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KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei

Flight 327 pulled into Narita airport. A walkway pulled out and connected to the plane. Airhostesses opened the door and smiled at the people dragging themselves from their seats, gathering on-board luggage and, yawning, trudging off the plane. Even a few of the Airhostesses were yawning. But it was 4 in the morning. Nearly everyone was off the plane by the time the black-haired Neko-Jin dragged himself from his seat. Having no onboard luggage apart from his beyblade, which was in a hidden pocket in his jacket, he walked towards the exit. He let out a huge yawn, small fangs glinting in the manmade light. He smiled at an Airhostess, letting out a gentle "Arigato." Before stepping into the hall.

At 6'2", Rei Kon had grown quite a bit over the past 3 years, making him 18 years old. There were a few noticeable changes in Rei besides his height. One was the fact that his cute boyish features had matured into hot features. His eyes were still the bright amber that they had always been; his hair was still black, long and wrapped. However the wrap was now black instead of white, as was the headband. His tabard had changed too. Now it was black with silver lining and deep purple ties. The sash was purple with silver tiger stripes near the bottom. His pants were black too, but at the bottom was the word 'Drigger' embroidered with silver, purple, green and some blue thread. The Yin-Yang symbol was still on the back of the tabard. His gloves, now black with silver lining, had the symbol on them as well.

Apart from that, not much had changed with Rei. Not physically anyway. Apart from Rei's improved physical strength, he was also much stronger mentally. His eyes held wisdom that only several years of travel could give.

He gathered his bag, went through customs and left to get a cab. No one knew he had arrived. It was a surprise. He stepped out of the airport, taking a deep breath of the Japanese air, and looked for a taxi. Or he could walk to the dojo. After all, a taxi from the airport could cost more then a return flight to Hong Kong.

'Maybe walking is a good idea.' He thought.

Smiling to himself, he started walking, hoping that the dojo hadn't changed too much.

KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei

2 hours later, and Rei arrived outside the dojo. It didn't appear to have changed much. Only slight changes here and there. The Sakura tree that he had planted only a week before he left was quite a bit bigger now. It wasn't in bloom, sadly, but it still looked beautiful. He strolled through the main gate and headed around the left side of the dojo, moving towards the garden near the back. Upon arriving, he found that no one was there. He couldn't hear a beyblade, or any of the Grangers practicing kendo (I think that's what they do.). It was far too quiet. He moved over to where his old room was. It was next to the garden, making it one of his favorite rooms in the house. Rei opened the door, leaving his shoes just inside the room, and snuck into the house. It was still quiet.

Putting his bag down in one of the corners, he started to sneak further into the house. It was quiet, but he could hear, only faintly, the noise of someone moving around. Rei walked on, making no sound as he treaded on the waxed floors. The noise was coming from the kitchen, a room Rei was well accustomed to seeing as he cooked most of the time when the team was still a team.

As he walked closer to the door he could hear light footsteps, approaching the same door, but from the kitchen side. But they weren't the footsteps of someone walking normally. They were the footsteps of someone sneaking. Rei froze. He'd been caught.

He stepped into the doorway, just as a wooden sword flew down from above. He caught it easily and looked past the sword to the wielder. He grinned at the bewildered face that he knew well, one fang creeping over his lip.

"Yo Gramps. How ya been?"

Gramps looked at him, confusion and shock displayed clearly on his features, before realization dawned on his face.

"Rei? Is that you, dawg?" He smiled before throwing his sword to the side and grabbing Rei, who was a good inch taller then Gramps, in a headlock and giving him a noggie.

"GRAMPS! Stop it! Stop stopstopstop!" Gramps laughed.

"Fine! Fine! Just good to see another one of my homedogs back here! Geez." He looked Rei up and down, "You've grown, homie. I didn't think you'd ever be taller than me. No offence!" He raised his hands in front of him defensively.

"None taken. It was a shock for me when I stopped growing and realized that I'm kinda tall."

Gramps smiled.

Rei scratched his nose absently.

"Where's Tyson? And is anyone else here?" Rei asked, still scratching at the side of his nose.

"Tyson? My little homeboy went to Kenny's. Max went with 'em. He came back a week or so before you did. Hilary is on a holiday in England."

"When you say 'came back' you mean 'came here' don't you? We didn't start out here."

"I think you did. You all came from different places, met up here, became famous because of this little dojo, and myself, and took the world by storm."

Rei smiled.

"You have a point there, gramps."

"I know I do, cat-boy." Rei glared at him. "Now, answer me this, why were you sneaking around?"

Reis put his hand behind his head and laughed.

"I have no idea. Just felt like sneaking."

"Righto. Now all the homeboys will be coming back for lunch, so do ya want to help me cook something, kitty?"

Rei glared again.

"Don't call me kitty!"

"Cat boy?"








"Ok. Now help me cook something for the homies, kitty."


KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei

"Man I'm hungry! I hope Gramps cooked something good!" Tyson whined.

"Tyson, your Gramps always cooks good food." Kenny said, Dizzy in his hands.

"Yeah, but not as good as Reis food. I miss his cooking."

"You don't miss him? Only his cooking?" Max exclaimed.

"Nah. I miss Rei too. But at the same time I miss his cooking. He made the best Butter Chicken."

"Tyson! Don't drool on Dizzy!"

"Yeah! Don't drool on me!"

"Sorry. But I can practically smell the Butter Chicken."

"Funny. So can I."

"You don't think Gramps is cooking Butter Chicken?"

"Lets go find out!"

Tyson ran towards the dojo, Max and Kenny only just behind him. He slowed to a walk as he entered the gate. Opening the door, he took off his shoes and walked towards the dining room.

"Gramps! We're back!"

Gramps popped his head out from the kitchen door.

"Go get comfy at the table, little dudes. I'll bring your food through in a few minutes."

Tyson dragged Max and Kenny to the table.

"Tyson! That's my shirt! Let go!"

"Oh sorry Kenny! Just I'm really, really hungry."

"Fine, fine."

Gramps walked out with four plates with rice and butter chicken on them.

"Here ya go, homies. Dig in."

Gramps and Tyson were quick to start on the food, Max and Kenny eating at a slower pace.

"Gramps this is great! When did you become such a good cook!"

"I didn't." Tyson looked at him, shocked.

"Did you order take-out?"


"Then why is the food so good?"

"Cause he cooked it." He said, jabbing his thumb towards the kitchen door. Three pairs of eyes went to the door, where they landed on a tall, handsome looking, neko-jin. They were paralyzed with shock until; Dizzy snapped them out of it.


"Don't call me KITTEN!"




"……….You know what, I'm not even gonna have this conversation again."

"Ok Kitten."

Rei growled at the laptop, which just laughed at him.

Meanwhile, Tyson, Max and Kenny's brains had woken up.



"Hey guys. Long time, no see."

Rei looked over the others. Tyson hadn't changed much. He still had the hat and jacket ensemble that screamed 'I am Tyson! Hear me snore!' His pants were still black, and the shirt was still yellow. But now they looked better. His pants had a dragon embroidered in electric blue at the bottom on the left pant leg and were tighter. Still baggy, but not as baggy. The shirt was tighter, showing off muscles that Rei couldn't remember seeing before. The hat still only tamed his hair, however his bangs were slightly longer and his ponytail reached down nearly to his waist.

Max looked pretty much the same too. However his clothes had changed. His shirt was now a pale blue, with a chibi turtle on the front showing the victory sign, with a dark blue long sleeved shirt underneath. His pants were still the same bright orange.

Rei looked at the last member of the party, blinked, then looked again.


"Yes, Rei. It's me."

Kenny's fringe had been trimmed back so his eyes were visible. He wore more modern glasses that made him look much better. He wore a white shirt with a cog on each of the sleeves, and long khaki pants.

Each of the boys had grown, Kenny was now the same height as Tyson, but they were all still shorter than Rei.

Rei smiled at his friends.

"When did you arrive Rei?" Max asked.

"About an hour ago. Gramps caught me sneaking around the house."

"Why were you sneaking?" Kenny asked.

"No idea."

Rei scratched his nose again.

"Sooooooo. Has anyone heard from Kai?"

Tyson shook his head.

"Last I heard he was headin back to Russia to help the Blitzkrieg Boys get back on their feet. To think, Sourpuss can be a nice person."

Rei smiled and looked out the window.

It was quiet while the boys finished eating. Rei had eaten his meal earlier.

However the phone ringing broke the silence.

Rei walked over to the phone.

"Moshi moshi? Yes….hello Mr. D!…..yes…..yes……just got here a few hours ago…….yes…..not much, why?……yes…..in an hour?….ok…..bye bye."

Rei hung up the phone.

"Mr. D wants us at the BBA in an hour. He's got news."

Tyson stood up.

"Alright! Lets go see Mr. D!"

KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei KaiReiKaiRei

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