When Chipmunks Attack

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A/N: This was my first story. It got taken down due to scripted-ness, so I've finally gotten around to redoing it. It's odd, short, and very OOC, but I like it lots, so enjoy!

When Chipmunks Attack
Chapter 1: In the Forest

Inuyasha and the gang were walking through Inuyasha's Forest. They stopped to rest in a small clearing before reaching Kaede's village. Shippo, Kagome, and Sango sat on a log. Inuyasha jumped into a tree, while Miroku leaned against it.

"Um, Inuyasha," began Kagome.

"What?" replied the hanyou.

"I think we're being watched," she said nervously.

"You sense it too?" questioned Sango.

"How many and where are they?" asked Inuyasha.

"There are a lot of them, but they seem really small," replied the futuristic miko.

"I think they're in the trees," said the taijiya.

"What are they?" questioned Miroku as he finally spoke.

"I don't know," began Shippo, before breaking into a song… "But I've been told, Inuyasha's nose is cold."

"Why you little…" Inuyasha grabbed Shippo by the head.

"Ahhhh! Put me down! Kagome, help me!" screamed the little fox kit.

"Inuyasha! Sit boy!"

Inuyasha crashed to the ground. Everyone just rolled his or her eyes. Inuyasha picked himself up off the ground.

"Feh, what was that for?" he scoffed.

"You were picking on poor, little Shippo," replied Kagome.

"He started it!" retorted the half-demon.

"They're at it again," sighed Sango to Miroku.

Miroku agreed. "Yep."

"Anyway, what's in the trees?" questioned Sango loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Oh right. We forgot." replied the others with sheepish looks.

Inuyasha stood ready for battle, his hand on the tetsusaiga. Sango grabbed her boomerang, and Miroku grabbed his staff. Kagome notched her bow with an arrow.

"I think I see something!" exclaimed Shippo!

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