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When Chipmunks Attack
Chapter 4: Aftermath

"Anyone not here, pleas raise your paw," stated Bob in his commanding, squeaky, chipmunk voice.

"That was fun," squeaked all the chipmunks.

Inuyasha was yelling at the retreating chipmunks. "Get your sorry butts back here and fight you thieves! Bring back my ramen!"

"Great! And, I had just refilled the bag too. Mom's gonna kill me for letting the chipmunks get all the food," muttered Kagome.

"At least you didn't have any chipmunks crawl into your mouth," stated Miroku, still trying to get the taste of chipmunk out of his mouth.

Sango couldn't stop laughing. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Everyone stared at her and they started to laugh too. What just happened WAS pretty funny.

"To think, a group of people who spend their days killing demons are afraid of a bunch of cuddly, little chipmunks," said a bemused Kagome.

A group "yep" was heard.

"Let's go tell Kaede what happened!" squealed Shippo excitedly.

"Feh. Whatever." Inuyasha was still upset about being bested by an army of chipmunks.

Miroku helped Sango up. She was still laughing.

"Ha ha thanks ha ha ha ha," she managed to gasp out.

They all continue their walk to Kaede's village.

The End

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