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Summary: Four boys and a girl in a band, each of them competing for her heart. Rule says only one of them could be the onscreen boyfriend, but what about the off-screen? As in, true life boyfriend?

Pairings: Sakura-centric; Temari x Shikamaru x Ino; Kiba x Hinata (might change sooner)

Note: Character OOC-ness, mild language, AU/band fic

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Stepping to the Rhythm

By: Zakurrah-chan
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: T
Chapter Summary:

The aftermath of an unidentified tremor, plus hidden revelations and broken bones. What's going on? And what does this Orochimaru want to Tsunade and sends her off to somewhere so far with just a prickle of his finger? Nasty rumors are haunting Seraphim X. Next stop, La rockerizta camp!

Chapter: Amidst all for the nasty doings


A sly firming smirk came cross upon the mysterious pale-skinned guy right in front of Tsunade. He jerked his arms to the young boy beside him signaling to go on. The proclaimed guy w/c he called Sai nodded and ran ahead with a mighty swift of his arm and disappeared.

"Tell me what you want," Tsunade glared and stood in a fighting stance. "NOW!"

Never looking away, Orochimaru licked his lips tenderly as a sweat dropped at Tsunade's forehead. She admits having problems with situations like this, but this one? Definitely breaks the juice. The pale-skinned guy had histories w/ her, but she dared not to remember.

"Tsunade-hime, do you dare speak to an old apprentice in that manner?" He hissed and ran towards Tsunade, grabbing her arm. On the other hand, being unalarmed, Tsunade was caught on guard before she could even block his fury attack. Both slipped on their feet and is now on the rock ground outside the stadium. "Or better yet, your old lover?" He said in a proud voice as he smirked at Tsunade's witted face.

She saw a combat knife in his pocket and gave her an idea. As if he was reading her mind, he grabbed another arm and pinned it above her head. He licked his tender luscious face and smiled, "Tsunade-hime, why don't you speak now?"

Tsunade, gritting her teeth, finally opened her mouth to speak. "What. Do. You. Want." She asked angrily not looking at any other but his eyes. Firetrucks suddenly rang over the place as soon as fire started to dance around the arena. Drizzling sounds of flowing water from the hose were echoing outside Konoha arena. Ambulances were outside too.

"I came to bring this brochure," he said slipping it at Tsunade's shirt. "I will patiently wait for your answer at this moment. Make it quick."

She grabbed the brochure with fierce, and as soon as she laid eyes on the colorful glittery paper on her hands, she read it aloud so she could understand the words truly. Besides, it's already nighttime and the only lights provided were the moonlight's shining at her face.

'..together we discover the world of rock'nroll at La Rockerizta camp for 2 whole weekshosted by Sharingan Inc. Konoha Corp. and we invite all bands minimum of 6 members to join at this once in a lifetime sensation for future rockstarts,'

As soon as she read the last words, Tsunade narrowed her eyes and glued the brochure at Orochimaru's face. "You came in this horrific face in this concert and ruined everything for an immature kiddie camping?! Are you serious?!"

"Tut tut- now Tsunade, this isn't a typical bug juice camping." Orochimaru got up and cleared his throat. If you would like further details, you could follow me if you wish."

"Sasuke-teme! Sakura-chan!" Naruto screamed as both of them were tossed down by another tremor. A groan above her made her snap her head up. Her part of the lighting side was coming down. "Sakura-chan watch out!!" Ino squealed trying to get on the stage but Shikamaru held her back. "Ino don't! As much as I wanted to help, I can't. We'll all get stuck and be crushed."

A body tackled Sakura as the set came down upon them. "It's alright, I have you." he whispered in her ear as a green light shimmered around them. Gaara's body was stretched over her own; the green light was coming from behind him. His stone around his neck reflected it in different directions. She assumed it was a light that landed on him.

The tremors stopped abruptly. Sakura could hear people clambering up to the stage, the whirling of an ambulance grew louder. Gaara grunted as the light faded, his body pressed closer to hers. Her head was pressed against his chest as he struggled to lift the beam. He did after Kiba, Shino and the others lifted several smaller ones off it.

"Sakura!" Ino quickly pulled her into a hug. She hugged her back before gently pushing back from her and leaning on Gaara's shoulder. "I'm okay, thank you… Gaara."

"Hn," came his firm answer. Sakura giggled a bit but no longer when she realized Sasuke without in her arms. "Sasuke-kun! Where is he?"

Temari and Ino helped her to her feet as she saw Naruto helping Neji carry Sasuke in his back, "The bum having a good time at Neji's back Sakura-chan. He looks peaceful but I don't know, he had blood all over his shirt."

Sakura ran hurriedly at Sasuke's direction followed by her friends. "Sasuke-kun, please wake up!" she shouted at Sasuke's face with teary eyes. Her feet were all jerky and she barely could stand up. Losing her balance, she fell down but luckily, Gaara got her again.

"You two must rush into the ambulance! Quickly, before he gets too much blood off his body." Temari looked up abruptly and ran out of the stage with the three.

Kiba came over at the gang and sat down on the stage edge, "How can a tremor do this much damage to a stone stage but leave the seats intact? Incase you didn't notice, the tremors kept appearing every time Sakura and Neji tried to get to each other. Right Shino?" he turned his eyes to Shino, who was staring at the cracks as well.

"Tremors do not have agendas. It's all about points of weakness and coincidence." He started to walk away from them, "Let's go. We must get off this place before they made an aftershock."

The others nodded and followed Shino outside. They walked slowly but carefully. Kakashi suddenly came at the midst of their walk and held a book. "Sakura-chan, I'm so sorry I came back late. You see outside, those black cats were-"

"Don't try to save yourself from the realms of my anger, Kakashi-sen." Sakura rolled her eyes as she met with Ino's shoulders. "You should take care of Sasu-kun at this point! You shouldn't be with me,"

"But as you see Sakura, I AM your escort. Whatever happens would be my responsible. I wouldn't want all the blame if ever that crack on the floor got your foot and break your ankle accidentally." Kakashi looked at Sakura as she followed his escort's stare down below to where he was referring at. A not-so-small crack was just an inch away from her. She looked up again "You're overreacting, stop that. I'm perfectly fine."

Temari suddenly appeared beside Sakura and pushed Kakashi lightly in front of them. She smirked and placed a hand on her pink-haired friend's neck. "Look here old perv, this here is my friend Sakura. She knows how to handle things well. And as her private escort, may I assure you her perfect condition. No need to worry about her." Sakura smiled lightly.

Kakashi stared around them, aside from the team reporters and a few random people gawking like idiots at them, they were the only ones there. "I think we should go visit Sasuke and the others now," as he said this swarm of reporters was running towards them. Sakura was on the middle while Temari and Ino were on her side.

A reporter suddenly approached Kakashi, "Hatake-san, would you please narrate what happened to Haruno-san and other of her crew?" Narrate? She must be ridiculous. "Ladies and gents, Seraphim X is currently not in the condition for interviews. I suggest you do it some other time. Now if you will excuse us," he grabbed Sakura's arms and ran at the exit door together with her friends. The reporters were still on their tails.

Where the hell is the co-manager when you needed her the most? Kakashi stared at the ambulance where Sasuke's limp body was climbing in together with Neji and Naruto. He pointed this and Sakura noticed. "I will be in Ichiraku when you need me. Just dial my numbers 'ayt? The ramen house isn't that far from Konoha Medical Hosp." Sakura bowed lightly. "Thank you Kakashi-sen," and with a slight smile on her face, she ran directly at the ambulance together with Gaara.

While they were running, Sakura felt the urge to speak with Gaara. "Gaara-kun, thank you for saving my life back there. I owe you a big one. If it wasn't for you, I would be lying in my cold there." Gaara looked away before speaking. He didn't want to tell everyone he got his back injured but eventually they'd still find out. "It was nothing," Sakura smiled sadly. As soon as they reached the small white van, they saw Naruto and Neji on the seat. On the middle was Sasuke lying on a stretcher with a pained look in his face.

Sakura couldn't help but to form tears in her eyes. She sat beside Neji and started crying. The ambulance backdoor was closed and they assumed that the driver did it. There was a blank silence. From what Gaara has heard from Sakura's friend, they would follow them from a cub to Konoha Hosp. When the van started to move, nobody said a word until they landed on the hospital. All they could hear was Sakura's sobs and as much as they wanted to comfort her, they ignored. They hated seeing her like this. She was blaming herself for what happened.

"This is my entire fault," she stated as she wiped some tears off her face. "If I wasn't too dumb to watch that falling crate, Sasuke-kun wouldn't waste saving my life and putting his life at risk. Also to Gaara-kun's case…" Few tears dropped in her eyes, she tried to hold it back but when she sees Sasuke's unconscious state she would start to cry.

"Don't blame yourself Sakura-chan!" Naruto protested on the other side of the seat. "It's not anybody's fault okay? It was an accident,"

Until then, they would still be quiet. Those were the only conversation held at the ambulance corner.

"…reports of the Konoha Arena accident are being broadcast all over the country. And channel 10 is the only station with real facts and interviews with people involved in the accident. Now may we present Deidara-san, with the real news."

The studio lights dimmed as the cameras focused on a man in his black tight coat and dark blonde hair tied up in half pony tail. His face was like made of clay. "Good evening, earlier tonight; the ever popular band Seraphim X ya…"

Behind him on a monitor a picture of the 4 guys and Sakura come up. The Seraphim X are all posed in their instrument original performing styles and all looked serious and not looking at the monitor and Sakura's face was the only bright one. "…gave its first concert at the Konoha Arena. But after only two songs; at 8:20pm things got sticky. Unexpected tremors rocked the stage, injuring guitarist and organ player, Uchiha Sasuke, Sabaku no Gaara both at Konoha Medical Hospital with a few broken ribs and a concussion ya."

"Uchiha Sasuke was not so lucky for the great blow he received at the falling platform to save Haruno-san life. Sweet but very tragic. Let's roll the footage, shall we, ya?"

On the monitor a shaky film began to play. It zoomed in on the stage on Sakura as the lighting began to fall down. For a brief second it seemed as if it would impale the girl through the chest.

Out from nowhere, Sasuke's form got in the way and took the metal through the stomach. Just as he began coughing up blood someone bumped into the camera man and the video went dead.

"As we can see, all tremors were targeted to the stage, a very suspicious target indeed. According to several witness accounts, their second row chairs felt little or no tremors. And as you can see, that young Uchiha appeared and hurriedly ran with all his might, in all the chaos it is highly unlikely that he would have been able to shield Sakura-san ya."

"Adding to this new mystery was Sabaku no Gaara who was able to protect lead singer Haruno-san from a pile of falling steel. Now the real question is left. Seraphim X: New singing sensation or public threat? This is Deidara, signing off ya." He held his grin until the light on the camera went off. "Where is Sai?" he roared.

"Right here, Deidara." The mysterious looking eyes met his angry gaze, walking towards him.

"I need more information! This can make our ratings go through the roof ya!" Deidara said, calculating.

Sai frowned. "But, what you just reported wasn't the truth. Channel 10 is supposed to be about real news, not lies." he protested.

He grinned and rested a hand on his shoulder, "That was the truth Sai, do you honestly believe a tremor would target a rock band? It's all a hoax, a brilliant one at that but still a hoax."

"But, he was spitting up blood! Those guys were scared out of their wits! That was no performance, it was real!" he winced as Deidara's grip on his shoulder tightened. All the charm in his eyes was gone as he whispered threateningly to his.

"If you don't have more information on this by the end of the week, you're fired." Sai gulped and nodded. He smirked confidently and sauntered off. Sai waited until he was out of sight, "Sasori, get the car. We're doing some real under-cover work. We head to Konoha Medical Hospital."

Deidara watched him leave out of the corner of his eye and smirked again. He reached into his suit pocket and got out his phone and dialed a number on it. Almost instantly he said, "He's going to do it. Everything is going just as you planned."

"What a load of crap!" Kiba fumed as he shut of the television in the room with a growl.

Lee, Shino, Temari, Ino, Shikamaru, Tenten, Hinata and him arrived in Sasuke and Gaara's room, pleased to see that they were better off the way they expected. They already had the permission to go inside and they agreed. Shino and Tenten excused themselves to go out and get something to eat.

Gaara was extremely flustered and tried to get out of his hospital bed, "I have to go and tell them that's not what happened…" he sank back into his pillows when the pain in his ribs came back.

Temari was at his side in an instant, "Don't worry Gaara-kun, the media is nothing but slime balls anyway. Half of what they say is absolute non-sense." She assured her. Sakura nodded solemnly, she was sitting on Sasuke's bedside where he was reading over a brochure and a note.

The room was silent for a moment until Sasuke growled in frustration and dropped the note in his lap. "The old hag wants us to join this cheesy rock'n roll camp at the Hidden Sound Village. And not that all, she also told us to stay away from Sharingan Inc. They're our employers and we're under contract, we just couldn't quit!"

Neji eyed Sasuke suspiciously. Talk about Easter bunnies from hell. Then I thought he wanted to stay away from this job so bad and now he's encouraging us to stay? Now that's something new. He picked up the note and looked it over, "I don't think she wants you guys to quit, just being cautious until she gets back."

Naruto slapped Neji on the back heartily, "Damn Neji, isn't there a puzzle you just couldn't solve?" Neji faced away from others and stumbled slightly. "Whatever Naruto, stay away from me." Naruto pouted a little and crossed his arms, "Aw no-pupil-kun, do you still treat your band members that way?" He hissed impatiently.

"Neji-san is good at puzzles," Hinata joined in and told everyone with a smile. At this, Neji glared at her. "Don't flatter yourself too much Hinata."

"Wah!" Hinata immediately began bowing her head repeatedly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that, I'm really sorry!"

Naruto stared at the apologizing girl with worry and placed a hand around Hinata's shoulder. "Don't worry Hinata-chan! You don't deserve that arrogant bastard's fuming." With that, he grinned childishly at Hinata and blushed. Neji rolled his eyes.


"Sasuke-kun, are you feeling better now?"

She was worried like hell. It has been 8 hours since the accident at Konoha Arena begun, and here they were at Konoha Medical Hospital's room 202. It was clearly 5:05am and they all woke up at the sudden groan escaped from Sasuke's mouth and when they did, Ino immediately called for a nurse. The nurse told them it was the side-effect for the bruises he had in his body. He shouldn't feel anything in case he wakes up in the middle of the night since they had put anesthesia. A cyst in his stomach crumpled so they made an operation.

"Still at one piece, but sure I'm fine."

Every minute passed by when he was at the operating room made Sakura feel terrible inside. She continuously blamed herself for what happened, and like the conversation they had at the ambulance, her friends told her it wasn't anybody's fault and still, she wasn't convinced. "I'm sorry for what happened, Sasuke-kun..."

Sasuke wanted to turn at her side and hug her. Just like everybody else, he hated seeing Sakura at wits and sad. But he couldn't move that much for his entire body felt millions of needles prickled it. For a response, Sasuke moaned his famous "Hn," word. Sakura giggled. Oh, was he sure alright now. "I… Sasuke-kun…"

He eyed her for a moment and saw her face, and surprisingly happy. "Thank you for saving my life," And with that, she gently brushed his hair to see his forehead and smiled for the second time. Boy did it make him so happy. But he didn't want to let her know. She placed her hand lightly above Sasuke's dextrosed arm. They both felt hot, seemingly blushing but neither any of them wanted to let anyone notice.

It took them three minutes to realize what they have been doing. As soon as Sakura looked at Sasuke with his eyes beaming and showing off his triumphant smirk, she glared and pressed her hands to Sasuke's. An evil grin formed at her face as Sasuke howled in pain at his hospital bed. He didn't know how to move for another pain came through his hands.

"Never mess with me, Uchiha."

"You came in first with your drama and I just ate up the act so you wouldn't feel bad,"

"Whatever," she rolled her eyes and stood rose up quickly from his bed. Just when Tenten and Shino arrived with instant noodles in a tray, already packed with hot water and wooden chopsticks. Kiba hooted as they came in together, "Are they new couples or what!" Tenten blushed lightly as she looked at Neji who apparently doesn't seem to care on what's going on. She sighs.

Naruto jumped in smelled the sweet aroma of the noodles, "Is there a ramen there, Tenten-chan?" he asked in his most cutest voice and scanned at the tray Tenten was holding. "Well yeah, there are two for Lee and you," she answered back with a smile. Tenten placed the tray at the table in the middle of Sasuke and Gaara's bed.

Everybody in the room gathered at the table and got their chopsticks and cup noodles. Temari handed one to Gaara, Tenten handed two for Ino and Hinata, Shikamaru refused and told them he's going to eat after they eat and same goes with Shino, Naruto and Lee seemed to be having the most times of their lives however Sasuke was having problem getting one. Sakura witnessed this and an evil grin formed once again at her face. She opened her cup and slurped the noodle's like there's no food left.

Sasuke hissed and looked away. Feeling a little guilty, Sakura sighed and got him a cup. She's still a good girl at heart you know? "For a minute there, I was becoming a total monster like you. But hey, I'm just doing this because I'm not selfish to put away my good heart for others." She handed him the chopsticks and the cup, "Get it. It's hot and you wouldn't want my hands burning."

"Quit the act, Haruno" he grabbed the cup with mighty force and gobbled up. He sure was hungry. He hadn't eaten dinner before the incident happen. Sakura sighed at the remark. "Uchiha, I am not acting. I could still tell that I'm a good person. I know you are too, why don't you just spread it out?" Sasuke laughed lightly while he was still eating his noodles, "Okay let me quote that, so whenever you start yelling at me I have a proof that you are the root of this drama."

But as soon as he stopped laughing and looked at her in the eye, she was dead serious about it! He could also see the infamous puppy eyes forming at Sakura's face. Sasuke couldn't stop himself staring at Sakura. She was good. Damn too good, and she looked cute on that face. Haruno was always good at acting. He belittled his eyes and glared at Sakura, "What the hell do you want?"

Exactly what I wanted to hear. "Answer my question," she said and as she smirked. "You don't need to know," Sasuke said in a deep low voice. "Just stay out of my business Haruno, hear it?" Sakura stood up and pouted, "Be that way Uchiha-kun."

Sasuke was about to say something when he heard a feminine voice cleared her throat. They all turned to face Temari who had this serious look in her face. Nobody was surprised, for they were used of Temari being serious. She's sarcastic if I may add, but totally not into jokes. "Can I have a moment with you guys?" Sakura noticed Gaara not moving, and what more than that was Temari's hand on his lap!

"KAMI-SAMA, TEMARI-CHAN ARE YOU AND PANDA-KUN ENGAGED OR SOMETHING!" Naruto screamed and pointed to what Sakura was staring at. The others narrowed their eyes furiously and were very shock. Tenten rolled up a newspaper and hits it on Naruto's head. "Baka-ne, let's hear Temari-chan explain herself first-"

"Mmm that's sweet,"

They all turned to see where that moan came from. From Sasuke's bed to the sala, they were all shocked for the second time to see Shino's hand on top of Kiba's while the remote under them. Now that was a real shocker. All their faces were now unexplainable… Something like this O.O;; Temari and Gaara too, who was about to say something, couldn't believe what they see so their mouths were on the floor now. When Shino realized the cold mist flaring at the room, he noticed the people staring at him and followed their gazes at his hand. He too, couldn't believe to what he saw.

"IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!" he quickly removed his hands from Kiba.

Kiba titled his head and realized who gave that delightful touch. "YOU!" -O.O!!

"KAMI-SAMA! IS KIBA AND SHINO ARE DATING? WHAT ABOUT TENTEN-CHAN? I THOUGHT YAOI'S ONLY APPEAR IN FANFICTIONS!"Like Tenten's previous action, she rolled up another newspaper and hits Naruto's head two-times. "Shut-up Naruto, Shino and I aren't couples. Maybe he and Kiba is-"

"You guys,"

Temari sniffled and looked down. Now, all of the individuals in the room caught her attention. Even the doctor who just came in was stopped in his tracks. "I have something to tell you, I mean- Gaara and I have something to… Well, it's not like we kept it for long and didn't trust you all… It's just that things started to be so complicated… I don't really know how to explain it you guys. Uh, you see-"

"She's my sister," Gaara finally said and rolled his eyes.

"Um, elder sister to be exact!" Temari corrected him as she laughed lightly. Gaara paced away from them.

(insert lights off here)
(insert dramatic sounds in here)

"Are you two serious?" Ino asked frantically, whose eyes were glued to Temari's. Lee followed. "I knew you had a connection with Gaara. But then again, why didn't you tell us sooner Temari?" She sighed. "You guys would never believe even if I did, I guess. And I was too scared Gaara might pin me to death."

Sakura glared at Gaara. "You'll do that, Gaara-san?" He didn't even flinch and moaned the famous "Hn," just like Sasuke's.

Temari suddenly stood up and grinned. "So now that this is over, let's watch TV!"

"Right-o!" the others answered except for Sasuke, Gaara, Neji, Shikamaru and Shino who was complaining. "So what do you guys want to-"

"…for daily top 10 news at the fire country, hitting on number 3 spot is this young blonde chick who claims to be Seraphim X's, Gaara's older sister? Now that takes up the juice, when she was rumored to be Haruno Sakura-san's private escort? What more hidden revelations could Seraphim X bring more? Tune in for the next top 2 hottest rumor around. Be back after commercial."


After they have heard the TV's screen, their eyes popped. Especially Temari's, while Gaara's face were surprisingly unexplained. "Now that was fast," Shikamaru remarked. "I wonder how it got on the news that fast. We were just talking about it for 11 minutes, 23 seconds, 45.9775920 milli-seconds which may be calculated by dividing seconds and 24 hours in 2.34 in both sides-"

"WegetyourpointShikamaru," Ino butted in and dragged him outside. "Hey! I heard you guys have to talk about that camping thing," Neji, Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara turned to Ino. "You guys, let's leave Seraphim X for a moment. That rock camp will be starting by next week. Uh- Sakura, catch you later alright? Bye!"



"What was that blonde talking about, Sakura?" Neji started. They stared at Sakura. She suddenly handed him the brochure. He sat on Gaara's bed so he could see as Naruto peeked in it. "Tsunade left to go to America and, as you know, she signed us up for La Rockerizta camp for musical knowledge and all. I heard it's a rock'n'roll camp."

Naruto shook his head. "We don't need a rock'n'roll camp!" he continued as he pointed at each members in the room. "Since we have the best organ player, rhythm and bass guitarist, the most rockin' drummer(cough) that would be me and the most gorgeous girl with the most beat-racing voice who knows how to play electric guitar!"

At that point, Sakura felt like smiling. "Haha I guess you're right Naruto. But I think we should at least try it!" she looked at her members in her happiest face but as usual, they all didn't care. "After all, that prize money is quite big than our monthly pay plus a vacation to Hawaii and free shopping spree allowance to the most tremendous malls-"

"Count us in," the other guys suddenly chanted all together.

2 weeks have passed…


"Coming!" Sakura shouted as she flips her hair and tied it in a pony-tail. She was assuring that the Sound country will be getting hot at this kind of season. Not that she was funky, she stared at the luggage and her backpack full of simple plain clothes. But of course, she'd never forget to bring her guitar but the problem is, where could she possibly place it at the small road bus they were going to get in?

The other guys we're waiting outside her house. She examined them with those little bags they carry and their instruments. Boys will always be boys, but I wonder how many clothes they have brought! "Sorry to keep you waiting!" Sakura told them as she locked her doors. She clipped a note outside it telling Ino that she will be out for 2 weeks.

"Why do you have to clip that note outside?" Neji asked. "Your handwriting is ugly too." Sakura tried not to get pissed and smiled horrifically. "Neji-san, please don't spoil my mood until we get to the bus. I'm so excited about this trip!"

Like she had always expected, her other members rolled their eyes. Well, except for Naruto who was grinning at her. But she gets used to it. I don't have escorts with me. So I guess they'll protect me. Me? Tchyea right, I better not expect for the worst.

When all's finally ready, they head straight at Konoha liner. The official château of the buses heading to all different kinds of places and Sakura grew more excited. "We're here already! What bus should we take in…"

Gaara looked around and saw a colorful banner. He already knew where. "Must be there," he pointed. "For all rock bands all over Fire Country, take bus number 12."

They all followed Gaara, and as soon as they saw the bus they all stopped in tracks. "Must be this the correct bus?" Naruto asked gulping. "Hn, no party animals would keep me away from that bus." Sasuke asked. Sakura and the others observed the other kids who were outside the bus. They were all mixes. Some wearing all black and silver chokers, the motif of Seraphim X's last concert; the other one was a band full of girls with the most eye-popping clothing colors they have ever seen; this one who had all striped outfits but in different colors. Seraphim X looked at their selves. They wore simple outfits and few accessories.

"Now I wonder why you guys agreed on this. You aren't mostly the type at all." Sakura said sighing as she walked futher.

"For the prize money," Neji, Sasuke, Naruto and Gaara answered all together.

"I figured," she laughed and continued walking.

And this is how they all began.

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