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One year later …


"So we'll meet at 6:00?"

"You bet, KP," Ron said before giving his girlfriend a kiss on the nose. "See ya later!"

"And don't forget …"

"I know," he said looking into her eyes. "The Ron-man will be dressed appropriately."

Kim Possible watched her boyfriend make his way across the quad to the language lab. Even with the limp, he's still my bon-diggity dancer, Kim mused, recalling how he had cut loose on the dance floor the previous night, before she let out a happy sigh. Ron. My Ron. Willingly spending a beautiful spring day indoors … studying. Who'd have thought it? Some things really have changed this year. She was smiling with pride as she looked at his receding figure.

Their first year of college was almost at an end. Soon they would be going to Japan for a summer of training and travel. The past months had been full, to say the least. Ron's recovery, training the Tweebs, reopening the Badical Burrito, unexpected villain-related weirdness. Not to mention new classes, new people, new extracurriculars, all of which led to new experiences and new challenges.

Kim discovered that the social pressures of college could be far more insidious than those of high school, while Ron found there were new ways for still-latent insecurities to come to the fore. But Kim and Ron found the strength to deal with such things together and learned that their love for one another was the real thing, not just a teenage crush, not just a passion inspired by repeated crises, but a desire and a need to fully share their lives with each other. They learned that they could change together, enjoy their independence while being a couple, differ on Big Issues and still be as close as two people can possibly be. Through it all, despite the inevitable bumps in the road as their relationship developed and they continued to grow up, Kim and Ron drew ever closer, their love for one another ever deeper.

You may be weird, Ron Stoppable, but I am so in love with you, Kim thought as she saw him disappear into the old brick building beyond the oak trees. Wearing a look of contentment and humming the tune to their theme song, she headed towards the Athletics Complex for cheer practice.


College freshmen, even those who save the world on a regular basis, have roommates. Ron had been lucky; he lived with Felix. Kim had not been so fortunate.

Monique had gone to Paris to study fashion design and be closer to Junior. Tara enrolled at Upperton University. And Justine Flanner was in Massachusetts; the hyper-brilliant girl decided to skip college when offered a tenure track faculty position by MIT, an opportunity that became irresistible when Brick was recruited by BC to play football. And so, Kim found being assigned a snarky, snotty girl named Ashley, from Upperton Heights, who seemed to be channeling Bonnie and who apparently enjoyed nothing more than baiting Kim and belittling Ron.

Since Kim felt bad about making Felix feel like a third wheel in his own room when she was with Ron – and she was with Ron a great deal of the time – the best-friends-turned-something-more often spent time in the old tree house. It was their own private refuge, a place filled with wonderful memories. She had slipped over there that afternoon to prepare for the evening and the special surprise she had planned for Ron. She looked around the space and was pleased. Everything was just so. Not bad for a shack in a tree, she mused. I really can do anything!

Kim had climbed back down to the bottom of the trunk to wait for Ron. She giggled as she saw him approach. She had the luxury of changing in the treehouse. Not Ron. He must have drawn some questioning glances as he walked across campus and out onto the streets of Middleton.

"Nice tux, handsome," she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a tender kiss.

"And that dress only gets better each year, KP," he said as he gently ran his fingers through her hair, which she'd put up. "This is the year that the charred hem look is gonna be big. Club Banana will be all over it. I just know it!" Ron grinned as Kim smiled, then added, "You know, KP, we could just go the high school and crash the Prom tonight! Show those kids some bon-diggity dance moves."

"I think I'd like you to show me some bon-diggity moves up there," Kim responded seductively before she turned and began climbing up to the tree house.

"Boo-yah!" Ron exclaimed.


Ron looked around, appreciating what Kim had done with the space. She'd created a wonderfully romantic environment for their dinner. Ron's old posters had been taken down, some recent pictures of the two of them put up in their stead. Fresh flowers sat in vases and Kim had somehow managed to create the perfect lighting scheme. They sat on the couch and relaxed a bit, chatting idly about the week that had passed and some of the things they might do together the next day. Then Kim got up and led Ron to the small card table she had set up.

Kim insisted that Ron sit down; he could be a gentleman another time. She had a show to put on.

She reached into a canvas bag and withdrew a white linen table cloth, which she spread on the table. She then brought out bone china, cut glass crystal, and silver, which she set out.

Ron was impressed; Kim possessed a flair for the dramatic.

Kim then reached into a thermal storage bag, and, with a flourish, brought out a casserole, then lifted the lid.

Ron looked at the hot food hungrily. The college had many strong points, but food was not among them. He was convinced that Middleton College cafeteria chow came from the same swill machine as the gunk that was served at the high school. "Oh geez, is that macaroni and cheese?" he asked.

Kim smiled proudly. "No. It's pasta Ronald."

"Has my bon-diggity girlfriend been taming the kitchen?" Ron asked, receiving a nod from Kim in reply.

"That is most excellent news," Ron declared.

She served Ron some food. He enjoyed the aroma before taking his first forkful of pasta. Kim was not in danger of being hired to be a chef anywhere, but she and Ron had been spending time together in the residence hall's common kitchen and her cooking had improved in recent months. He knew he'd enjoy this. "May I?"


Ron took a forkful of the pasta. "Mmm, this is badical," he said talking with his mouth full. "Outstanding."

Kim arched an eyebrow. "You don't have to butter me up, Chef Boy."

"Hey, I'm the expert. We're talking cheese-covered food here. You can't go wrong with cheese. And if I say it's outstanding, it's outstanding."

Kim watched with satisfaction as Ron ate three servings of the macaroni. She beamed as he sat back in his chair, the picture of contentment.

Ron let out an impressive belch.

As he turned scarlet from embarrassment, Kim grinned, then began laughing. She reached across the table and took Ron's hand. "I guess you were right. It really must have been outstanding, Hungry Man."

They sat quietly, looking into each others' eyes.

"Ron, may I ask you a question?"

He looked at his girlfriend. He was surprised; she actually looked a little nervous.

"'Course, KP."

She looked into Ron's eyes. "Will you marry me?"

He was stunned. Unspeakably happy, thrilled, delighted. But stunned. "You really mean it, Kim? I know we've talked about the idea, but you think we're really ready for this? What if we screw this up? I, I don't want to lose you, KP." Ron thought back to the fight they'd had earlier in the year. It had made the argument they'd had the summer before their senior year pale in comparison. Though they now knew their relationship was actually much stronger for it, at the time they were both terrified that they'd lost everything.

Kim smiled affectionately. "You couldn't lose me if you tried, Ron. Best friends forever, remember?" She then took a deep breath. "You remember back in high school when we were both afraid of dating because we thought it would ruin our friendship …"

Ron nodded.

"… Well, it was only after we went to the Prom that I realized that it had never occurred to me that not dating could ruin our friendship, too. And it almost did." Kim thought back to the whole Eric incident. It had been painful, but it also led to something wonderful that had changed her life. "Ron, I think we've reached the point where being best friends means something new. I want you to be my husband and I hope you'd like me to be your wife. We don't have to get married tomorrow; we can wait as long as we want. But I think it's time to make "Us" official." Kim paused, then looked directly into Ron's eyes. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you; it's that simple." Then, she added with a grin, "you do know I know what's best for you, don't I?"

Ron smiled. "Then, 'Yes'," he said.

"Yes, you'll marry me or yes, I know what's best for you?" Kim asked with an impish grin.

"Yes, I'll marry you. I'll get back to you on the other thing," he said with a laugh.

They sat quietly holding hands, their pinkies entwined, enjoying the moment.

"You know you can't do this …"

Kim arched an eyebrow.

"… Well, I'm supposed to propose to you."

She smiled smugly. "I'm the girl who can do anything, remember?"

"Yeah, I guess you are." He paused, then asked, "So, since you proposed, do I take your name? You know, become Ron Possible?"

Kim smiled. "You can, though that would be ferociously confusing since I'm planning on being Kimberly Ann Stoppable."

"Kim Stoppable. I like that. But I'm still going to call you KP."

"I wouldn't have it any other way … Fiancé Boy," Kim said as she got up and came to him. Ron rose from his chair and wrapped his arms around Kim's waist and brought his lips to hers.

"So, uh, did you, like, ask my mother for my hand in marriage?" he asked after breaking the kiss. Kim nodded. "Man, talk about empowered women." Ron suddenly grew nervous. "Your dad …"

"So not the drama, Ron," Kim said with a grin. "He said to tell you that you'd already been to space enough for one lifetime and that he hoped we'd enjoy a nice, looooong engagement." She paused, then said with pride, "And that there's no one else he'd rather have as his son-in-law."

"Th-that's great, Kim." Ron began to choke up. "You know, uh, I feel kinda bad that I don't have a ring for you. I hope that's okay."

"No big. I've got these spankin' pearls." Kim fingered the necklace Ron had given her for Christmas their senior year. "Oh, your mother asked me to give this to you after I proposed," she said, wearing a Cheshire Cat grin. Kim passed him a lumpy envelope, which he opened. He first found a note.

Dear Ronnie,

If you're reading this, you were smart enough to say 'yes.' This was your grandmother's. She gave it to Don to give to me. Now I'm giving it to you to give to Kimberly. I only ask that if you have a boy, you carry on the tradition and let him give it to his fiancée. I'd planned to tell you about this when you proposed to Kimberly, but, as you can see, she beat you to the punch!

I'm incredibly happy for you and know your Dad would be too.

Love, Mom

"Wow," Ron said.

"That was my reaction, too. She gave it to me last week when I asked her permission."

"When did you see Mom?" he asked.

Kim smiled triumphantly. "When you and Felix went to the video game charity marathon …"

Ron laughed. "Yeah, I guess twelve hours would have been enough time for you to ask Mom!"

Kim chuckled. "We even had enough time to watch Ron's Big Day …" she added mischievously.

"Hey, hey, hey! None of that … Little Miss Bubblebutt!"

Kim reddened. "How did you know …"

"Boo-yah, two can play at this game!" Ron exclaimed gleefully, pointedly not telling his new fiancée how he came to learn of her childhood nickname.

"Okay, movie star, I call a truce!"

"Done. Now back to your story about the ring."

"Well, I was completely shocked when she just took it off her finger and put it in my hand. When I asked if she really wanted to do this, seeing how it was from your Dad and all, she explained your family tradition. It's really sweet, Ron. It really makes me hope we do have those twins someday …"

"You say that now, Kimberly Ann Possible," Ron said with a chuckle, using his best Zorpox voice. "But remember, they may turn out to be tweebs."

"As long as they're our tweebs, Bad Boy," Kim reached up and touched his cheek. "Ron Stoppable, I love you so much."

Ron took that as his cue to withdraw from the envelope what looked like a small ball of paper. He carefully unwrapped it, revealing a diamond solitaire mounted on a slender gold band. Ron then took Kim's hand and smiled.

"Be mine, KP?"

"Always, Ron."

Kim Possible would always remember the incredible sense of joy she felt as her best friend, partner, and man she loved, Ron Stoppable, slipped the engagement ring onto her finger.


Bonnie Rockwaller rose from her bed and looked out the window at the still-starry sky. The Milky Way was awesome to behold in this part of the world, where light pollution had not yet obliterated the glories of the night. She slipped out of her night clothes and put on her training uniform, then headed down to the dojo.

Bonnie had been a fugitive from justice for a year. She had not been idle, however. Unlike others making their first foray into villainy, she was not deterred by her initial defeat. On the contrary, she was impressed with how close she had come on her very first try to pulling off her plan to take over the world. She decided that she would bide her time, develop the skills and amass the resources she needed to achieve her goal. She had spent fourteen years learning ballet; surely she could be patient if the prize was ruling the planet. Bonnie would plan, and she would plot. And when she was ready to make her bid for global domination, she would also be ready to exact her vengeance upon Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable.