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All that are on earth are demons. And in the heavens are humans.


Prologue: The War

This bloody war has been going on for several centuries now. So many people are dying and for what cause? What can I do? How can I stop this and save our people?

A messenger burst into the large room breaking his thoughts "My Lord! ...King Inutaisho of Earth, wishes to meet with you, he is suggesting a treaty to end all this unnecessary blood shed..." He exclaimed, trying to catch his breath.

"Very well, I also believe it is time to stop the war, for it is getting more brutal as each day passes. Send a message that I will meet with him tomorrow. Go now and return soon." The King said, turning swiftly to face the young boy.

"Yes sire." The messenger replied and he quickly left.

"Maiku, who was that?" A feminine voice called from the room adjoining the study in which he was. Shifting his eyes over the dark interior of the room, he turned to face the doorway that lead into his private chambers.

"A messenger telling me that the King of Earth, Inutaisho, wants to make a treaty, Kikyou."

"Oh, darling what do you think of my gown for this evening, when we tell the kingdom I am with child." Kikyou said as she stepped into her husband's view.

Maiku's mouth fell at the sight of his beloved wife and queen. Her long black hair flowing behind her in a curly wave, her fair complexion shining forth, and the rosy color of her cheeks and lips extremely evident on her face. The golden gown she was wearing hugged all of her curves, the bell sleeves hung down on her arms, and a beautiful broach of the brightest star rested in the middle of the dress's gold and pearl bodice. Kikyou giggled at the reaction she was receiving from her husband, her chocolate brown eyes twinkling with amusement as she looked over his attire. Her husband stood tall and proud in his regal robes, the colors of white and gold as well, symbols of power and purity. His black hair shining in the light and his bright blue eyes meeting hers in a stare.

"Shall we go, my darling?" He asked offering his arm out to her.

"Yes we shall." She said while placing her arm in his, then both walked to the throne room to tell their people the good news.

"Presenting his Majesty, Maiku Higurashi, High King of the Heavens, and his beautiful Queen, the Lady Kikyo!" Said the announcer.

There was loud applause and cheering as the King and Queen entered and was seated on their elaborately decorated thrones. Hundreds of people flooded the majestic room in love, loyalty, and devotion to their beloved rulers.

"My people, I have exciting news. Tomorrow evening I shall meet with King Inutaisho of Earth and we'll work out a treaty to end these bloody battles, so we can bring all of our warriors back home safely. As well as that, my lovely wife Kikyou is with child. Soon you will all have a High Prince or Princess." King Maiku exclaimed with a proud grin on his face, never taking his eyes off his beautiful wife's face.

"Hail to our King and Queen! Bless their child!" Their cheers rang out in the heavens.

"King Inutaisho, my Lord Maiku, says he will meet with you tomorrow, to discuss the treaty." The timid messenger barely squeaked out as he stood before the dominating youkai, hiding his face from those intimidating golden eyes.

"Very well, tell him we shall meet at my castle tomorrow evening." He replied stoically.

"Yes sir" The messenger said, quickly escaping into the night.

'Father, who was that?" Asked a tall boy with silver hair and glowing golden eyes, the exact mirror image of his father.

"That was a messenger from the heavens, tomorrow night I shall meet with their High King and make out a treaty."

"But father, I want to-" The boy began to loudly express his disdain for such a decision but was cut off abruptly.

"Enough! It appears that we are well matched. Neither one of us is willing to give up, so thus we make this treaty to end this bloodshed, understood?" Inutaisho bellowed at his arrogant, proud son.

Biting his tongue, he reluctantly replied. "Yes father."

"Good, now bring your mother in here, for we have news for our people." Inutaisho said.

"That human wench is NOT my mother!" He spat with disdain.

"Sesshomaru! You WILL treat Izayoi with respect, she is MY wife and mate, YOUR step mother, and QUEEN of Earth!" He shouted at his son, irritated by his disrespectful behavior.

"Fine, father." Sesshomaru said as he reluctantly left to retrieve his stepmother, whom everybody seemed to love, except him.

Moments later, Inutaisho's face lit up when he saw his lovely queen enter the castle hall. Her midnight black hair glistening and her piercing violet eyes gleaming with joy and happiness. Just the mere sight of her brought delight into his other wise dreary life as king.

"How is my angel doing? And our little unborn son?" He asked as he rubbed his wife's swelled belly through her soft purple gown.

"Oh Inu sweetheart, I'm fine and so is Inuyasha. Now don't we have to tell the people of Earth we have a son on the way?" Izayoi giggled as she and Inutaisho walked out of the castle to greet their people. Sesshomaru watched in disgust, as the people cheered for the treaty that was going to be formed and the little unborn Hanyou Prince Inuyasha.

"My Lord Inutaisho, his Majesty, Maiku Higurashi, High King of the Heavens." said Inutaisho's adviser, Yuan, as he led him into the throne room.

"Lord Higurashi." Inutaisho said while bowing with respect.

"Lord Inutaisho." Maiku said also bowing with respect, then they both took their seats.

After hours and hours of debating the two Kings finally reached an agreement. They would each look after and protect the other one from enemies who would attack them. That's as far as their "relationship" would go. If one were to break the treaty and attack the other, then the treaty would be considered void and more likely another war would start. It is prohibited that any being from either world would associate, befriend, fall in love, or mate with each other. If they broke that law, they would be put to death or banished to the underworld. With that agreed both Kings sealed the treaty with their signatures and rings, so the treaty would last for centuries.

"Yuan, send the Priestess Keade in here to make a prophecy of what our treaty will do for our people." Commanded Inutaisho.

"Yes sire." He said while quickly walking out of the room to retrieve the old Priestess.

"I wonder if this is a good idea." Remarked King Maiku, nervously drumming his fingers upon the wooden table at which they sat.

"We will find out through Keade." Replied King Inutaisho.

"You summoned me, Lord Inutaisho?" Came the voice of the old Priestess as she hobbled her way into the room.

"Yes Keade, please tell us...What will result from our treaty?" He asked.

The old woman closed her eyes, as the future was being revealed to her "Ahh...I see..."

"What is it old woman?" King Maiku asked.

"Definitely this treaty will end the brutal wars...In a few months two children will be born and in two decades, they will bring together these two worlds, uniting them in peace and harmony, and triumph over evil. But I fear that if the two worlds do not become united then they will both fall to darkness." She prophesied.

Both Kings laughed and scoffed at the old woman's prediction "I know I've trusted your predictions before for Kaede, but this one is extremely preposterous, I mean, my kingdom of demons and his of humans, united? That'll never happen. We'll never work together. This agreement is based solely upon mutual feelings..." King Inutaisho said as he signaled Yuan to escort the Priestess back to her chambers. Both Kings shook hands and bid farewell, then King Maiku returned to the heavens. But little did they know that in two decades the prophecy would begin to be fulfilled...