I can't help, but one of my best friends is a total science nerd. He may be able to figure something out"

DannyP smiled Tuck

$S – The next morning

"Danny, time for school" Maddie's voice called through the hallway of the Fenton Homestead.

"I'm up" came two voices, actually the same voice in stereo. There was a pregnant silence, but Maddie didn't seem to notice and walked away.

One sigh of relief later, DannyH pulled the sheets away from the side of his bed, revealing DannyP beneath it. "So it wasn't a dream, there really is another me"

"Yep" yawned DannyP. "It all happened. I'll repeat the question I asked last night. Now what?"

"Well, Jazz and I go to school and Mom and Dad go to work. There's a tree house out back. I'll bring my friends over after school. We'll meet there. You just have to be in the treehouse by two."

"Got it" DannyP yawned again "I think I'm just gonna sleep a little while longer."

His counterpart looked concerned. "Are you sure your okay sleeping under the bed"

"You bet" Truthfully, I can't remember the last time I got a full nights sleep…


After few more hours sleep and a nice quiet breakfast, DannyP headed out to the tree house (invisible of course, he didn't need anyone asking him why he wasn't in school). He felt a pang of jealousy when he saw the years worn sign hanging off "Built by Jack and Danny" Your parents may be workaholics, but at least they're home on the weekends. At least they take the time to do stuff with you. And I'd bet dollars to doughnuts you've never had to worry about your mom aiming an ecto-bazooka at your head!

Danny, with months practice, forced back the tears that threatened to spill over. How he hated being the halfa. It was bad enough just dealing with the ghosts, but this whole "Public Enemy #1" thing was too much. Almost every night he would quit, promise himself that this was the last time, that he wasn't sticking his neck out for the city of Amity Park anymore. But then he'd here screams of terror, or a cry for help, and before he knew it, he had gone ghost.

Maybe that was why he hadn't told his other self about his superpowers. Because it was nice for once to not be answerable as the town hero. This Amity Park didn't need 'Danny Phantom', and it certainly wouldn't have any 'Inviso-Bill' wanted posters. Whoever came up with that name needs to be shot…thought Danny as he settled back for another nap in the treehouse.


"You guys aren't going to believe this" said DannyH, practically skipping towards the treehouse.

His female companion rolled her eyes "Would you just tell us what you have up there?"

"Would you believe another version of me from a parallel dimension?"

His other friends snerked. "The odds of that are worse than the odds of me being captain of the football team." He said, entering some data into his PDA

"Yet still better than the odds of you getting a date"


They reached the treehouse and DannyH eagerly climbed up, his friends following him.

"Guys, I want you to meet the other me. Danny, I want you to meet my best friends, Dash Baxter and Paulina Rodreguiz


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