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Alec opened the folder and handed each of the boys a few sheets of paper stapled together. He also handed one to Matt, who had taken up a couch to himself and was happily lying across it.

"In those booklets, you'll see a list of the hotels you'll be staying at, as well as some background knowledge on the areas that you'll be visiting."

"Background knowledge?"

"Yeah. Like tourist locations, map of the town. Stuff like that."


"If you could open up the booklets."

They opened them up to the first page.

"You'll mostly be staying in the Illawarra region. We're hoping that you'll use the time there on the beaches. You may also go to the Shoalhaven Region, if you want to. Then you'll be going to Canberra, to look around the Old Parliament House, and The National Museum. And you might go to Questacon while you're there. I love that place. And you'll be heading up to Coffs Harbor at the end of your trip, to round it up."

Rei nodded thoughtfully, while Tyson and Max grinned at each other. Kenny was still looking over the sheets and occasionally typing things on Dizzi, while Kai was looking at the sheets in interest.

"So how long are we actually staying here?" Rei asked after a few minutes of silence.

"That is up to you boys. You can stay for a month, you can stay for a few months. The BBA is going to pay for everything. But, in return, you have to do us a favor."

"What's that?"

"We have some clinics set up around the country, and we were wondering if you boys could go to some of them and help with the younger kids. Who knows, having world champs helping them might get them really good. They might be able to take you down."

"Hn. I doubt it." Kai said, smirking lightly. "And I thought Dickinson said we weren't allowed to train?"

"Yes, but think of this as payment for your trip. That includes flights, accommodation, meals, and travel around the area. However, you need your own spending money. We can only lend you so much of that."

"I've got enough." Rei said. Kai patted his pants pocket.

"Same here."

"I should have enough for a while." Said Max, grinning at the others.

"Yup! I got plenty!" Tyson cried happily. "I thought we'd have to pay for our own food! So I bought lots!"

The others snickered. "It probably wouldn't have been enough, Tyson. And you'd end up borrowing some of our money." Tyson rubbed the back of his head.

"I guess you're right about that."

Max started poking Tysons side, grinning evilly the whole time. Tyson swatted at his hands lazily.

Alec grinned. "Ok! So, now we've got where you're going settled its time for you to meet your guide!"

"Guide?" Rei asked, looking at Max and Tyson oddly, as Max's 'poking fest' became slightly more violent.

"Yeah. We thought you might want a guide while you're here, just to help you get around and such. He knows the area well, plus he has business down there later on. Don't you Matt?"

Matt nodded and smiled at the boys.

"You might have figured it out earlier, but I'm gonna be your guide while you're here. Which is good for me, because it means I can surf again!"

"Matt, you surf anyway."

"…How did you know that?"


The boys all turned to looks at Max and Tyson, who's fight (or 'play wrestle' as it seemed) left the couch and found a new home on the floor, where Tyson was tickling Max unmercifully.

"Guys, please. Stop it, c'mon. Guys!" Kenny said from his seat, steadily getting more frustrated at the two teens. "You two are so embarrassing!"


Kenny turned to look desperately at Kai. "Kai? Can you stop them? Please?"

Kai raised an eyebrow at the geek. "What makes you think I can stop them?"

"Kai please?"




"Rei? Can you do something?"

Rei turned to Kai, with 'big kitty eyes' on full blast. "Kai…"

Kai looked at Rei, then looked away quickly. "No."

"Pleeaaasssee?" Rei tugged on Kai sleeve until Kai looked at him.

"Grrrrrr, damn those eyes." Kai turned to Max and Tyson. "Granger! Tate! If you don't stop right now I'll make you train until your blades literally break in two."

Tyson stopped and turned to Kai with a cheeky grin on his face.

"But Kai-kun! Mr. D said we're not allowed to train!"

Kai frowned slightly, then smirked. "You think that'll stop me?"

Tyson looked thoughtful while Max lay under him regaining his breath. "Um, no?"

"No is right. Now stop making out and get back on the chair you rolling bags of hormones."

"We were not making out, you twit!"

"Oh yeah?" Kai challenged.


"Guys, stop it! Kai you know better than to rile Tyson up, especially when you're in the wrong." Kenny said.

"Which is never."

Rei raised an eyebrow at the Russian teen. "Kai you were just wrong then."

"No I wasn't."

They all collectively sighed and Kai smirked victoriously.



"Fine. I was wrong." Tyson cheered. "But not about them being rolling bags of hormones."

Rei chuckled. "I guess I'll give you that one."

"REI! You're supposed to be on our side!"

"I am on your side! Just not right now." Rei smiled at the others.

Tyson huffed and sat down. Max was blushing heavily, but he sat down too.

Kenny turned to Alec and Matt. "I'm very sorry about those two. They're quite hard to control."

The rest of the team turned back to the two men in the room, who both seemed to be trying very hard to stop themselves from bursting out laughing.

Alec managed to let out a light chuckle, then smiled at the boys.

"It's no problem. I've seen much, much worse."

Rei raised an eyebrow at the man. "Really?"

Alec nodded. "Yup. Seen andDONE worse. Don't worry about it." Alec said, waving a hand about lazily. "Now, I think its time you boys were taken to your hotel. You'll be staying at the Hilton Sydney. We're hoping that you'll stay here for at least two days, just to look around Sydney itself. You'll be returning here later during your stay, but we figured you might want to look around first. That and Matt has paperwork to do that he hasn't been doing."

Matt smiled sheepishly. "What can I say? The waves call me." He stood up from his lounge and stretched languidly.

"Well boys, looks like its time to go."

They all nodded somewhat and stood up, stretching a little, but not as much so as not to appear rude. They then turned to Alec and bowed again.

"I already told you, there's no need to bow!" Alec said, shaking a fist at them.

They laughed, except for Kai who smirked, and Kenny, who started apologizing.

Matt was already out the door, and they could hear him conversing loudly with Jackson.

Alec walked over to the door with the boys and soon, the five were waving goodbye to Alec and Jackson, who waved back, then started talking as they walked inside the room, closing the door behind them.

Matt grinned at the boys as the headed towards the elevators. "See? He wasn't that bad."

Rei raised an eyebrow at the tanned man. "We didn't think he was going to be bad at all."

"Really? Most people think that he's gonna be heaps strict, seeing as he's the big boss of the Aussie BBA. Truthfully, he's not all that bad."

"We saw that."

"What did he mean by 'done worse'?" Max asked, bouncing along next to Tyson.

"Ah. That. Well, Alec used to be the class clown. He got good grades, yes, but he was a real 'smart alec', mind the pun. He got in trouble a lot. Which made us all wonder how he became the head honcho."

"Us all?"

"There's a large group of people. We're all having a reunion soon, which is why I'm heading down the coast with you guys for a while."


They walked outside to the limousine, which was where it had been before, and got back inside. Matt tapped on the glass a few times and they started moving.

"We should be at the hotel in about five minutes. That's where I leave you boys. Just go up to the reception and get your keys."


"We booked two room. 2 beds to a room, except for the last one, which will have a third bed, in the couch." We were going to get you all your own room but it would have been quite pricey. Sorry guys."

Tyson waved his hand. "Maa, don't worry about it. We're used to rooming. At least, we used to be. Old room mates?"





"Was that a yes hn or a no hn?"


"Yes hn it is!"

Kai rolled his eyes while Max and Tyson laughed. Kenny was, once again, typing on Dizzy, while Rei just shook his head at the younger boys behavior.

"You guys…."

Matt looked at them all confused.

"You guys have set room mates?"

"Not really. It's just how we used to room. Me, Chief and Tyson,"

"Tyson, Chief and I."

"…Whatever. We used to room together, While Rei and Kai hooked up,"

"Roomed together."

"…Whatever. Kai and Rei roomed together because, for some odd reason, only we can sleep through Tysons snoring."

And I like being in the same room as the red-eyed enigma. Not that anyone will ever know. Rei thought with a sigh.

Kai looked over at his kitten as he sighed. Yes, Kai had finally given up on fighting and was happily referring to Rei as his kitten. He saw no problem with it, as long as he said it in his head.

He looked over the boys again, hopefully without anyone noticing.

The smooth tanned skin, though his skin wasn't quite as tanned as Matt's'. The long, silky black hair. His beautiful eyes. His pointed ears. Kai often found himself wondering if the ears were hypersensitive, like Reis hearing. If just touching them would make Rei moan.

Don't think about Rei moaning. Don't think about Rei moaning. Don't think about Rei moaning. Oh shit.

Kai drew his gaze away from Rei and out the window, hoping that the dirty thoughts that had entered his mind would leave soon.

"We're here guys!"

Kai sighed. This was going to be a loooong holiday, if his thoughts told him anything.


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