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Pairings: Sakura x Sasuke, Itachi, Gaara, Naruto; Kiba x Hinata; Ino x Shikamaru x Temari; Neji x Tenten

Summary: Four boys and a girl, fighting to win over her heart.Butrule says that only one of them will allowed to be Sakura's onscreen boyfriend. Buthow bout the off-screen?Sasuke, Itachi x Sakura x Gaara, Naruto

Stepping To The Rhythm
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: T
Chapter Summary:
Haruno Sakura's wish is coming true! Keeping away from poverty and singing in front of hundreds of people and letting them know that she isn't a weakling and not a coward.
Chapter: Intro to the upcoming fame

"Haruno-san?" one of the judges spoke and looked up at the trembling girl.

Haruno Sakura bit her lip nervously and focused at the judges. This was her very last chance to sing on stage. Singing was not really her passion, but in order to keep her from poverty, she must win this contest.

She only had 985 yen left, for Christ sake! Then she had to pay for her apartment which costs 500 yen a month. Plus her food and clothes, etc…

"I am very proud of your remarkable and angelic voice…."

Oh, hell… This is the 'Thank you for joining…' part starts… Sakura thought dryly and bowed her head, staring at her platform shoes. Her pink locks were falling down from her tight bun.

" ….. And so we are very pleased to announce that you have won the Konoha Star Search!"

The whole crowd jumped into their feet, clapping their hands and applauding. Ino, Tenten, Hinata, Temari, Shikamaru, Lee, Chouji, Kiba and Shino jumped on the stage and hugged their friend tightly like there was no tomorrow.

Bright blue and preppy pink streamers dropped down from the ceiling, bearing the Konoha Star symbol, a blue star inside a triangle.

A cheery reporter came right in front to the group of friends. "So there we have it! Konoha's newest singing sensation has just been identified as sixteen year old Haruno Sakura. Konoha Corp., the number one company for Teen Stars, will sponsor this very young and beautiful woman as she makes her pop-star debut. Haruno-san, what does it feels like to be the winner of Konoha Star Idol Search?"

The emerald green eyed girl didn't get a chance to answer her question, but instead, her blonde haired friend did. "Let me assure you, beautiful lady, Sakura couldn't be happier!" Other of Sakura's friends nodded in agreement.

The reporter smiled widely again. "And there we have it. As close to Haruno-san as we can get. Friday night, the CEO of Konoha Corp. will congratulate Haruno-san in person and will offer her the prize money and a contract with Sharingan Inc. This is Tohru Honda signing off for channel 7 news."

"That girl…" a guy with raven hair and cold black eyes stared at TV, eyeing the pink haired girl with interest.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" a tall dark man appeared behind him. Dark black eyes met onyx eyes. (That's just the same, right?). The older one noticed the younger one's blush, and so he smirked. "My, my…. Is our little Sasuke-kun crushing on a soon to be famous girl?"

"Shut up, Itachi!" he growled and turned the TV off. With that, he got up from the couch and ran towards his room, but his brother's words stopped him.

"She's the one who will be in our company, Sasuke. If you want to take your chance over her, go ahead. But I'm very sure you will have other competitions with her."

"What the hell do you mean by that?" he asked angrily and hiding his pissed form. Itachi loved it when he's always pissing his little brother. And well.. Sasuke hates it.

"You have to cross over me first before you could reach her, onee-chan…" Itachi smirked and was the first one to reach at their rooms. Sasuke felt very pissed. Itachi always steal what's supposed to be his.

This time, I promise to make that girl mine! He thought and turned the TV again. Only to find Mr. Bean in cartoons show.

Eh! Sasuke sweat dropped and turned it off again. Friday is not really far from Wednesday. Right!

"Naruto-baka! Put down the pizza!" Tenten yelled, ripping the large pepperoni and cheese with ground beef pizza out of the boy's hands. His mouth was watering and it had more tears than his eyes.

"Aww!" Naruto pouted and crossed his arms as he fell back to Hinata, who was giggling and now, blushing. Kiba was glaring at Naruto pissed beyond and decided to push him away, making him stumble right in front of Ino and his mouth landed at the pizza, Tenten was holding. Thank you Kiba. For the first time! Ino and Sakura were chatting in the kitchen. Shikamaru and Shino had gone to get more pizza since the last six have "disappeared" oO, while Temari, Lee and others at the sala were cursing Naruto for gobbling up the last pizza.

"Sakura-chan, congratulations on winning at the Konoha Star Search!" Ino began and smiled brightly at her. "I didn't knew you had a wonderful voice"

Sakura blushed lightly and beamed at her best friend. "Thank you, Ino-chan!"

The two of them hugged tightly and broke when they heard Naruto shouting. What was his problem now!

"Aaaaah! SAKURA-CHAN, HELP ME!" Naruto ran around the table, getting away with the Sakura's other friends, or monsters according to Naruto.

"What's the problem, guys?" she asked them politely and eyed the sala. It was very messy and some things were not in places.

"Sakura-chan, he ate the last pizza piece!" Tenten cried and her eyes were teary and big.

"Oh come on! It's not that big! Shikamaru and Shino-kun will be here any minute by now and probably have 4-5 boxes of pizza!" Sakura smiled at them brightly and she walked towards Naruto, with a pissed face. "As for you, Naruto….."

"Sniff... Sniff… Sakura-chan! Don't yell at me too!" he pouted more and formed the infamous puppy-eyes. That hit her.

"Aw! Alright, alright Naruto-kun!" she sneered and held Naruto's arms. "You win this time. Why don't you leave us with the pizza…."

Sakura struggled him at the kitchen and handed him a cup. It made Naruto's eyes sparkle.

"And I'll leave you with the ramen?" she finished and smirked at him. Sakura knew that Naruto's a sucker when it comes to ramen. "There are 10 more cups in the cabinet if you want more!"

Naruto hugged Sakura tightly. "Thank you! Thank you, Sakura-chan!"

" Na-ru-to… Can't Igh! BREATHE!" he finally realized that he was struggling Sakura to death and finally released her from his tight grasp. "You almost killed me!"

"Ne, sorry Sakura-chan!" he apologized and opened the ramen instant noodles from his hands.

Sakura shrugged and rolled her eyes, then…


Sakura jumped, "Excuse me for a moment." The other guys nodded and Naruto didn't paid attention, because he was officially in heaven today.

She was met with three people. The two were Shino and Shikamaru, who were holding a mountain of pizza boxes in their hands, and beside them was, Hyuuga Neji.

"You have an unexpected guest, Sakura-chan." Shikamaru whispered at he ear and glanced at Neji, who was glaring at him.

Neji began to spoke. "I.. uh.. Congratulations, Haruno."

Sakura's eyes narrowed as she heard him. "I take that as a compliment, Hyuuga-san?"

He smirked and handed her a wrapped box. "This is for you, from me and Hinata." He said and looked away.

"Why thank you, Hyuuga-san!" she smiled happily and pushed him inside the door. Others were staring at them, but they didn't care. As long as there are pizzas, nobody can disturb their mind.

"Actually, Sakura-chan…" Tenten spoke and pulled out a small box inside her pocket. "Congratulations!"

Sakura smiled at her as Tenten handed her gift to Sakura. Others did the same as well…

These are the gifts:
Neji and Hinata: a really expensive cell phone.

Because she needs to come in contact with everyone, for goddamn's sake!

Tenten: some accessories like, jelly bracelets, big hoops earrings, etc…

Because stars should be cool for most of the times today! And she really needs eye-catching items…

Shikamaru, Chouji and Shino: Some cute and colorful stationeries.

So she could write down her songs in there.

Lee and Naruto: cool headsets with trackers listed inside it.

Eh.. They can't think of anything! LOLZ…

Ino and Temari: totally cool and hip outfits

Seriously, are you in the modern life or what! DUH! Every pop star needs to be gorgeous all around!

The rest of the party went smooth. When it was finished, Ino and Naruto helped her clean the house. After she pulled away all of her gifts, she lay down on her bed and a smile plastered in her face.


Why is the phone going off? Who the hell could be calling at- Sakura turned her head, two in the morning!


Maybe if I just ignore it. They'll take a hint and let me sleep… For goddamn's sake..


"That's it!" Sakura rolled over from her bed and grabbed the phone. "WHAT!" she grumbled.

"Sakura-chan, wake up!" A cheery voice at the other line told her.

"Kakashi-sensei?" Why is he calling in this hour?

"Yeah, I saw you on the news. Congratulations, sorry I couldn't make your party. I had to help a cat at the—"

" LIAR!" she shouted over the phone. Get to the point.

"Any way, I'm going to take you shopping for a new dress for your meeting on Friday. Be at seven, I'll pick you up over there."

"Kakashi-sen, I have school tomorrow." She said sleepily.

"Nope, the teachers will have a "surprise" meeting tomorrow. So I'll catch you then. Ja!"


Sakura twitched and held the phone down. Hatake Kakashi, I'll never understand how you do it. Or why you call people at two in the morning….

Friday rolled around just as promised. Kakashi had taken her shopping just as he said. They had compromised on a blue gown that reached her ankles. It was sleeveless, with a white jacket that covered her bare arms. Ino and her mother had done her hair in a low hanging bun with a few strands framing her face. Her mother had given her a pair of earrings that matched her dress.

"Are you nervous?" Kakashi asked her as they prepared to enter the building. He had dressed for the occasion. She nodded. "If you get scared, there are these pills in my-"

He shut up when Sakura stamped on his foot with a heel, "Watch it, old perv!"

He nodded meekly and they started to walk inside with her following his lead.

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