Chapter 10: Funeral Memories

The Titans had never gotten over it. Cyborg had left himself to wreck after it and Beast Boy no longer shape shifted. Raven was always locked up in her room and Robin hate talking. Now he sat upon the Tower roof, think of all of the times he had had with Starfire. The Ferris wheel, the battles. He had never seen her awake after coming back. Cyborg had said that her heart was totalled after the incident. Robin could remember the funeral. It had been a cold winter's day…

The church was filled with Tameranains, looking tearful and upset. Galfore stood beside Cyborg, while Raven was next to Beast Boy. They still looked shocked. Robin had been shaking and started when the doors opened. A glossy oak coffin came in. The top was swathed in lilies, pure white. Brass handled was lowered as the men placed it on the stand. Robin felt tars coming to his eyes. Suddenly people came forth and placed bunches of red roses on the floor beside it. Beast Boy joined them, adding photo of them all hugging Starfire. Raven placed a jewelled necklace with a picture of Starfire in the middle. The service started. Robin let the words go over him as he stared at the coffin. As soon as it had started, it ended and Robin walked forward. Galfore stood beside him as he placed the coffin of Starfire on his shoulder. From that day on, while a soft playing of Wake me up when September ends droned inside his head, Robin lost all hope.

Now he stood at the edge. Tears welled down his cheeks and he stepped off. The wind buffeted past him. Suddenly a pair of green eyes floated beside him and smiled. Robin smiled back. The ghostly Starfire appeared and she looked at him with hope. But he could see the fear inside her, seeing him fall. But she wrapped her arms around him and the ground rushed up to meet him.

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