Yue watched impassively as the rebels from Avalon were lead in under armed guard. Despite the royal decree of the late king several sects of commoners and a fair portion of the nobles had still resisted the Moon kingdom's rule. It would be easiest to subdue the commoners if they lost noble backing and so the palace had been besieged immediately and now after nearly 5 months the palace had finally fallen to his army. It was disappointing that it had taken so long, obviously his soldiers needed better training. Focusing on the here and now Yue found himself facing first and foremost Touya Kinimoto, Crown Prince of Avalon. To prevent his struggles the guardsmen had tied his arms to his side and from the dark bruise that was spreading across Kinimoto's darkly handsome face they had knocked him out as well.

"Ah, Prince Touya. A delight I am sure." Yue greeted the captive prince voice and face bland, but not disguising the mockery in the slightest. Touya glared at him from beneath furrowed brows and gave a soft undisguised snort. The guards at his sides twitched, their hands reflexively going to their sword and Yue made an inward note of that; apparently Touya had given them more trouble then he had thought. The courtiers giggled at this show of insolence knowing that Touya's fiery attitude would not last, many of the courtiers had been in a position similar to Touya's not long ago and now they were members of King Yue's court. Of course, Yue would pay specific attention to winning Touya over, Avalon was very important to Yue and he would use all of his temptations to bend the prince's will. And Yue's court was filled with the most beautiful and deadly temptations in the world. "I must say Prince Kinimoto I am very disappointed at your refusal to bend to your Father's last wishes. It is very disrespectful of you."

Touya growled lunging at Yue only to be held back by two guards, Yue watched this all with a detached manner it would not do to seem too interested in Avalon. "At the end my father was nothing more then a puppet monarch because of you and your damn doctors and your damn spells! You twisted him into a weak imitation of a once proud man!"

"Ah, well." Yue smirked and leaned back in his throne, his wings rustling as they adjusted to this new position. "You have no proof I am afraid." Touya snarled at him.

"Kisama." And glared beneath his dark fringe of hair. What was the phrase again, oh yes, if looks could kill.

"Tell me Kinimoto, have you met my twin Prince Yukito?" Yue's less severe brother stepped up to his side, smiling politely at the prisoners as he did with everyone. Yue almost hugged him because he knew from the look on Touya Kinimoto's face that he had him. While the prince might manage to keep his face impassive his eyes told Yue a story of love at first sight. Yukito was useful for that, but surprisingly he was putting up with Touya's adoring gaze. Yukito may have appeared less severe and weaker but Yue knew that his twin could be just as vengeful and was definitely equal to him in strength, and while Yukito's wings were not the pristine white of Yue's but a softer beige Yue knew they were no less impressive then his own. He also knew that his marginally younger brother hated to be viewed as weak and so usually scorned or discouraged any suitors. However Yuki was actually putting up with Touya's obvious idolization, a privilege he had only bestowed on Li Syaoran before and at the time the two had been lovers.

Speaking of Syaoran...

"Captain!" he guardsman snapped to attention at his summons and Yue rose from his throne to stride towards the lesser being. "The wounded are at the back I believe?" The Captain started to salute and was then forced to follow in the King's wake in order to answer his question.

"Uh, yes your majesty. We tried to take as many as we could alive and all but some of them just kept fighting. There's some pretty badly injured ones sire, but they're alive." Yue did not stop to tell the captain that his position nor his life were in danger, feeling that the inferior being could deal with a small slight. Yue stopped as he came before an unconscious figure tied to a stretcher. "Oh that one your majesty. He was a tricky one, fought like the devil during the siege and even after we had his pinned. Uh, we found this when we searched him sire." The guardsman handed him something which Yue took absently, too busy studying to asleep figure. Crouching low to the ground Yue earnestly gazed into the young man's face, tilting it from side to side as he absently listened to the Captain's rambling. "Even once his leg and arm got smashed up, and I know a few of his ribs had to have been broken majesty, he kept throwing spells and cussing and kicking at anyone in range. Managed to kill an officer with one of his martial arts moves, and just one hand too! Mistress Nakuru put a freeze spell on him so we could get him tied down but he just wouldn't quit, so begging your pardon sire, we had to knock him out."

Yue gifted the sleeping figure with one of his rare beautiful caring smiles. Ruefully he realized he should have known, and as he tenderly brushed the hair out of the young man's face. "It is only right I suppose, he did swear that we would have to drag him back here to court 'kicking and screaming'." Standing Yue let the pendant that the Captain had given him earlier dangle from his fingertips, staring at it eerily he gave it a slight kiss before tucking it into his shirt. "Welcome home Li Syaoran." Yue turned back to walk to his throne, aware of the whispers now filling the air. "Our dearest Xiao Ling and my precious Little Wolf."