Movie Snack

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, thankfully. Otherwise it would never make it onto those kiddy channels.


Ryou sighed happily and leaned his head on Malik's shoulder," Thank you so much for coming, Malik-kun!"

Malik just grumbled. He hadn't wanted to come, but there were only a few things in the world that Ryou couldn't get with his puppy-dog eyes. So here Malik was, in the middle of a dark theatre, about to watch a chick-flick.

"Maybe it'll be sad," Malik hoped," Then Ryou will be extra cuddly." You know, Malik wasn't a particularly cuddly kind of person, but being cuddly with Ryou was different. Ryou had a smell of cool spring rain, a taste that could be bottled and sold to millions, and hair as soft as pure fluff. "Great, now I'm turning into a poetry-spewing wuss, like the pharaoh." Malik thought. But even as he thought that, he moved his arm around Ryou so he could snuggle closer.

At least Malik had snacks. At the concession stand he had splurged on gummy bears, popcorn, assortments of chocolate, and dozens of other sugar loaded goodies. Just some junk to keep him busy...

About half-way through the movie though, Ryou turned from the screen and began to nuzzle Malik's neck. Pausing from his dig through a box of assorted pocky, Malik whispered," What about your movie?"

Ryou sighed and moved back a bit, letting Malik admire the way he glowed when bathed in the light from the screen," The book was much better." Malik dropped the pocky and smirked. Now this was a turn of events that he could enjoy. After all...The theatre was dark, only a few other people scattered the rows, and Ryou was bored.

Taking a piece of white chocolate (Ryou's favorite) from the pile next to him, Malik teasingly held it up to Ryou's mouth. Ryou parted his lips and let his little pink tongue dart out; taking part in the game they played often.

Malik shivered a little when Ryou's mouth incased his fingers, sucking off the chocolate.

Oooooh yeah. Chick flicks ruled.


Okay, look. That's not the real ending. See, I had it all written up to the second-to-last sentence, and it was sitting in my computer catching dusty binary-code. Soooo...I took it out and through the last sentence in for now. I know it sucks, but I needed to post something or my brain was going to implode and drip out my nose from lack of reviews.