Well I'm back again. This is the second part of the story.
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Warning: This is indeed a shonen-ai fic. There will be boys kissing boys eventually, and there is boys having romantic thoughts about others boys. If that isn't your thing then don't read. If you flame me I will laugh.
Pairing: Kenato/Yamaken KenYamato/YamatoKen whichever way you wanna look at it.

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20 questions:

Takeru called me back six days after I had called him with my confirmation of attendance. I had unfortunately missed the last party, and to this day Daisuke has not given me a moments rest about that. I had been very busy that year, for some reason everyone still wanted to interview 'boy-genius Ichijouji Ken'. If you ask me I think that's stupid, how many more questions can they possibly ask me? I'm not a genius anymore, and I haven't been for years now, not since my days as the Digimon Kaizer. If you want to get technical, I never was a genius, it was simply the influence of the Dark Spore, without that I'm just an average boy. And in all honesty, I prefer that. But they still call for interviews, and Mamma and Poppa still accept. I still get sent to conference meetings about things I just barely understand anymore. I'm still smart, don't get me wrong. I still understand complex equations and formulas that most other 14 year old boys don't, but by no means does that make me capable to spearhead a rocket launch to Mars. Honestly, couldn't they tell by the blank look on my face when they asked me to explain...oh I don't even know how to pronounce it, but I know it was complicated. Either way I looked like Daisuke after listening to an intense technical conversation between Koushirou and I.

The call had been a simple one, we exchanged our usual formal greetings, he gave me the final list of all who were attending his party --Myself, Miyako, Daisuke, Koushirou, Iori, Hikari, Taichi, and Yamato. Jyou and Mimi were unable to attend this time, due to school and being unable to get a flight to Japan in time respectively, and Sora had to look after the shop..-- I nodded into the phone, and placed "mmhmm"s and "okay"s and "Oh it would be nice to see them again" where I thought necissary. A slight blush crossed my face when he finished with Yamato's name, and I was thankful Takeru couldn't see me over the phone.

I had liked Yamato for a while. I can't really remember when it started, probably around the same time that I was the Digimon Kaizer and entertained fantasies of bondage and submission. My mind doesn't really work that way anymore, I was sick back then. Sick and twisted. Ishida Yamato seemed a perfect canditate to chain to a wall and whip until he cried out, then painfully slow, lick the blood from his swollen wounds while he whimpered and feebly struggled to escape. Even thinking about that now makes my stomach churn.

I still have fantasies of him sometimes, though they're considerably more tame these days. On nights after I come home from one of his concerts, I usually dream of him up on stage, singing a sweet song to only me. Then after the song was over, he would jump off the stage and we would fight our way through sreaming fangirls to eachother. He would take me in his arms, lean in close to me, whispered confessions of love against my lips, and kiss me tenderly. God I'm such a girl.

I guess I had gone off to my own world again. Daydreaming of unrequited love seemed to have that effect on me. I vaguely heard Takeru call my name on the other end of the phone line and I jumped back to reality. The blush noticibly darker on my reletively pale face, and I attempted to clear my mind, silently thankful again that Takeru was still a bus-ride away in Odaiba, and I was home alone. I must have looked quite the fool standing in the hallway, the phone hanging loosely near my ear as I stared off into space with pink cheeks.

Clearing my throat, I regained composure. "I'm sorry Takeru, I couldn't hear you very well. Did you say something?" Well that wasn't entirely a lie right?

"Yea, I said Yamato offered to drive you here for the party. Apparently he'll be coming from a band practise in Tamachi anyway, so he figured it would just be easier to pick you up on the way. ...Ken? Are you still there?"

Imagine my surprise when the news finally reached my brain. Yamato was offering to pick me up?

In his van?


I was floored to say the least. Normally I can keep my composure well around the musician. Believe it or not I'm not too bad at hiding romantic feelings. But I've never been alone with him before, heaven knows that could change things. I was already getting flustered thinking about it.

"Oh no..I-...I don't want to trouble him."

"Don't worry about it, he said it wasn't any trouble. He also said he wasn't taking no for an answer, and that he would be at your place at 5:30 sharp, whether you liked it or not."

Leaning against the wall with a hand to my chest to keep my breathing regular, and another to keep the phone to my ear, I gave in and told Takeru I would be ready, bade him a goodnight, and hung up the phone. After a few seconds of regaining my senses, I realized the party was tomorrow. Ishida Yamato would be picking me up tomorrow! I had to get ready, I had to tidy up just in case he wanted to come in first, I had to pick out my clothes, I had to get showered, I had..I had...I had to buy new cologne! Grabbing my jacket and my scrawling a quick note to let my parents know where I would be if they came home before me, I stopped to check the time on the microwave. It was 8:30 (1) I had an hour before the stores closed, and it a half hour run to the nearest mall. Quickly as I could I pulled my shoes on and ran out the front door, barely remembering to lock it in my hurry.

Running down the sidewalk, and dodging pedestrians, children, and the occasional dog, I was thankful that I was Ken "The Rocket" Ichijouji.

(1) I really have no idea what time stores would close around there, but they close at 9:30 here, so I stuck with that.

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