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20 questions
-Party Plans-

The party was to be held at Takeru's apartment this year.

Every year since the defeat of MaloMyotismon, the digidestined, both young and old, would celebrate the day the worlds were saved. The first anniversary, last year, was celebrated at Daisuke's place. Everyone met and more or less had a great time.

Taichi and Hikari arrived together as usual, they barely spent much time apart, and Daisuke greeted them with open arms for Hikari, and a silly looking party hat for Taichi. Takeru arrived shortly after them, and got stuck with a noise-maker that he quickly disposed of. Sora was the next to arrive, bringing a bouquet of flowers as a gift to the others. Daisuke stuck his tongue out at them, commenting on his preference for candy, and set them on the dining room table. Koushirou, Jyou and Mimi arrived together a few hours after that. Mimi had flown in from America just for the party, and Jyou and Koushiro had offered to pick her up. The moment she set eyes on the pink and blue striped, pom-pom'ed hat, she squealed her girly excitement and demanded that Daisuke get one for her and her choffeurs immediately. Daisuke was of course more than happy to oblige.

Miyako soon bound through the door with party supplies of her own, blowing whistles and tossing streamers into the air while Iori simply slunk in behind her, dragging his feet and no doubt pretending he didn't know her.

That only left one person to arrive, and so far the chances of him showing up were looking grim. I had over-heard Takeru and Daisuke talking over a heated game of go-fish, and discovered that he had been very busy with press conferences and other such results of fame, and would probably not be able to make it to the party. My heart sank. I would rather eat my large intestine than tell any one of the others, but I had really looked forward to seeing him. I saw him every once in a while on television, and sometimes at concerts, but only when they were in the area, and only when the others came along too, and then we never had a chance to socialize anyway. I was really looking forward to seeing him at the party and maybe even getting to talk to him.

But I guess I had gotten my hopes up too high, because by the time Jun came in and told us all to get out of the house before her parents came home and killed us all for the mess we made, there was still no sign of him.

I was so dissapointed when I got home, that I went straight to my room, shut my blinds, flopped on my bed and went to sleep. It might only have been nine o'clock, but stressing about one person and waiting for them to walk through the door, not to mention spending any time at all in the same room as Daisuke and Miyako, can really tire a person out, so I slept like a log.

I had seen him a few more times since that over the span of a year. I managed to catch some of the press conference that had kept him busy the next day on the news, and managed to see him at a few more concerts. We still didn't get to converse though, so I was usually left dissapointed again. But I did get to see him, I just kept telling myself that was better than nothing. It kept me going.

I just wished he knew how I felt, that I had a monster crush on him ever since our trip to Mexico together, even if he didn't feel the same and possibly even hated me after that, I really just had to tell him that he's beautiful.

So when Takeru called me to personally invite me to the second anniversary that was decided to be held at his place, and told me the list of all who were going to be there, and his name was on that list, I nearly had heart failure. He was coming for sure, he had no other business and promised Takeru that he would definately be there this time. Finally, my chance had come, and my plan was set in motion. I had one week, and then he would finally know how I felt.

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