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Our Love

By xxSilverWingsxx


You taught me many things. Things that I can never forget. They shall join me in my grave and even then…they will never be forgotten.

You taught me teamwork, you taught me about being a shinobi, but most of all you taught me about love.

How ironic would it be for a student to fall in love with their teacher? But I could care less, as long as you will forever stay by my side, as long as you're willing to fight to be with me.

Just a lover,

With a whisper,

Through the winds,

We had sinned.

There are no such things as sins unless if you believe in them. I don't believe that they exist, thus in my world, they don't.

You said that this is wrong, but you return my passion.

You try to stop, but it only gets stronger.

You tell me to be secluding, then why do I see your passion in public?

So tell me sensei how can I listen to you when you revive my passion?

Just a word,

Never to be heard,

Only to be felt,

Never to be dealt,

We're like the stars, only appearing at night, shining with all our passion down to the world that doesn't give a damn, only then, can we be true to ourselves.

I miss your kisses, and I miss your soothing voice that makes me feel warm, and most of all, I miss you as a whole.

Where are you when I train? Where are you when I sleep? Where are you when I wake up first thing in the morning? Where are you when the time came for us to say goodbye? Why won't you come to me?

Just a kiss,

I have missed,

Just to you,

That I knew.

Kakashi, I can't live without you.

Naruto frowned as he placed a red rose on the grave. Kakashi…I can never forget you…I will never move on. Without another thought, Naruto turned away, hiding his misty eyes as he bowed his head and screamed for his decease lover.


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