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"You know Ron, we better hurry," Kim said.

"Hurry where?" Ron replied, exchanging a puzzled look with Rufus.

"You'll see!" Kim exclaimed, taking Ron's hand and running towards his rocket-powered scooter.

As if Ron hadn't had enough surprises for one evening – the L'il Diablo assaults on all of the world's major cities (bad), the ruin of his beloved Bueno Nacho (way bad), one of the TV reporters actually noticing him during the media melee (way different) and the discovery that Eric was a synthodrone (actually good but also sick and wrong) – he now realized that Kim had seated herself on the scooter so she would be the driver. It was one thing letting her drive when he knew the destination. But he hadn't the slightest clue as to where Kim was hurrying off to. Well, he thought, if she wants to be the driver, why not? She's Kim Possible, she can do anything.

Ron climbed on behind Kim and put on his helmet. Kim then started the bike and took off like a rocket – an easy thing to do, given her father's modifications earlier in the evening. Ron wrapped his arms around Kim's waist, holding on for dear life. He liked the feeling. He hoped Kim did, too. But he couldn't be sure. Earlier in the evening, when they'd been tied to those giant cacti in the Bueno Nacho storeroom, he'd begun to tell her that he thought he might be the guy for her when Rufus appeared, breaking the rhythm of the conversation. Then the final confrontation with Drakken unfolded and after it was over Kim wanted to leave, and fast. He hoped that he hadn't complicated their friendship by admitting his feelings, but he wouldn't know until they got to wherever Kim was driving.

Kim was finding it hard to concentrate on the road. There was the fact that the scooter she was trying to control was now being powered by J200-fueled rockets, which most definitely violated the bike's factory warranty. Then there was the whole crazy evening. Eric turning out to be a phony – literally. Drakken having played her. The adrenaline rush of taking down Shego. And Ron.

Her best friend of more than twelve years. His arms were wrapped around her. She liked his embrace. It was comforting. But it was also something more, something surprising, which she found exciting – and disorienting. She was glad Rufus had interrupted when he had, not because she didn't want to hear what Ron was saying, but because what he had to say was so welcome. First he'd bolstered her spirits, putting things into perspective. She really had believed that Drakken had won, that she should have stuck to baby-sitting. But Ron wouldn't have any of that. And then, risking being hurt, he began to tell her how he felt. Kim knew Ron was shy with girls he truly liked, was lacking in self-confidence despite his false bravado, and could also be oblivious even when their interest was obvious. He'd had trouble asking out Zita, never realized that Tara liked him, and was completely clueless about Yori, who all but wore a neon sign proclaiming "I like you Stoppable-san." And after the moodulator incident he just assumed that Kim felt nothing – when in reality she'd experienced fireworks. But nothing happened after that. And now maybe something would.

Kim was relieved that Ron was behind her. She was feeling sheepish as all of these thoughts passed through her head, as she felt on top of the world having beaten Drakken. She was excited about what might happen next with Ron; and ashamed that she'd let Bonnie with all that food chain talk mess with her priorities. Kim frowned as she thought how in looking for a boyfriend she'd been swayed by movie star looks – and Eric wasn't the first time. She recalled Josh Mankey. She'd had it bad for him, and it wasn't his paint brushes that attracted her. Then she thought of her parents and the kind of relationship they had, one that was built on so much more. Her Dad was kind of handsome, and was absolutely brilliant, but he was a bit goofy and could be totally clueless. Not perfect, but a great guy with a big heart. Like Ron.

Ron, Kim mused. He's loyal, brave enough to overcome his fears, a ferociously good cook, and the best friend and partner I could ever have. And he really does have nice eyes, she thought with a smile.

The police were too busy dealing with the aftermath of the Diablo attack to worry about speeders, so the scooter approached the Middleton town line in no time. Ron was curious about Kim's destination. He wondered whether she might actually be going to the Prom, but then dismissed the idea. He didn't want to get his hopes up. And as they passed the cross street to Middleton High School, Ron was glad he hadn't set his heart on going to the dance with Kim. They were heading to the Possible house instead. He couldn't blame her. It had been a long, weird day. She must have been drained and probably just wanted to go to bed, which was understandable, yet totally frustrating: she'd seemed so enthusiastic, so playful when they hopped onto the scooter, which led Ron to hope that she'd been planning to go to the dance. He decided that she must have changed her mind during the trip back from Bueno Nacho headquarters.

The scooter came to a stop in front of the Possible house. Ron pulled his arms back from around Kim's waist, thinking it was nice to hold her for even a little while. He felt wistful as she took off her helmet and shook out her long, red hair. It really is flippy, he thought. I wish I could run my fingers through it. Oh well.

"Ron?" Kim said, as she climbed off the scooter.

"Yeah, KP?" he replied, trying hard to look her in the eye, but now embarrassed for making a fool of himself by telling her how he felt. This would be the moment when she said "Thanks for helping me beat Drakken. You're a great friend. See ya tomorrow!" Well Rondo, better take it like a man, he told himself.

"Here's the sitch. While I'm inside changing into my dress you go home and get into your tux. Meet me back here in, say, 20 minutes?"

Ron just stared at Kim, unable to believe what he was hearing.

"Ron, you there?" Kim asked, suddenly wondering if she had misunderstood him earlier.

"Uh, yeah, I'm here KP. It's just, well, you see …" he stammered

"You will go to the Prom with me, won't you?" she asked. "I mean, after what you said when we were tied up at Bueno Nacho I thought you'd like to … you weren't just saying those things because you thought I needed to hear them, did you?"

Ron was now fully alert, realizing that he was in the midst of the most important conversation he'd ever had.

Quietly but with confidence he said, "KP, I meant every word I said. You know I've liked you since we were in Pre-K but when you started dating Eric I realized that I, uh, also liked you liked you."

Kim smiled and took Ron's hands.

"And you know what Ron? Tonight I realized that I like you like you, too. So will you be my date and go to the Prom with me?"

Ron was stunned. Happy but stunned. Slowly a big grin spread across his face and without thinking he pulled his hands from Kim's, thrust them into the air and let out a loud "Boo-yah!"

After a moment or two of this she giggled, then said, "I'll take that as a yes. Now go home and put on that baby blue tux! We've got a dance to go to!"



All heads in the Possible household turned at the unmistakable sound of a happy Ron Stoppable. Jim and Tim raced to the living room window while Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Possible looked at one another. Cleaning up the mess left in the family room by the rampaging L'il Diablo was quickly forgotten. Everyone wanted to know what was going on.

Moments later Kim opened the front door to find four very curious Possible family members waiting for her.

"Hey, where's pretty boy Eric?" asked Tim.

"And what's Ron doing out there?" asked Jim.

"Now boys, be nice to your sister," warned Ann Possible, who was asking herself those very same questions.

"It's okay, Mom," Kim said much to everyone's surprise. Normally she'd be growling "Tweebs" at her inquisitive, troublesome younger brothers. But now she was smiling. "Eric turned out to be a synthodrone Drakken had programmed to – ugh – seduce me …"

"Ewwww, Kim was seduced …" Jim squealed.

"… by a synthodrone!" Tim added.

"… and while we were fighting Drakken and Shego," she continued, ignoring her brothers, "I realized that Ron was everything I could ever want in a boyfriend so I asked him to the Prom …

"Hey, if Kim was with Eric, maybe this means she's got cyborg cooties!" Jim said brightly.

"Cooool!" Tim responded.

"Ronald. Boyfriend." stammered Kim's father. He'd entertained this possibility some months ago, but was able to safely set it aside when he learned of the moodulator's influence on his daughter. James Timothy Possible's powerful mind was able to comprehend many things, but he still had difficulty seeing his daughter as anything other than his little Kimmie-cub.

"… And now I have to run upstairs to change back into my dress," she finished, filled with enthusiasm. "Ron will be back to pick me up in a few minutes!"

Mrs. Dr. P turned to her husband and put a comforting hand on his shoulder. She knew how protective he was of his daughter. And while she was secretly delighted by this turn of events, she knew that a romantic relationship between Ron and Kim was an irrefutable sign that even her husband could not ignore: their Kimmie-cub was indeed growing up.


Ron approached the front door of the Possible house with trepidation. The adrenaline rush he'd experienced when Kim asked him to the Prom had been replaced by a major-league case of butterflies in his stomach. Fortunately, until this moment he hadn't had time to get nervous – he'd raced home, told his parents about what had happened (they were happy about Kim, not too happy about the modifications to Ron's scooter), put on his tux, then sped over to the Smarty-Mart to find some flowers. Ron would always be grateful for the giant box store that was open 24/7, since it was where he found Rufus, though, when he wasn't excited by the prospect of discounts, he did think it was a shame that Smarty-Mart was in the process of driving every other store within a ten mile radius to the brink of financial ruin. But now as he walked to the door he had nothing to distract him.

No need to be nervous big guy, Ron told himself. You've rung this doorbell a million times. He hesitated. Okay, so you haven't rung the bell a million times, he corrected himself. You usually just walk in. But you don't just walk in for a date. Man, this is so awk-weird.

He took a deep breath, reached up and pressed the bell.

The door swung open.

It was Kim's dad.

Uh oh, Ron thought. I hope he's cool with this. I remember the last time Kim and I went on a date. The black hole warning.

"Ronald! Come on in," James said as he extended his hand.

Ron reciprocated and the two shook hands. So far, so good, Ron said to himself.

Ron was feeling increasingly nervous. Sure, he'd come over to pick up Kim before. But now it really was different.

"Hello, Ron," Ann said as she joined her husband in the foyer. "You look very nice tonight."

"Uh, thank you, Mrs. Dr. P," he said nervously. He hoped Kim would come down soon. After what seemed liked an eternity, he heard a low whining sound coming from the living room.

"Uh, Drs. P, what's that sound?" Ron asked.

Kim's dad chuckled, "Oh, those are the portable force fields the boys made for the science fair. Plugging up the hole in the roof and wall until the contractor can come over."

"Oh, yeah. Portable force field generators …" he said, wishing Kim would show up. Ron was afraid he was about to start babbling.

And then she appeared at the top of the stairs, smiling.

Ron's jaw dropped. For some reason, perhaps because this was their first official date he found Kim wearing this charred dress to be even more exciting than seeing her in that little black number she wore to the Middleton Days Fair.

Mr. Dr. P elbowed Ron and whispered out of the side of his mouth, "Jaw up, Ronald. Trust me on this one." Kim's father's earlier uneasiness had been replaced by bemusement as he saw how the two teens were looking at one another. Kim and Eric, indeed Kim and Josh, may have smiled at one another, but not like this. Of course Eric was a synthodrone, yet another in one of Drew's whacked plans. And who knew? Maybe Josh was too. He was nice enough, but always seemed a bit too perfect. No, there was something special going on here. Maybe he could deal with his little girl growing up – a little bit.

Kim came down the stairs.

"Hi Ron," she said softly.

"Hi KP. I, uh, got you these." He handed her the flowers, which she raised to her face and smelled.

"They're beautiful. Thanks," she said reaching to take his hand and moving to the door.

"Hold on just a minute you two!" James said.

Uh oh. The Speech, thought the two teens.

"I've got to take some pictures!" he exclaimed as he began brandishing his camera.

The photos out of the way, Ron and Kim made to leave. As they walked through the door, Kim's dad leaned over to Ron and said with a grin. "Midnight. Not a minute later. Or you'll be visiting Frederick on the space station. Got it?"

"Yessir, Mr. Dr. P!" Ron replied. Ron knew that a midnight curfew from Kim's dad was one of the biggest votes of confidence he'd ever receive.


The two teens began dancing. It had been awk-weird at first – the tumultuous reception they'd received upon entering the gym had been disconcerting. They knew everyone was watching and now they felt self-conscious. But after just a few moments Kim wrapped her arms around Ron's neck and placed her head on his shoulder. She felt safe, she felt loved, and in Ron's embrace she felt like the most important person alive. He liked holding her, smelling her hair, feeling her pressed against him. With Kim in his arms he was on top of the world. They continued dancing, then Kim pulled back just a little bit and looked into Ron's eyes.

Now, Kim thought. Kiss me, Ron. It's been more than twelve years since we met in that playground. We've traveled – and saved – the world together, but it all started when you stood up to some bullies by the sandbox. You were brave enough to take a risk then and you were brave enough to say something tonight and I know you're brave enough now.

Time to step up, Rondo, Ron thought. Now or never. Kiss her. You know you want to. You've wanted to for a long time now. Do it. Look at those eyes, those badical, beautiful eyes. She wants you to kiss her. Kim Possible wants you to kiss her! Oh man, here goes …

They exchanged a knowing look, then inclined their heads, their lips meeting tentatively at first, then with confidence.

Boo-yah! thought Ron. I'm kissing Kim and it feels so – so right! Oh yeah!

Yes! thought Kim. Ron – I told you – there are fireworks!

As the other couples around them continued to dance Kim and Ron held their embrace and continued kissing, oblivious to all around them. It was as if their entire lives had been leading to this one moment. The pre-K playground. Locked braces. The first mission – and all the ones that followed. The cheer squad. Countless afternoons at Bueno Nacho. Switching bodies. Ron encouraging Kim when she was crushing on Josh. Kim helping Ron ask out Zita. Kim surprising everyone when she hit the high note at the talent show. Ron awing everyone with his cooking abilities. Ron forgiving Kim for going to a party with Josh instead of trick-or-treating with him. Kim forgiving Ron for ignoring her in favor of his posse when he was a Naco multi-millionaire. Ron anguishing over Eric. Kim jelling over Yori. Each one's life, revolving around the other, dancing around the other. But that night that changed. That night, rather than dance around each other, they began to dance with each other. It felt right. It felt good. It felt like the way life was meant to be.


"Okay lovebirds, that's enough PDA!"

The booming voice of Steve Barkin ended Kim and Ron's idyll. Still holding each other, but now blushing, they looked up to see the hulking figure of the assistant principal, who then surprised them by saying quietly, "Possible, Stoppable. Nice work with those crazed robots."

"Uh, thanks, Mr. Barkin," Kim said.

Barkin then really threw them as he said with the slightest of smiles, "You're welcome. And I'm glad to see the two of you together. You make a nice couple."

The two teens stared, mouths agape at their teacher who, without missing a beat, shifted back into his familiar military mode and barked "Now take the tonsil-hockey outside! This is a family school!"


Kim and Ron left the building alone. Monique and Rufus both insisted that the naked mole rat wanted to have a sleep over at her house. The sky was clear, the stars shone above. It was still early spring though and the evening had cooled off. Kim leaned into Ron, who responded by putting his arm around her, as they walked back to his scooter. He then stopped walking, took off his jacket and draped it around Kim's shoulders.

She pouted, which surprised Ron.

"What?" he asked

"Well," she said teasingly, "if I wear your jacket does that mean you won't keep your arm around me to keep me warm?"

"Depends on how cold you are!"

Kim laughed, then said, "Very cold." Ron responded by putting his arm around her again.

"You surprise me KP," he said jauntily.

Now it was her turn stop short.


"Won't the Club Banana people cancel your shopping privileges if they see you wearing this jacket?" Ron remembered Kim's reaction when she first saw his Dad's tux. He was surprised, if pleased, that she specifically told him to put it on for the Prom.

She stuck out her tongue at Ron, then laughed. "So not the drama. It's retro. Everyone will be wearing these next season. Even Bonnie!" At that, both teens laughed. As they approached the scooter, Kim turned to face Ron. She looked into his eyes and placed her hands on his chest. With one finger she began to trace the placket of his shirt.

"Ron," she said seriously.

Ron tried not to be worried, but he tensed a bit. Kim sensed this and didn't move.

"Ron, about tonight ..."

Uh oh, Ron thought.

"… I just want you to know that this is about us, not about my rebounding from Eric. This evening it was like a light bulb went on over my head. Thanks for sticking by me, even when I was going gaga over Eric. I guess I really can do anything. Even be self-absorbed sometimes and ignore my best friend."

Ron wrapped his arms around Kim and pulled her close. She leaned her head on his shoulder. It felt as nice as it had earlier, when they were dancing.

"KP, no big," he whispered. "Heck, at least synthodude asked you out. I was too scared to."

At this Kim pulled back from Ron so she could look at him.

"Why, Ron? Why were you scared?"

"Because you mean more to me than anyone else in the world, KP. You're my best friend and I didn't want to ruin that. That was why I wanted to break up with you during the whole moodulator thing."

Kim's eyes began to tear as she gazed into Ron's eyes. But she was wearing a radiant smile.

"Ron Stoppable, you'll always be my best friend. I just hope you can also handle being my boyfriend, too." And with that she pulled Ron to her and gave him a deep, loving kiss, the kind that seems to go on forever but always ends too quickly.


Ron walked Kim to the front door, holding her hand. It had been quite a night: the world-wide Diablo mayhem, the final battle with Drakken and Shego, a first date.

"Well," Ron said, looking at his shoes. He wasn't sure how to end the evening. He knew he didn't want it to end. Then again he knew he didn't want Kim's father sending him into space for a rendezvous with Frederick.

Kim reached up and put her hand on his cheek, lifting his face so he was looking at her. "Hey," she said. "I had a great time tonight, Ron." He put his hand on Kim's.

"I did too, KP." He paused, then continued, "So, can I take you on another date?"

Kim feigned surprise. "Another date?" She paused, then looked up at the sky, then said, "Only if it's tomorrow. At 9 am."

Ron was confused. "Nine am? In the morning?"

Kim arched her eyebrow. "Yes, Ron, in the morning. That's when AM usually is, you know."

"Ha ha, Kim. Seriously though. Why so early?"

Kim now looked a bit sheepish as she said, "Because I want to spend the whole day with you and thought we could begin with breakfast."

"It's a deal, KP. On one condition."


"I want to treat my girlfriend to dinner tomorrow night."

"Think she'll mind if you spend the day with me?"

"Nah, I think she'll be pretty cool with it," Ron said with a grin. "Well then," he added, "I guess this is good-night."

The two teens looked into one another's eyes, embraced, then kissed. Kim pulled away, but held Ron's hands. With a smile she said, "No, Ron, that is good-night."