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I open my eyes
I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light

Her head pounded, the echoing sounds of screams, yells, blinding lights and objects flashing outside the edge of her eyelashes blurring into a confusing whirl just beyond her comprehension. Was this hell?

Jolts wracked her body, and a calming darkness took the place of dementia, calling to her, welcoming her. Like an old friend she embraced it, feeling safety in its cool depths the blackness a sanity in a world she could only hope to be escaping.

I can't remember how
I can't remember why
I'm lying here tonight

Tears clung to the reddened corners of his eyes, hanging from his dark eyelashes like beads of dew off a withering flower petal. The floor spun beneath him and the world revolved, continuing as it always had with out pause…

But for him it had stopped.

Danny leaned again the wallpapered corridor, fists carved into tight fists to hold back an overflow of emotion. His heart was lying in a bloody pool at his feet, it had to be so. The only thing that this feeling could be described as was to have some one dig their nails into your flesh heart and tear it out, leaving it to bleed before you. How could she? Why hadn't she at least talked to him, she knew she could.

'Damn it!" His eyes flashed emerald as he swore, pounding his fist into the concrete build of the wall. The wall, however, stood tall leaving him to crumple to the floor, nursing a bloody hand and a broken heart. Why? He loved her so much it hurt, why hadn't he said anything?

His chest wrenched violently and the urge to be sick overcame him, bile hovering at the base of his throat, eyes burning. Damn him, Damn her! He damned himself for being cowardly, how could he be so fucking stupid? He let her, he fucking let her!

'I love her damnit! I love her and now…now" despite the possibly broken knuckle in his left hand he attacked the wall with such violence it caught the nurses attention. Again and again his bare fists struck solid concrete, but the happy wallpaper (now streaked with blood) only served to infuriate him more. How dare it be cheery! How dare the world keep spinning when she was dying. A cry like that of a wounded animal forced his way out of his throat as he attacked the chairs, the tables, the walls; nurses stormed over, trying to subdue him but he had to work himself out.

'Damn her! Damn her for loving me!' he thought furiously, sweat trickling down his face as his knees gave out and he slid to the floor. Emptying the contents of his stomach onto the floor he curled up inside him self and sobbed, clutching his head. What could he do? A pair of strong arms pulled him back from the wall, several pair of concerned eyes regarded him but none were the lavender eyes he longed to see, the lips he longed to see whisper words, even hateful, the hands that had saved him so many times.

'Damn her' he though, allowing himself to be led away, his thought on the dying girl and the note that would haunt him the rest of his life 'Damn her for making me love her.'

And I can't stand the pain
And I can't make it go away
No I can't stand the pain


"Danny! You dropped something!" it was his mother, dressed in orange holding a envelope he couldn't remember seeing before. "Your father has already run tests, its completely ghost free!"

"You never know when a ghost might try to deceive you!" Danny rolled his eyes at his father, sometimes he wondered what their reaction would be to find out their own son was a halfa; Life wouldn't be boring, that was for sure.

"Thanks Mom" he said sarcastically, snatching it up and charging upstairs and into his bed room before Jazz could corner him again. Honestly that girl was growing more overbearing everyday, her coddling was driving him crazy! … and he didn't think he could stand one more question about Sam…

Sam. A worry crease furrowed his brow; Danny was troubled by her actions lately, she seemed to be separating herself from him and Tucker. They had wracked their brains for an answer (Sam maintained everything was 'alright' when asked); perhaps they had done something wrong? Tuck suggested perhaps that it was just 'that time of the month' in a weak attempt to get a rise out of the young Goth but she didn't so much as raise her eyes from her plate. Normally Danny would be inclined to pass the behavior off but.. it just wasn't Sammy like.

With a sigh he collapsed onto his bed, feet pointed skyward and letter held above his head. Neat curvy writing curled across the coffee colored paper, spelling out his name and for some reason it made him nervous. Tearing it open, he unfolded it and read.

Dear Danny,

I wont pretend to be able to explain it to you, I'm not sure I understand it myself just please, promise that when you look back to remember me as I was. Don't hate me.

I wish I could turn back time Danny, go back to a time when things were simpler, when we were all each other had and the worst worries in the world was whether or not we would have enough money for an ice cream, or if boxers were better then briefs (remember that discussion?). You were always there for me, from my first period up until now... and I tried I really did, I tried so hard to be there for you even when it was obvious you were replacing me. I love tucker, don't get me wrong, but when he started to spend time with us you didn't need me anymore. I was the Goth, the pessimist, the 'weirdo'. You fell in love with a girl who used you to hurt me, you never stood up for me when she knocked me down and dumped me first chance you got to be with her, dumped me when tucker needed you, when the world needed you

Suddenly, I wasn't your world anymore. I didn't realize how much that would hurt, I didn't realize how badly I had fallen for you until it was to late to save my self the agony of heartbreak. I couldn't spare myself the knowledge that you didn't and wouldn't ever love me back. That's right, I LOVE you Danny Fenton, I love you for everything you are, everything you aren't. That's why I had to push you away.

By the time you read this Danny, I'll be gone. Please don't mourn me, keep on living, date Paulina if you want just please don't stop living on my account. I' m not that important, not anymore.

I'm sorry Danny, I couldn't lose the only reason I had to live, I couldn't sit back and watch my life slip away, fall like water through my fingers. There is nothing out there for me, I can't save the trees the way you save people, I can't make people understand; Hell I can't even make people listen to me. I'm tired of being invisible Danny, I'm tired of people looking right past me, of forgetting me, of judging me. Don't hate me please, I couldn't stand that.

You're the only one who will understand, please don't tell anyone else. Let them live in their worlds of denial, let me fade into memories as I am supposed to; don't let my death ruin other peoples lives

Goodbye Danny, we'll meet again someday. You'll be a great man, I wish I could see it.

I love you


The letter fell from Danny's hands, the words engraved into his mind blinding him in the worst way. Goodbye…Goodbye…

"Mom! Dad! Jazz!" He cried, stumbling out his door, the letters words pounding in his head. He couldn't lose her, not now "Sam is going to kill herself!"

How could this happen to me
I made my mistakes

Why? A young woman, her red hair hanging at the edge of her cheeks, sat bent over a steaming Styrofoam cup, staring into the murky brown depths as though it might answer the question for her. Swirling it a bit, she smiled bitterly at how wrong life could go when it seemed to be going just right.

Jazz had seen them, the cuts on her arms had stood out like neon signs to the girl no matter how well covered up they were. And she, like everyone else, passed them off; Every teenager cut just feel it, to see what it was like. But they had grown deeper and deeper, the boys were oblivious but Jazz wasn't; the time she'd confronted Sam in the living room was the last time the girl has been seen in the Fenton house. Maybe if she had just moved a little faster…

Shaking her stringy locks from her face she leaned back, head against the wall and eyes closed; the air smelled of Lysol and an unidentifiable smell Jazz wasn't sure she WANTED to identify. The place reeked of sorrow and death, the walls were the only hopeful thing to pass through the place.

Danny's soft, uneven breathing beside her was calming, the knowledge that he was living through this kept her sane. Cracking an eye, she saw a bandage fist hanging limply out from beneath the thin blanket. In a sisterly action as old as their relationship, she rose from her chair, placing the cup on the table beside it, not paying attention when it teetered, and carefully tucked the arm into the sheet, tucking him safely into his dreams and sealing it with a kiss on his clammy forehead. Anger flared at the goth who had stolen her brothers heart, how could she be so heartless to take her own life and leave those who loved her dearly behind to cope? It was so selfish of her to leave behind friends, family, a life that might not be able to go one without her. Or at least people.

But the psychologist in her argued back, made her see the method in the action though her love of her brother made her stubborn.

Danny had left the note on the ground next to his jacket, carefully folded like a precious cloth and that was how Jazz had treated it when she unfolded it to read. On some level, the young red head could relate. How many nights had she stayed awake in tears, lonely in the worst way, staring at the gloomy ceiling aching for attention, for love? With parents like hers…it didn't matter how hard she worked, pushed herself, she was no more then a possible threat in her parents eyes. They both had felt the heavy feeling of abandonment and knew how lonesome it could be but at least she had Danny to love openly, who did Sammy have?

Instinctively she smoothed Danny rich onyx hair, toying with it; she prayed, for his sake, Sam made it through, afraid to know what he would do if she didn't. Drawing a sighing breath, she closed her aquamarine eyes and allowed a single tear to travel down her cheek; Jazz didn't notice that the cup of coffee had spilled, dripping into sticky mess on the floor, she was to busy trying to clean up the sticky mess their lives had become.

I've got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

Jealousy, funny it wasn't something he would have figured Sam to feel but then how much did he really know about her? Sure, she was a vegetarian, a Goth, Danny's friend…his friend…but some how that didn't do justice to the young woman laying in the bed, bandages covering so much of her arms that he was surprised blood could still get to her hands, her face looking so pale in the florescent light. No, it didn't do her justice, or at least what she used to be.

The familiar beep of his handheld kept him calm, it was safe and unchanging. Sometimes Tucker had to wonder why people created machines, why were they so intent to exist in a world of cold steel and the emotionless keyboard tone? He once wondered why people needed to hide behind that screen, but now he understood the reason perfectly. It was the same reason people hid behind the word 'Fine' and the plastered smile. It was the same reason Sammy was now laying in this bed.

Danny did what tucker wished he could, but the screen was the only thing that could ever seen him cry and break down.. He longed to grind his knuckles into the welcoming stone, to feel them break under the pressure releasing some of the agony gnawing at his insides but he never could. It felt like the world was crashing down around him and all he could do was cling to something and pray to make it until the sun broke through the darkness.

The handheld continued to beep. Pulling Danny away from the wall was hard because Tucker knew why he was there: Guilt. They both knew what had led Sam to this. Neither would admit it, but they both blamed themselves. Week after week he watched her smile fade to form an almost plastic smile in its stead, the fire of defiance in her eyes fade to a barley recognizable melted mass. And no one did a damn thing. They passed it off as PMS or family troubles, perhaps even a little depression…their ignorance, no their stupidity created a price to high to pay. Tucker knew Danny would do anything to trade places with Sam, but he himself was to cowardly to do it; He couldn't even put down the handheld for a moment, not even to look at his friends face.

Beep, beep, beep. The sound of Sam's heart beat monitor, the young Goth hated technology and Tucker wondered what she would think of being kept alive by it; She always had been one to find the irony in situations, he missed that now. He felt the gnawing guilt acutely now, like someone had plunged a knife into his chest and was slowly twisting it; try as he might to keep focused on the tiny lighted screen, his dark eyes lifted to her face and his whole body tensed with only over flow of emotion, one giant revolt. His body couldn't take the grief, the pounding like so many knives, plunging, twisting, the pressure, the pain. He kicked a nearby chair into a wall, smashing the little handheld into a million pieces on the wall across from him. Breathing hard he looked at the mass of buttons and little cracked screen.

He didn't want to hide behind a damned screen anymore.

Everybody's screaming
I try to make a sound but no one hears me
I'm slipping off the edge
I'm hanging by a thread
I wanna start this over again

Danny stared at the ceiling, ignoring the soft snoring of his sister in the chair beside him. The shadows soothed him in the waking world but they couldn't stop his dreams, his thoughts; he saw her over and over in his mind, a shadow that slipped away, passing like a ghost and nothing he did could save her. In his dreams she was drowning and no matter how hard his strokes, no matter how powerful his kicks he couldn't reach her, couldn't stop her from slipping beneath the steel gray waters to a lonely grave. Or she was waving good bye, a mist swallowing her as moved farther and farther away. Danny ran and ran, calling to her, telling her to wait, to stop but she was always just out of range, just out of reach.

Without true conscious thought of his actions, Danny swung his legs over the side of the bed, blue eyes morphing to neon green as he transformed to ghost form and transfused through the walls, silent and morbid, truly ghost like in his countance. All he could think about was Sam, her smile, her laugh, and her eyes…oh her eyes.

From the time they were six years old, Sammy had a fire the seemed to radiate from her like a glow. She had a passion and a thirst for life that was beautiful and precious, treated like brass when it should have been handled like gold. That was what it was in his eyes because when it came down to it, nothing could put that flame out. Whatever Sam might have lacked in outward beauty(though he couldn't find anything) she made up for in spirit, an uncrushable unchangeable spirit; it was her spirit that had kept him and Tucker alive during some of their stupider stunts. Complain as they did about her passion, her beliefs, it made her who she was…why did they ever tell her she needed to change?

Danny remembered the moment he fell in love with her. Kisses are a powerful action, intentional or not it seemed they held the ability to awaken in a person the beautiful ability to love or the heart wrenching ability to shut the world out; very few things in the world were quite as powerful. Danny remembered the spell well, being under it was like floating among the stars, the overwhelming flow of joy and pleasure at her smile, her touch, even her presence. Lavender, he remembered, her hair had smelled like lavender. She was so beautiful, even under magic he knew that, her mind quick and sharp; it had been her who saved him and destroyed him. Love was the most destructive force, able to bring even the strongest man to his knees at just the bat of a lash.

The kiss had been short, explosive, and the most mind boggling moment of Danny's young life. Who knew so much could pass between people during something so insignificant as a kiss, especially between friends…

Friends, now there was irony; It was the perfect love story. Boy meets girl, boy befriends girl, boy is put under a magic spell, boy is forced to kiss girl, boy falls for girl….But where was the happy ending? Certainly not in the blood staining the Mansons' ivory bathtub, or in the blood caked knife that had clattered to the floor, a clinking sound that echoed like the memory of a bad movie pun, the last scream of a nightmare. Only this was no movie and he couldn't seem to wake from the nightmare.

She looked so peaceful he noted as he solidified again, stepping silently to her bedside and sitting. Tucker had been here visiting, he saw the tale-tell signs of his junk food craze spilled all over the table; a small smile warmed his countance. If Sam knew there were beef jerky wrappers in her hospital room there would be hell to pay.

The pallor of the young Goth's skin was startling and Danny longed to see them flush with pleasure at a compliment or burn with anger when one of the two boys screwed up, most of all he longed to see those lavender eyes open and look on him one more time and show him the fire no one should have been able to extinguish. Danny needed to see his Sammy again, not the lifeless doll that had spent the past three months being someone else.

Cursing the bandages restraining his fingers, Danny carefully stroked the raven haired girl head, smoothing down a few misbehaving locks fondly. It was a long moment before the ghost by found the courage to lift the girls hand to his lips, closing his eyes in remembrance of the blood that had come from just below her hands.

So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered
And I can't explain what happened
And I can't erase the things that I've done
No I can't


The reaction to his words had been akin to the announcement of the second world war, or so he supposed. Shrieks of "Excuse Me!" and "I'll get the car! Jack Get up here NOW!" echoed in his mind, there was no time for this…Sam could be dead in the minutes it was taking them to organize. Danny would not lose her, he'd die before he'd let her die even at her own hand…the world required a lot of him but God would not do this to him!

Jazzes hand on his shoulder brought Danny to reality; he had to get to her

"Go, I'll make the excuse" she whispered, nodding to the window before respectfully turning away and allowing him privacy. Surprise would have been an understatement, he didn't know how she knew but it wasn't the time to question it; in an instant Danny phantom had made his appearance and was sailing through the skies of Amity toward the house of his best friend.

'Please, Please don't let me be to late'

The Manson house always gave him the creeps, it was to large in Danny's opinion especially since it was usually only Sam…there was to much house for to little people but he supposed the elite of society could afford to be extravagant. Today, however, the silence was terrifying. Every moment without a sound meant one more moment slipping away from Sam's life…Danny sped through every room, his desperation mounting when he couldn't find the girl in any of them. IF she wasn't in the house there was no hope, Amity was huge and he had no hope of finding her before…

Banishing the thought he laid his hopes with the last floor, Sam's floor the boys liked to call it; Three rooms and a bathroom, all hers. Danny prayed she was in one of them, alive and able to be helped

"Please Sam" he whispered "Please be here," The rooms were empty but held the dank smell of despair, until that point there had been no scent for the emotion in Danny's memory but now it was acrid and foul, like a bad taste he long to remove. It was the combination of blood and tears, pain and death.

All that remained was the bathroom, like a last plea for a mortal soul he transformed back into his human form sure that he could handle it, hoping that in this form God might show mercy. Nothing prepared him, nothing could have prepared him, for the sight in that bathroom.

She was laying, naked, in the once ivory tub, head lolling on her shoulder and breasts floating just at the surface of the reddish water, a knife held loosely in a weakened fist. His first step jostled it and it fell to the sparkling tile with a deafening clatter, blood shaking itself loose from the steel blade. The shock finally passed, now Danny noticed the waters eerie copper color and Sam's waxy skin. Stumbling forward, slipping and sliding in the red puddles spilling onto the floor, he fell to his knees beside the ivory tub, pulling her head from the red water. Like every teenage boy he envisioned the moment where he would see the girl he loved naked and he was man enough to admit it, but he didn't imagine this. Sam had grown cold and he ripped a towel from the rack, desperate to warm her up any way possible. Danny carefully pulled her from the water and cradled her limp body in his arms. Her breathing was no more then the faint rise and fall of her breast, and reluctantly he measure her pulse; it was weak but still there. All Danny knew about first aid, about blood lose flew from his mind when he cradled the dying girl in his arms, salty tears mixing with those she had cried.

"Sam" He whispered, afraid to jostle her "Sam, don't leave me"

How could this happen to me
I made my mistakes
I've got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

"Don't leave me Sam please" Danny whispered, burrowing his face into her neck and inhaling a scent as old and comforting as their friendship, lavender. Even on her deathbed, she smelled like lavender. Pulling away, he held her hand to his lips, mindful of her wrists. It was desperation that had brought him to her, the need for her to face him…to hear her tell him to his face what she felt in her heart and for him to kiss away the tears that would come from her eyes. That was what should have been done before, as a friend he should have held her, and cradled her and wiped her tears, he should have done what she had been able to do countless times before. As a man he should have been their for her, told him what he felt but, like a weakling he denied it, he couldn't have bared to lose the friendship that meant so much to him.

'Look where that got us' he thought dryly, one hand carefully smoothing her dark obsidian locks, his white bandage sharply contrasting again her hair. He loved her, he loved her and he longed to show her that, to bring her back and prove it to her. That last thing Danny ever wanted to do was push her away, to leave her behind; Sam WAS his world couldn't she see that? He would die to save her if that was what it took, trade places with her, fight for her until he could stand up and even then he would keep trying.

That's the funny thing about love, it destroys a man, makes him soft and usable, chews him up and spits him out but in the end few would ever take back the decision to have it happen because when it came right down to it, feeling the joy that being around that special someone brings is irreplaceable. Danny knew all to well that. Sometimes you have to nearly lose something to realize the love you have for it, to remember something as tiny as a kiss and wake up to the feeling of being truly alive that that memory brings.

"I love you Sam" he whisper in her ear, puling her hair away from it, tears welling in his eyes even as he looked down in such love at her "I love everything about you, everything you are and everything you aren't…though I don't think there's anything you aren't!" He quoted the note she had written, caressing her cheek now, wanting to be close to her and remind himself that she was still there. "You are the most beautiful girl in the world…and smart! What did you see in the mirror Sammy, I bet it wasn't what I see." The words kept coming, a confession she needed to hear even if she didn't remember it when she woke up. It didn't matter, he needed to say it as much as she need to hear it. "When we met I thought you were the prettiest girl in the world, covered in mud, sticks, leaves and all…and that kiss. I don't care if it was a spell, it was the most amazing moment of my life…do you remember Sam? You broke my heart that day…I suppose I deserved it. Oh Sam I didn't know! Why didn't you tell me how much you were hurting? Why didn't you tell tucker? Even Jazz, anyone!" He bent his head over hers, eye closed and tears falling onto her face "I can't lose you, call it selfishness but you mean more to me then all the Paulina's, Tuckers, and ghosts catches the world could offer. Only you Sam, only you." His hand came up to caress her cheek, his eyes opening to study her features carefully, was she smiling like that a moment ago?

"They say that a kiss will wake the beautiful princess from her eternal sleep" a soft chuckled blew warm air in a small puff onto her face, was she blushing? Could she hear him? "I'm no prince charming but maybe my kiss will be enough." Pressing his lips to hers, he cupped her cheeks and relaxed at the feeling of warmth coming from her parted lips. It was short but a moment of joy he needed for halfway through it the feeling of her reciprocating interrupted his prayers and though she still slept, hearing his words only in her dreams, Danny knew she had heard them.

"Open your eyes Sammy" he whispered, laying his head beside hers. It was clear now what had been so hard to see before. He walked now with an open heart and open eyes. "You just have to open your eyes."

I made my mistakes
I've got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me