I started writing this 2 nights ago and couldn't stop...Don't ask me why...I have no clue...I figured since I finished writing it in 2 days...I'd go ahead and post the whole damn thing. I hope you enjoy it. Much love for all the reviews on all my stories...I appreciate the support! Maxine

She Will Be Loved

Chapter 1

Riley rolled around in bed for a few minutes, she hated working mid-nights...Her red velvet curtains were closed and the sun was slowly try to set...it was close to 3 pm. She knew she was going to have to get up in an hour anyways to get ready for work. Riley groaned inwardly and rolled out of her big red velvet covered 4 postered, canopy bed.

Riley slowly padded over and peeked out the curtains and groaned again as the sunset was blasting her in the eyes. Riley went ahead and moved along to the bathroom and took a nice long COLD shower to wake herself up.

Riley stood wrapped in a huge white bath towel in front of a full length mirror brushing out her waist length brunette and blonde highlighted hair. Her violet eyes staring back at her 5'10" 125 lbs frame...as she slowly slipped into her panties, bra, jeans and black t-shirt. She pushed her feet into her tenny shoes and tied them.

She examined herself in the mirror, and then grabbed her back pack and slung it over her shoulder as she grabbed her pager and cell phone, clipping both on to a front pocket as she pulled her sunglasses on, grabbed her keys and pulled her apartment door closed and locked behind her.

As she stepped out of the building, the door man walked over and opened the door and said, "Have a nice night at work Miss Martini." Riley smiled and said, "See you tomorrow morning some time Albert." The New York City afternoon air wasn't really chilly, but Riley knew tomorrow morning it would be chilly, good thing she brought her hoody with her.

Riley was crossing the street at Franklin and 14th street in front of a red light, when some guy got out of his car and walked up to her and stopped her in the middle of the cross walk and said, "Hi can I get your name sweet thing?" Riley laughed and said, "Are you for real?" The guy touched her waist and Riley backed up and said, "Touch me again, and you're gonna lose some part of your anatomy, that I'm pretty sure that's what you're thinking with right now."

The guy held out his hand and said, "My name's Mark Jindrak." Riley said, "I'll just call you Mr. Arrogant, or Mr. Obnoxious." The guys named Mark said, "What's your zodiac sign?" Riley said, "Stop sign...Now flow on...You're going to make me late for work."

Riley walked around him and the gentleman stood there...he was rather tall...somewhere around 6'5" or possibly 6'6" and somewhere around 250 to 260 lbs...His arms were huge and the sleeves of his black button down shirt looked like they were cutting of the circulation to his brain...

Mark held out his arm and said, "So you're just going to walk away and not even tell me you're name beautiful?"

Riley giggled as she stopped once she reached the curb and turned back and said, "Riley...Have a nice night, Mr. Jindrak." She walked on to work.

Later that night Riley was sitting in her office when her pager started going off...She looked at it and was aware she was being paged to the ER for an emergency. She pulled her red scrub pants and top over her regular clothes and took off to the ER.

She walked in and suddenly realized the man laying on the stretcher in her ER was the same man from the cross walk. She pulled gloves on and seen he had a huge gash on his forehead between skin and the hairline.

The nurse said, "Dr. Martini, he was working and got hit with a metal fold up chair."

Riley smiled and said, "Mr. Jindrak, if I would have known your place of employment was so dangerous, I would have let you detain me more, so you wouldn't have been injured."

Mark looked up and all he could think was 'Dumb fuckin' luck'.