No Regrets

She had been happy enough, she supposed. She'd had a mother who loved her, a great boyfriend, a job she enjoyed. Not the most exciting of lives, maybe, but she had been content with it...

...and then he had turned up and ripped her out of her life.

Sometimes it had been painful; and although - if she asked - he would let her take a look back at those she left behind, they would never stay for long; but still she knew that she wouldn't leave him for the world.

And he had given her the world, hadn't he? All the worlds. An entire universe, and it was theirs to see. Theirs to play with. Nothing was impossible.

Well, almost nothing. She could never go back, she knew that. And her father... she hadn't been able to...

She was happy with the Doctor. Before she found him - or he found her, she supposed - she was only a normal girl. Now she lived in a world of bantering and saving planets and everpresent danger, and she loved it there.

She still wanted him to make amends with Jackie, though; and sometimes, when she looked back, she would feel just a twinge of regret.

She could still remember how thrilled she had been when she realised that Jackie was going to make an effort to get to know him. He hadn't wanted any of it, though; all the time in the world, and he hadn't been prepared to sit down and eat with them. He had waved the wonders of the Universe in front of her and forced her to choose. He must have known already what her choice would be.

So she left a second time, abandoned Mickey and her mother. It should have been a difficult decision. It seemed too easy, somehow, to leave them again. And she had said that she could come back and visit them at any time – ten seconds, just ten seconds – but she had always known inwardly that it wasn't true.

Sometimes you had to make sacrifices in the name of love. Wasn't that how the saying went?

So when he placed both his hands on her shoulders and leaned in to kiss her, the day she had always half-hoped was coming, she smiled and she closed her eyes and she didn't think of Mickey. Didn't think of all the lies and arguments and broken promises. Didn't think of the happiness she used to feel when it was just her and him and a future bright with possibilities. This was her world now, the Doctor and the TARDIS and Captain Jack, and they were all she needed. She wouldn't trade them for anything.

She didn't think of the boy she had left waiting on the corner long after the phone box had faded away, waiting and waiting for the ten seconds to be over.

(Sometimes you had to make sacrifices in the name of love, but had Mickey been ready to be sacrificed?)

When he pulled away and smiled at her, she didn't realise that she was crying.