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Pan The Virgin
Chapter 18: Engagement
By: Japanime Girl

Trunks was sitting in the living room, with a little box in his hand, he sighed 'Let's see, what else do I need?' he thought as he went through all the stuff he had been planning. He heard footsteps and quickly put it away

"Trunks, I need a favor" Goten said as he sat next to him "What you got there?" he asked

"Nothing" Trunks quickly said "What did you need?" he asked

"Well... I was wondering... if I could... uh... borrow your jet for tonight" he said

Trunks looked at him "You're joking right?" Trunks asked

"Nope, dead serious" Goten said

"You do remember what happened the last time you borrowed the jet, right?"

Goten grinned "Not really, can you refresh my memory?" he asked

"You lost control of it and almost crashed us into a mountain!" Trunks said

Goten laughed at the memory "Oh yeah, that was funny" he said "So can I borrow it?" he asked

"Um, Goten, I think you missed the whole point"

"Don't worry Trunks, I'm not gonna crash it" Goten said

"I'd rather not risk it" Trunks said

Goten pouted "Fine, I'll go borrow someone else's jet!" he said as got up and left

Trunks got up as well and went to look for Bulma, not noticing Goten following close behind.

"Oh my Kami Pan, aren't you nervous?" Bra asked her best friend

"Why would I be?" she asked her

"Think about it, you could give birth any day now..." Bra gasped "Could be today!"

Pan bit on her nail "OK, now I'm nervous, thanks a lot Bra!" she said "Can we change the subject please?"

Bra nodded "OK, so have you thought of a name yet?"

"Yeah, I have one" Pan said "I'll have to ask Trunks if he found the second name yet"

"What did you come up with?" Bra asked anxiously

"Ilori" Pan said

"Ilori? What does it mean?" Bra asked

"It means special treasure, pretty huh?" Pan asked

"Yeah, now I have to go find out what Trunks found" Bra said

"I'm hungry" Pan said out of the blue

"You're hungry?" Bra asked amazed "But we just ate"

"I know, I'm eating for two now" she said as she rubbed her belly

"That excuse won't work when she's born" Bra said "Come on, let's get you something to eat"

"Mom, tomorrow's the night" Trunks told her

Bulma looked at him confused "The night?..." then it struck her "You're asking her tomorrow night!" she asked excitedly

"Yeah" he said "I wanted to ask you if you could go over things for me, you know in case in forgot something"

Bulma extended her hand "Let me see the list" she said

Trunks gave her a piece of paper, she looked at it carefully, a moment later she said "You're set!"

"I am?" he asked

"Yeah, good luck son" Bulma said

"Thanks mom" he said "I'll see you later" he said as he exited the room

"I know what you're planning" Goten said as he caught up to Trunks

"Goten! You scared me!" he said a little taken back "And what do you mean you know?" he asked

"Yeah, you're planning to ask Pan to marry you" he said

"You won't tell anyone, right?" Trunks asked him

"Depends" Goten said

Trunks stopped walking "On what?"

"Let me borrow your jet"

"You just won't let the matter drop, would you!" he said

"Come on, I promise to take care of it, besides, it's not like you're gonna use it!" Goten said

Trunks sighed "Fine, you win" he said as he took out a capsule out of his pocket "Here, take care of it!"

Goten grabbed the capsule "Will do," he was about to leave "Oh and good luck"

"Yeah, yeah"

"Good luck with what?" Bra asked as she and Pan walked up to them

"Uh... nothing important" Trunks quickly said

"Come on Bra, we have to go" Goten grabbed her hand

"OK, I'll see you later Pan" Bra said as she left with Goten "OK, so now can you tell me what's going on?" Bra asked Goten

"Trunks is going to propose to Pan" Goten said

Bra squealed "Oh my Kami! Are you sure?" she asked

"Yeah, how do you think I managed to get the jet" Goten said while showing her the capsule

"You blackmailed him?" she asked him, her question was answered when Goten grinned

Pan hugged Trunks "Have you eaten anything?" she asked him

"No, why?"

"I'm hungry, wanna go out to eat?" she asked him

"But didn't you just eat?" Trunks asked

Pan nodded "I'm still hungry"

"OK, let's go, we'll go eat somewhere" he said

"Oh, I've been wanting to ask you"

"What is it?" Trunks asked

"Have you thought of a name for our baby?" she asked

Trunks smiled "Yup, have you?"

"Yeah, but don't tell me what you came up with, I just wanted to know if you had already found one"

"Then... when do you want me to tell you?" he asked her

"We'll tell each other right after she's born"

"That's OK with me" he said "Now, shall we go?" he asked

Pan gave him a quick kiss "Yeah" she said and was about to walk but Trunks grabbed her "What?" she asked, the only answer she got was Trunks' lips on top of hers

The Next Day:

'Today's the day' Trunks thought as he walked out of the bathroom, Pan was sitting on the bed reading a pregnancy book.


Pan looked up from the book "What is it?" she asked

"The bathroom's ready" he said hoping she wouldn't start getting all emotional like last time

Pan simply put the book on the table beside the bed and got up "Thanks" she said as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door

Trunks sighed and walked out of the room


Trunks turned to see Goten standing by the stairs "Goten, what are you doing here at this hour?" Trunks asked as he looked at his watch "It's nine in the morning" he said

"Yeah, I know" Goten said "Bra made me wake up early today, it's our one month anniversary and she has a lot of plans for today" he said

"Congrats" Trunks said "So what did you need?"

"Oh, I just came to give you back your jet" Goten said as he handed him the capsule "Don't worry, it's in perfect shape, no scratches, no nothing" he said

Trunks took the capsule and put it in his pants' pocket

"Well, I gotta boogie or Bra won't be happy if I'm late for breakfast" he said

"Later" Trunks said and walked downstairs "Morning" he said as he walked into the kitchen where Bulma and Vegeta were having breakfast

"Good morning Trunks" said Bulma

"I hear you're asking Pan to marry you" Vegeta said a little too loud

"Not so loud father! I want it to be surprise" Trunks said

"So when are you planning to ask her?" he asked a little quiet this time

"Tonight, I'm taking her out to dinner" Trunks said

"Good luck" Bulma said

Same Day, At Night:

"OK, so where are you taking me again?" Pan asked Trunks

"It's somewhere really special" he said

"I don't get it, why can't we just have dinner here like we always do?" Pan asked him

Trunks walked over to her and took her hand "Because, tonight I have a surprise for you" he said

Pan smirked "A surprise?" she asked a little curious "What is it?"

"If I were to tell you, it wouldn't be a surprise" Trunks said

"You're right" she said "It'll spoil the fun"

Trunks nodded "Are you ready to go?" he asked

"Yeah" Pan said as she brushed her hair once more "Let's go"

Trunks pulled over and stopped the car

"Trunks, there are no restaurants here" Pan said

"Yeah, I know" he said as he got out of the car

Pan sighed, Trunks opened the door for her and she got out "Trunks, I'm starving!" she complained

"Don't worry, there's plenty of food, come on" Trunks said as he led her into the park

As soon as they reached the grass area, Pan gasped "Trunks... this is beautiful" she said

There was a small table for two with a white cloth over it, on the table was a single candle with two roses wrapped around it, one white and one red. There were a bunch of white and red petals of roses surrounding the table and leading the way to it.

"Come on, let's go sit down" Trunks told Pan as he led her to the table, Pan admiring the scenery on the way

Once they reached the table, Trunks pulled out the chair for Pan "Thanks" she said smiling nervously, when she noticed Trunks standing next to her she asked "Are you going to sit down?"

"Yeah, in a minute, first I have to do something" he said as he got on one knee

Pan was shifting nervously in her seat "Trunks what are you doing?"

Trunks took her hand and kissed it softly, he pulled out a little black velvet box "Pan, a few months ago I wouldn't have admitted my love for you, but I'm glad I did, and today..." he stopped and opened the box revealing a ring with a single diamond "...today I'm giving my love to both you and our baby" he took the ring out of the box and slipped it on Pan's finger "Son Pan, will you marry me?"

A single tear dropped from Pan's right eye, she took one look at the ring then at Trunks and smiled "Of course I will Trunks!" she said as she threw her arms around him "I love you"

Trunks hugged her back "And I love you" he pulled away and caressed her face, just as he was about to kiss her, Pan yelped

"What's wrong?" he asked concerned

Pan blinked a few times "Don't worry, it was just a brackston hicks contraction" she said reassuringly

Trunks rubbed her back for comfort "Remember your breathing Pan" he told her

Pan nodded "I will, can we eat now?" she asked but before Trunks could say anything she let out a yell

"Pan, are you OK?"

Pan shook her head "No, I don't think these are brackston hicks" she said

Trunks almost fell when she said that "Is this the real thing?" he asked nervously

Pan too busy with her breathing, just nodded

"OK, uh..." Trunks was too nervous that didn't know what to do 'OK, calm down' he told himself, he took out the jet capsule Goten had given him earlier and threw it on the ground, he quickly walked over to Pan and picked her up "Hurry Trunks" she said

Trunks gently sat her inside the jet and ran to the controls, he starts the jet but after five seconds it turns off, he tries again but it keeps turning off "What is wrong with this thing!" he said getting frustrated "GOTEN!" he yelled, he turned to the fuel tank and it was empty "I'm going to kill him!" he whispered to himself

"Trunks, what's going on?" Pan asked

"The jet's out of gas" he said as he picked her up "I'll have to fly you to the hospital" he said, completely forgetting about the car

Pan had another contraction "Kami, Trunks whatever you're going to do, do it quickly!" she said, just as Trunks was about to take off, they heard some sort of water, Pan looked under her "Trunks! Hurry my water just broke!"

"Huh?" Trunks looked at Pan then to where her gaze was and his eyes doubled in size "OK, hold on tight!" he said and took off to the hospital.

Trunks and Pan arrived at the hospital and rushed to the front desk, before the nurse could ask them Trunks shouted "My girlfriend is in labor!"

The nurse quickly called for help, seconds later another nurse came with a wheel chair and took Pan to a room so the doctor could see her

"OK, Pan, you're in the first stage of labor" the doctor said calmly "It'll be a couple of hours before you give birth" he told her as he left

"Hours" Pan said desperately

"Don't worry Pan, it'll all be over before you know it!" Trunks told her as he rubbed her stomach

Pan smiled a little and kissed him "I'm gonna call our parents" he told her


A couple of hours later, everyone was in the waiting room while Gohan and Videl were inside with Pan. Videl was gently rubbing her forehead trying to smooth some of her hair back

Gohan walked up to her and grabbed her hand "How are you holding up?" he asked

Pan sighed "I just want her to come out!" she said she turned to see Trunks pacing in the room

Gohan kissed her forehead, Pan squeezed her eyes shut as yet another contraction came, they kept getting worst by the minute

He stopped and turned to them "I'm gonna tell the doctor to come check you" he said and left, a moment later he came back with the doctor

"OK Pan, let's see if you're ready" he said as he checked her

"Is she?" Videl asked him

"She is, I'll have to transfer her to the delivery room" he said

"We'll go and tell the others" Videl said and kissed Pan "Good luck honey" she said as both Gohan and her left the room to meet the others

Delivery Room:

Pan has been screaming for almost an hour, Trunks was on her left side holding her hand "Trunks! Is she out yet!" Pan asked

"No Pan, you have to push harder!" the doctor told her

"I AM PUSHING AS HARD AS I CAN!" she screamed

"OK, take a break" the doctor told her

"Come on Pan, you can do it!" Trunks said trying to encourage her

"I can't" she said crying "I'm tired!" she was covered in sweat

"Yes you can!"

"OK Pan, are you ready!" the doctor said "On three, push as hard as you can" he said "one... two... three"

Pan pushed as hard as she could, letting out a long and painful scream

"The baby is half way out!" the doctor told her "Just one more push!"

"Come on Pan" Trunks said "One more push and it'll all be over"

Pan screamed as loud as she could and gave one final push, after that the pain subsided and seconds later they heard the baby crying

Trunks kissed her "You did it Pan!" he said

"Is she OK?" Pan quickly asked

"Don't worry, she is perfectly healthy" the doctor said

The doctor handed Trunks a pair of scissors "You have a job to do" he told him Trunks took them and left Pan's side to cut the umbilical cord, the nurse came and took the baby to clean her

Moments later the nurse handed the baby to Pan "Congratulations" she told them

Pan took her daughter in her arms, she got a good look at her, her head was full of dark purple hair, Pan felt tears running down her face "She's beautiful" she told Trunks

He nodded "She is"

Pan turned to Trunks "So what's her name?" she asked him

Trunks gave her a quick kiss "Leyna" he said "It means bright and shining light"

"Ilori" Pan said "it means special treasure" "Leyna Ilori" she said "I like the sound of that"

Trunks nodded and kissed her again, Pan handed the baby to him, he finally has the family he always dreamed of "I love you Pan" he said "You've just made me the happiest and luckiest guy alive" he told her

Pan smiled "I love you too" she said "Thanks for putting up with me these past months" she said "I know I was a pain in the butt to you the last month"

Trunks shook his head "I was more than happy to take care of you" Trunks told her

They shared another kiss before everyone came in to meet the newest member of the family.

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