Chapter 1

The Letter

By Fatpunk

Harry Potter was removed from the world of wizards at the age of 1. He was placed in the care of his aunt and uncle, the Dursleys at number 4 Privet Drive. Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, along with a number of other titles, believe that this would be safest for him a place where he wouldn't have the expectations of the world placed on his shoulders before he could even talk.

How could someone at the age of one have the expectations of the world you may ask? Well this is because Harry managed to defeat the most powerful Dark Wizard of the past century, a man most fear to even name, and he did this by simply living to become known as the Boy-Who-Lived. Lord Voldemort, the dark wizard, had decided that Harry, along with his parents, must die, and when he decides to kill someone the die. On the night of Halloween he found the Potter's hide out, and proceeded to kill the family; starting with James Potter (Harry's father) and moving on to Lily Potter (Harry's mother). When he reached Harry, however, his plan came unstuck. Harry survived the killing curse that had no known block, and sum how defeated Lord Voldemort.

When Harry was placed in the care of his mother's sister it was expected that he would be loved and cared for, while sheltered from the fame that his survival had gained him. Dumbledore also knew, that while Voldemort had been defeated (for how long he did not know), many of his most faithful servant were still at large and as dangerous as he was. What he didn't know was that Petunia Dursley's hate and fear of anything magical was too great a feeling to be overcome by the simple fact that he nephew had no choice in what he was.

It was in this home that Harry Potter learnt the truth about the world a lesson he had to learn very early. Harry was an exceptionally bright young child and was able walk very early and was able to hold a basic conversation at 18 months, quite a feat most would think, for Harry, however, it would signal the end of his "freeloading". Every day he would complete chores around the house in return for meagre portions of food and lodging in the cupboard under the stairs. When jobs weren't done he would be punished severely, occasionally with beatings but usually starvation and confinement. Harry knew that not everybody was treated like this. His cousin, Dudley, when not tormenting Harry, was pampered and loved by his parents. Harry also saw this love for a child in his classmates and people around Little Winning. He knew not to hope for this kind of love from his relatives, only hope that they generally forgot him enough that he could take care of himself.

When at school he spent all his free time in the library. He did this for two reasons, reading books was a great way for him to escape be it in fiction or non fiction, and he knew that his cousin and this gang would never think to look in the library for him. It was here that he learnt many things reading books on topics as diverse as cooking, physics, chemistry, science fiction, romance anything he could get his hands on. He had an arrangement with the librarian to be allowed in there at any time she was in return for helping her with stacking books and sorting the catalogues.

Though his time in the library and round glasses may indicate it, he wasn't the stereo typical nerd. He was actually rather athletic, the only reason he never played sports was because he was always picked last and bullied as a result of Dudley and his gang the most feared of school bullies. He was also quite the charmer and brilliantly adorable. When combined with his startling green eyes and messy hair, everyone agreed that he would grow up to be a heartbreaker. Everyone except his family, that is, who he carefully hid any talents that he possessed from. Their opinions ceased to matter to him on his he had been assigned the task of spring cleaning, beginning with the attic. While cleaning he found a trunk hidden in the back corner buried under some odds and ends. What was fascinating about this trunk was the inscription, JP loves LE. He quickly worked out that this was his parent's trunk, thanks to his remarkable intellect, which had been hidden and forgotten. He brought it downstairs quickly and quietly and hid it in his cupboard and went to finish his cleaning. That night when trying to open the trunk was having impossibly bad luck and becoming extremely frustrated, to the point where pounded his hands against the trunk in annoyance, cutting his hand in the process. The blood from his hand dripped onto the inscription without his knowledge, though he would later find it out, and the trunk popped open. Inside was empty except for a letter from his parents, his first insight into where he came from.

Dear Harry - our son

Hopefully you'll never read this letter without us though we fear that will not be the case. We don't know how much you know about us so we'll start at the beginning. First, we love you very, very much and hope nothing bad will ever happen to you. Unfortunately this isn't the case, unless we there no to correct this we are, obviously dead. That may sound harsh but we know that you have accepted that but don't know how much more you know.

You, Harry, are a wizard as we were. But you story doesn't stop there. Shortly before your birth there was a prophecy made, of which we know part, the same part Voldemort knows. It states that at the end of July a child will be born with the power to defeat the dark lord Voldemort. There was more but we don't know it ask Dumbledore if it applies to you and how much more there was, he knows the full contents.

At the time we were to worried, we had know idea who it was or who else it could have been but we were careful and took any steps that we could to keep safe. When you were very young you magic started to manifest (that means to grow) and it wasn't just accidental magic either, you controlled it! We were amazed and so proud. Unfortunately, Voldemort decided to eliminate everyone who the prophecy could be about, starting with you. We went into hiding but it seams that wasn't enough and brings us to now. You are a wizard, a powerful one at that, being chased by a madman.

Harry was stunned to say the least. After so many years of been told that his parents died in a car crash he now found out that they were killed by a megalomaniac. What's more all the strange things that happened around him were coincidence but were, probably, him. Magic was real not just something in a book, the possibilities were endless. After taking a deep breath Harry continued reading.

Now that all the back story has been filled in we are so sorry that we aren't there for you. We would do any thing to be there for you now but as they say the past is the past and will stay there. Now for the future, we don't know how old you are but it doesn't matter, if you are reading this letter the enchantments on this trunk have deemed you old enough to handle what is inside. The trunk is an heirloom of the Potter family. No one really knows when it came into their possession but legend says it was made by Merlin. It is called the "Trunk of the Potters". When you say the words "I am Harry James Potter, Son of James, Son of Lily" the trunk will change we don't know what form it will take but we do know that it has four compartments. The first compartment holds what the last person to use the trunk thinks you need. We know it sounds strange but that's magic. We really don't know how else to explain I or anything else about it to tell the truth.

The second compartment holds the details to your family lineage. That is to say it contains a full family tree dating back to the first Potter. It also includes the financial information on the Potter family and all other finances that you control. This is a big responsibility but we know you can handle it. If your not yet 16 you can't change any major finances except to your own trust fund. There will be more on this in the compartment.

The third and fourth compartments are more personal. They are from you father and me. There are letters in each from us explaining what is in there and some advise from each of us.

We both love you dearly Harry and are watching over you from where ever we are now.

With all our love

Your Mother and Father

Lily and James Potter

If Harry was stunned before it was nothing to say how he was now. The logical part of him said that this couldn't be true but his heart said it was all true. In the Harry decided on a test. If when he made his declaration the trunk changed he would have no choice but to believe the letter.

Screwing up his courage Harry took a deep breath and said;

"I am Harry James Potter, Son of James, Son of Lily" and with that his world changed forever.