1Author: Gomen for my long absence.


Syaoran stared at his wall glumly, he was lying on his bed in the middle of his lavishly furnished room and he was sulking. It had been two weeks since Touya's visit, so it had been two weeks since the rebels had been granted the ability to wander the palace but so far Syaoran had no visitors. He thought maybe Sakura, or Yamazaki... but apparently he was wrong, the friendships he had formed obviously meant nothing now that they had discovered he was a royal whore. Damn Yue for telling Touya, damn him.

"You are back!" Came a happy voice from Syoaran's window and the brunet turned around to glimpse smiling grey eyes the minute before he was captured in a hug.

"Oof." Syaoran fell back against the bed and smiled down into the boys black hair. "Hey Akira-kun." Akira looked up and his smile positively sparkled, making Syaoran wince a little from the brightness. "Akechi-sensei said that you would be back soon."

"Ah, Akechi-sensei was a real big help after you abandoned me." Syaoran flinched as it appeared his hopes that Akira had not been too mad at him were crushed. Then again Akira did not look seriously mad, he looked about as mad as a cat woken up from a nap. "He gave me lots of good advice." Akira smiled at that.

"See Akira I told you that Akechi-sensei would take care of you." Akira smiled and got off the bruised ad battered boy who tried not to show how relieved he was at the loss of extra weight. "When you left the reason you gave me was that I had family here, and at first I really did not understand that. I mean, my mothers are dead and so is my father. Noone in my mothers family acknowledges me and I have never known my fathers. But I have come to realize that Akechi-sensei is my family." Syaoran's eyes widened and he swallowed, but his worry was unwarranted. "Just like Nokoru, Souh, Nagisa and... like Utako used to be." Oookay, now Syaoran was worried again.

"Used to be? But when I left you and Utako were still going strong." They had been so cute too, professing love to each other and looking so sweet it made everyone see hearts. It made peoples teeth melt too they were so sweet.

"She was a little too open about her relationship with Twenty Mensuo, some high profile people began targeting her so Emperor Yue had her publically discredited and sent somewhere safe."

"Publically discredited!" Syaoran bolted straight up in the bed, his eyes burning with the urge to maul someone large with white wings. "I'll kill him!"

"Syaoran-kun, no! It was for Utako-chan's one safety." Akira pleaded and pulled his healing friend back down onto the bed.

"Own safety? Akira I know what it means when someone is 'publically discredited', he said she was nuts." Syaoran was surprised at his friends defense of their liege. Syaoran had never particularly liked Yue before, mainly because the man was using him to steal things but also because of the actions that had been taken against his parents and the fact that Yue's lover was Akira's age.

"The next threat would have killed her." Yue's calm voice spoke from the doorway and Syaoran turned to glower at his ex-lover. "Akira-kun, I received the package, thank you and welcome back. I am sure that Nokoru and Suoh have missed you as well. After all you three have all become so close, though it is a shame that Nokoru and Suoh are already an item. I hope it does not effect your friendship terribly, you being the third wheel and all." Akira blushed and bowed deeply.

"I'll be going then, goodbye Yue-heika, Syaoran-kun." And with that Akira hopped back out Syaoran's window leaving the air charged between the two.

"Such a proper young lad." Yue said before turning on his heel and stalking out of the room leaving a fuming Syoaran in his wake


"Ohayo Akira-kun!" Nokoru greeted as the black haired boy stepped into the governing office of Clamp Academy, the largest and best magic school in the moon kingdom. Clamp Academy took up the space of an entire island which floated in the air somewhere just to the west of the capital. Nokoru Imonayama was in charge of the academy as his mother had moved on to play a larger game of politics, Nokoru was young, blond, and a genius but the oldest of the three who ran the university. Suoh Imonayama also helped run the university, he had blue hair and flashing golden eyes, and acted as both Nokoru's bodyguard and his secretary. Akira was the youngest of the three and the treasurer for the campus, he was not a genius but very intelligent especially since he kept up with studies and his treasurer work even when he had to take long breaks for 'family reasons'.

"Ohayo gozaimasu Nokoru-sama, Imonoyama-san." And Akira smiled at them, the exact same smile he smiled at everyone and moved on to his desk to do his paperwork for the day.

At Nokoru's desk, Nokoru and Suoh exchanged glances. "There was pain in his eyes today." Suoh stated grimly, Nokoru flipped open his fan and leaned back in his armchair.

"Yes, and he just got back in last night. I have a sneaking suspicion about who he visited though. I guess we will have to say hello to Li-kun too."


In his palace high up in the mountainous north Eriol Hiirigizawa chuckled. How like his 'little descendant' to have managed to gather all the players around him. "Get ready to leave boys, the players are at the table and the cards are about to be dealt."