Legend of the Mystical Ninja: The Fight for Edo

Chapter One: An Unexpected Friend

Goemon lied there, staring up at the beautiful setting sun of Japan. He didn't care that he was on top of his own house; he didn't care that Ebisumaru was probably off somewhere trying to negotiate a free meal with another "hypnotizing, erotic" dance; he was happy. It had been a while since the land of Japan had been this peaceful. Having just defeated the evil Dochuki and Bismaru, Goemon and his friends were finally enjoying their hard-earned reward: peace and quiet.

"Ahh…doesn't get much better than this…" he said quietly to himself, chewing on a peace of corn-stalk in his mouth.

He continued to lie there in peace for a few minutes, until he heard a noise—footsteps. He lazily looked over and saw his close friend Yae walking toward him.

"Hey Yae."he said lazily.

"Goemon."she answered. "I thought you'd be here…"

"What's up?" he asked.

"I came here to ask something of you, Goemon…"she answered, rather quietly.

"What'cha need?"


"Yae, I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong…"

"Goemon."she mustered up some courage. "I want…I want you to be my friend…"

Goemon was confused. What did she say? "Yae, what are you talking about? We're already—"

"A true friend…"she blurted out. "Not just battle buddies…I want someone whom I can open up to…someone who I can tell my most precious secrets…someone whom I can let know of my feelings…someone I can trust….Goemon…"

What? This isn't like Yae… "Yae, I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking ab…"

"The kind of friendship you share with Ebisumaru and Sasuke…I want that, too…"

He looked back up at the setting sun. "Alright then, Yae."

She smiled "invisibly," then lied down next to him. For a while, they just lied there, staring at the sun until it disappeared behind Mt. Fuji. The beautiful, pearly-white moon rose up from behind the mountain, and dancing stars began to fill up the night sky.

He must think of me as an idiot… she shuffled nervously until Goemon broke the silence.

"Yae…"he said quietly. "Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?"

She blushed. "W-what?"

"I mean, has anyone ever told you that you are a magnificent person?"

She had never been asked this kind of question before. "Um…well, the leader of the Secret Ninja Organization's son has told me that I'm hot before…but…"

"I mean someone who isn't a pervert. Someone who can see you for who you truly are, Yae."

She did not say anything. Her cheeks were redder than ever as her eyes began to twinkle.

"And when we were fighting Dancin' and Kitty…"he continued. "I really respected the way you handled those jerks…the Pear Mountain Guys…or Squash Moutain Guys, or whatever they were called..."

"Peach Mountain Shoguns…"she corrected.

"Right." he smiled. "Anyway, thanks for all the help you gave us…"

"Well, it was my mission…I mean, I was ordered to stop them by my lord…"

"Ahh…I don't think it was just that Yae…" he said quietly. "You know you love us…"

She looked over at him and smiled. Yes, you're right… "Goemon?"

He looked over at her. "Hmm?"

"…I really enjoy traveling with you guys…" she smiled. "You guys always keep me on my toes…and I feel you've also taught me to expect the unexpected…like to avoid any…fumes that come from Ebisu when we're fighting off spirited demons…"

Goemon laughed. He remembered. When they were fighting off the evil Dochuki a few days ago, he had turned into nothing but a floating head, covered with fogs of his own spirit. Just as he was about to make his escape, Ebisumaru unleashed his "scent" and stopped the evil demon dead in his tracks. Thus, saving the Underworld, as well as Japan.

"Yeah…he can be quite a handful…" he chuckled softly.

"Goemon?" she said again.


"Wh-what do you think of me?" she asked, rather shyly.


"I want to know what you truly think of me, outside a battle scenario…" she responded quickly.

Goemon smiled, and closed his eyes. "Well, I think you are a wonderful and caring person...an intelligent, young woman who has her eyes set on something most people wouldn't dream of…helping people. You always help others Yae, before you even stop to think about yourself…that's why I respect you so much. You're honest, loyal, caring, and maybe a little scary when you're mad, but that's why I like ya so much."

She was redder than ever. How can this be...? How can a strong and courageous warrior be so…so sensitive, and caring…and passionate…? I don't understand…

"That's what I think of you, Yae…" Goemon opened his eyes, and looked up at the moon, which was now hovering over the quiet town of Oedo.

They lied there for a while, just glad to be of each other's company.

"Y'know, Yae…" Goemon broke the silence. "That moon is almost as beautiful as you…"

So this is how Goemon is when he's not fighting…she thought. He's a really sweet and honest person…so caring, and passionate…no wonder everybody likes him so much…

She looked over at him, and moved closer. She rested her head on his shoulder, listening to the soft rhythm of his heartbeat. Goemon looked at her and smiled. She looked at him, and into his eyes. He stared back into hers. It was like looking into an endless pool of an emerald-green ocean-he didn't want to take his eyes off her. Then suddenly…

"GOEMON! GOEMON!" a voice called out.

Goemon and Yae quickly jumped off of each other.

They looked down at the small road below them. They saw a half-naked Ebisumaru running down the road.

"Ebisumaru!" they shouted.

"What the hell are you running around town like that for!" Goemon shouted. "What are you doing? Streaking?"

Goemon and Yae jumped off the house, and landed in front of Ebisumaru.

"No, no…" he replied. "I was at 'Viva Oedo!' again trying to negotiate a free meal…" he stopped to take a breath. "Never mind about that! Oedo Castle is being seiged again!"

"WHAT!" the two shouted.

"But they just finished reparing it after Impact got brainwashed and started attacking it again!" Goemon shouted.

"I know! I know!" Ebisumaru replied.

"Well, let's get going!" Goemon commanded. "The Princess and His Royal Heiness need our help again!"

Goemon and Yae started for the castle, but Goemon stopped. "Ebisu! Get dressed!"

"Alright! I'm going!" Ebisu darted into his and Goemon's house. "I'm goin'!"

"Goemon, I'll meet up with you there!" Yae shouted. "I'll go and get Sasuke as well!"

"Alright, Yae!" he answered.

Yae took off down the trail, while Goemon impatiently waited outside the house. After about five minutes, Ebisumaru appeared, wearing his usual blue attire.

" 'Bout time!" Goemon said. "Let's go!"

And with that, Goemon and Ebisumaru darted down the road toward Oedo Castle, prepared to face anything.