Chemically Destroyed

Chapter 1: Dreams of Death


Jump City was in flames. The tower now lay in wreckage, burnt to ashes. Charred bodies lay everywhere. Starfire screamed, holding her head in her hands as a laugh filled her head. She raised a fist and began blasting everything in sight. The laugh continued, getting closer and then it stopped to let a voice of malice come forth.

"Starfire, won't you even watch your own friends' fate?" It cackled. Starfire looked up, her eyes red with tears and ten she let out a gasp. All four titans were in chains, limp and ragged.

"NO!" She cried. Cyborg raised his head, but a shadow passed him and he blew into a thousand pieces. Starfire began to shake violently as Beast Boy tried to morph. The shadow came up from behind him.

"I am sorry madam, but we have to put him down." The voice mocked. Beast Boy began to scream, but then saw the flash of the needle and his eyes began to droop.

"Don't forget, Star. It wasn't your fault." He whispered and then his body sagged. Raven let tears stream down her face, but her eyes glowed red as the shadow approached her.

"You will pay!" She hissed. Black veins began to circle the shadow, but it simply dodged and chanted a few words. Black bandages appeared and began to wrap her up like a mummy.

"Sweet dreams, witch." Raven struggled, but it bound her mouth tightly and left no air. There were a few minutes of forced movement, but then it fell still.

"NO, PLEASE STOP!" Starfire screamed, but the shadow was upon Robin.

"If you dare hurt her, I will…" He growled.

"Or what, you'll haunt me in my dreams?" The voice cried. A gun appeared. Robin looked wide eyed at it the switched his gaze to Starfire.

"Run, get out of here before he gets you!" There was another laugh and then a bang.

(End Dream)

Starfire let out a scream, tears streaming down her face like waterfalls. She wrenched up from the bed. A sudden jerk made her collide back down, making her dazed and confused. She waited for a moment for her vision to return and looked round. She was belted to a chair in a room that had no windows. Her tracker lay dismantled on a tray beside her along with her communicator. But beside them were syringes of purple liquid. She saw other beds around her, but they were all empty. There was the sound of footfalls and she looked at the door, which creaked open. A light flickered on, blinding her temporarily.

"Who, who are you?" She stuttered. There was no reply as the shadowy figure walked past her and pressed a button. A large tube rose from the floor, filled with blue liquid and wire hung down from the top. Her bed jolted and it too rose upwards.

"Please, let me go whoever you may be!" Starfire cried. The figure simply grinned.

"I am your worst nightmare." He laughed. Starfire screamed and the bed tilted, the belts releasing. She plunged into the liquids, not able to get a grip on the sides. She let out a breathless scream, scrabbling madly at the glass but it was no use. She was drowning, drowning. A mask appeared in front of her and pushed onto her mouth, tightening thickly on the back of her neck. Her feet were bound and her arms by her side. Small wires stuck onto her skin, injecting her with something. Star felt drowsy and her body began to release, giving in. She saw the man in front of her. Blackness overtook her as she fell into a chemical sleep.

Robin awoke suddenly. He got up from his bed and looked round. Why could her hear screaming and laughing? Something wasn't right. He went out of his bedroom and began checking the Titans doors. Cyborg was asleep, so was Beast Boy. He could hear Raven flicking the pages of a book and… Starfire wasn't in her room. He placed a hand on her mattress. It was stone cold.

"Star?" He whispered. "Are you in here?" There was no reply, no flash of emerald green eyes. Robin locked her door again and went to the main room. As the doors opened and he let out a cry. Everything was wrecked. He slammed a button on the wall. The alarm began to go off and soon enough, all of the Titans burst through the door.

"Dude, who had a major party?" Beast Boy gasped.

"Don't know, but Star's missing." Robin growled.

"You what?" Cyborg cried.

"Starfire's not in her room and…" Robin trailed off as his eyes fell upon the smashed up TV. A piece of purple material was holding onto it and it was covered with blood.

"No!" Robin breathed. He bounded away, heart pumping with panic.

"Err; I am so not cleaning this up." Raven said, giving the evils at the two boys.


There was a flash of lightning and Starfire dodged a blue bolt as it crashed down by her. Thunder boomed above her, making her ears throb. She dived down, towards Titans Tower. Rain started to pour down, soaking her to the bone. The doors were firmly locked, but two green beams shot from her eyes. The metal gave way and she high kicked it open.

"Friends?" She cried. There was no answer. She punched in the door that blocked the way to the main room. It flew in and Starfire looked round. There was no one. She went past the couch and up to the next set of doors. They too had to be manually opened. After ten minutes of frantic searching, Starfire went back into the main room.

"Oh, I wish to know the whereabouts of my friends now, please." She wept. Suddenly the lights flickered on and the Titans were standing around her.

"Friends!" She cried. They gave her glares, crossing their arms over.

"You're such a dumb-ass." Cyborg snapped.

"What? Cyborg, I do not understand." Starfire said, looking tearfully at him.

"Yeah, that's right." Beast Boy said. "You never 'understand'. You're such a slut as well."

"Why do you say the mean names?" Starfire asked, looking shocked.

"Because you are them, you stupid cow." Raven hissed.

"Please, stop." Starfire weeping.

"Why should we?" Robin stepped forwards. "You always expect me to save you in battles; always expect me to be nice to you. Well, that's over. I hate you; we all hate you. You're a useless member of the team and such a whore." Starfire burst into solid tears and Robin grinned.

"And a cry baby." He laughed. Starfire turned away and ran. She could hear them all, laughing evilly and throwing stuff at her. One heavy piece collided with her head and she collapsed, knocked out cold.

(End Dream)

Starfire writhed in her sleep, knocking against the tube. The shadowy figure let out a low chuckle and said, "Soon enough, she'll be gone." He turned away, leaving the tamerainian wrenching in her tube.