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The Skeealagh Trionaid had been a myth in the past centuries, a story whispered by elders to younger, more foolish children on dark nights. The story was a legend, much like King Arthur and his round table. Many believed it to be true, but the mixture of sorcerers and immortals had most listening to the tales with skepticism, scoffing at the idea of three men created to fight the evils of the night.

So the story went, that several, countless centuries ago, when the earth had been young and mankind newly born, that the shadows that lurked in the dark recesses of the underworld had slithered to the surface of the world and begun to infest them with their malicious hate and jealousies. Unable to rule the skies above, but more then willing to corrupt what his Father had created, the subjected one had gloried in the chaos and destruction his minions created on the earth.

It was on the darkest, longest night of the earth, when the demons and minions were to preoccupied with their own reign and power, that the Creator had descended upon the earth and shaped the form of three men, brother's by blood and strength, who would be his avengers, to live in the shadows and protect the innocent from the darker evils. They had not had the luxury of being children, born to families, but had been breathed life as fully grown men, expected to serve and rule where each was meant too.

The eldest had been the one to be blessed with leadership and wisdom, as well as the agility of the wolf and their cunning mind, known as Caladran, ruler of the empire; the second had been The Hunter, the one born with scores of power and strength, and the one who would dominate the night and fight the evils lurking there; the third and youngest had been The Sorcerer, the one who was given the gift of incantations and spells, and the power of the elements at his hand. It was in him that the earth would know its final destiny.

The Creator had then blessed them as his son's, and had named them each in turn, giving them also the title that had been passed down as the myth itself: the Skeealagh Trionaid, or as mortals would pronounce it, the Legendary Trinity.

After centuries of living silently the first in the Trionaid's time had come, marking the beginning, or the end, of mankind.


Carnal Moon

By: SailorPerfect

Chapter 5: The Legendary Trinity

He wondered how such a thing could be possible. Years of existing alone, the only to rule these times, had never prepared him for what would come with the discovery of Serenity.

At the beginning of their creation the Creator had informed them that although they would live to rule these times, to conquer what each was meant to take, they would find that one day they would encounter the other, the only other who would be able to equal them in power.

When the years had turned into decades, the decades into centuries, Endymion had over time come to believe that what the Creator had told them was merely a myth, a story that perhaps would never come true. Deep inside he had known the truth in the Creator's words, but the cynical nature that had grown and festered inside of him had come to regard the warning as a lie, as the story of finding his chosen mate had also melted into another lie.

He had never imagined that in finding his mate, he would find the other who could threaten everything he held dear, most especially his woman. He had power inside of him, he had strength born to him the moment of his birth, but he could not deny that the other had the same power, and the same gifts running through his veins.

He had never known fear before in his lifetime. One who was immortal and existed without sickness, without pain, could fear nothing. But it wasn't until Serenity had come into his life, and just as swiftly into his heart, that fear had found a way to slither into his being and infect him with its putrid threat of obsession and violent possession. He could not think clearly for fear of losing Serenity.

When she had revealed to him the truth of Donovan he had taken her to her rooms, leaving her safely inside while he was able to sort through the spiraling emotions coursing through him and understand what he was meant to do. If immortality meant power, if strength meant the might to rule these lands, then he would gladly trade everything inside of him if it meant to keep Serenity safe. Trifling with the only one who would ever mean anything to him was the same as tearing his beating heart from his breast and leaving him with a hollow emptiness inside.

But it was never so easy to forget one's responsibilities. To be able to take Serenity and leave these mountains was a dream, a luxury. He had a home he had built for her there, but what lay at the heart was the kingdom he had as well, the empire that no mortal eye could see. He ruled the forests and mountains, and kept the treasures of his pack hidden well where traitorous mortals could never touch them.

He remembered vividly the terror that had been written across her exquisite features, the worry and hurt as he had placed her in her rooms and ordered her to remain there. She had been cruelly thrust into a world she did not understand, pushed against a man who ruled lives and a kingdom, and there was no hope for her escape. He wished it for her, her freedom and hope for a wonderful life, but his own needs and selfishness could not be set aside. He would never allow her to leave him, much less be taken.

He paced the vast confines of his room, his hands clasped tightly behind his back. The moon rose like a shadow outside, glowing fiercely and almost torturing him with the reminder of what he was. He did not change at the glow of the moon, nor did he feel the need to taste blood and flesh. But the moon called as a lover might, lured with the quiet whisper of the open lands outside, the forests and dark shadows that were so a part of him.

He took a step toward the open balcony doors, the hair rising on the back of his neck, the scent of his pack drifting to him. He could feel the wild call rising inside, and felt his hands form fists at his sides as he struggled with what swelled and lengthened inside of him. He had taken another step when his senses alerted him to Serenity shifting in her rooms, the sheets rustling against her as she tossed in her sleep.

Snarling, prepared for battle already, he turned from the balcony doors and raced from his room, bursting like a storm into hers. Chest heaving, the muscles of his shoulders and arms hard as iron, he surveyed her room in one quick assessment, taking in the quiet breeze that floated through her room, and the moaning figure moving about on the massive bed.

His jaw clenched, and approaching her, he sat at the edge of the bed and gently took her arms in his grip. His touch seemed to penetrate through the layers of fog she was gripped in, bringing her awake with a sudden start, her eyes wide and glazed with terror as they focused completely on him.

"Annsachd." He breathed the single endearment, cupping her cheek in one large, dark hand. "It's me. Calm now, it was only a dream."

In the quietness of the room his voice sounded husky, strange to even him, but she recognized him, blinking once before launching herself into his arms. Her small frame was trembling, alarming him, and he wondered what to say in such a situation. Deciding perhaps silence was best, he held her gently, allowing the shivering to run its course and for her to remain locked securely to him.

She turned her face against his chest, rubbing her cheek against him, and he felt his heart turn over at the simple gesture. When he felt her soft sigh whisper over his skin a sudden heart gripping emotion stirred in him, squeezing his heart it seemed and robbing him of any thought. He clutched her closer as he was suddenly swamped with love, so huge and fierce he was afraid to speak for it.

Serenity felt the change in him and wondered what could have caused it, but chose to instead not to comment. She had awakened from the grips of a nightmare, but in the first moments of terror the memory of what it had been had slipped away from her, leaving her with a cold emptiness more frightening then the terror itself.

She had only been able to grasp a fleeting image of Donovan's laughter, a sinister, taunting sound that even now seemed to reverberate against the darkened walls of the room. A warning perhaps, an omen of dark times to come? Could he have been speaking to her as he had the other night, threatening her away from Endymion, to remain pure for him?

Try as she might, the nightmare slid from her grasp as lightly as water, and she was left to wonder what it could have meant this time. Impatient, furious with herself, she was snapped back to awareness when she felt Endymion's lips move gently against her hair, brushing the silky mass away from her cheek. In a flashing jolt, she could feel the taut muscles of his back against her clutching hands, the heat of his body warming hers, the hot breath blowing almost tauntingly against her neck. Although she found Endymion unbearably beautiful, the most handsome man she had ever seen in her young life, she had also struggled to withhold any physical temptations she felt for him. If she were to give herself to him, she would have no hope then of ever returning home.

The thought gave her momentary pause. Why would she ever want to leave him? Reflecting back on the life she had lived as her parents' only child, she had suffered the knowledge of being a disappointment to her father for not being a son, and a constant shame to her mother for never being as demure and lacking of spirit as she had wished for her to be. They had wanted to marry her as soon as she was of eligible age, but not to just any man. They had refused several prospective young men whom they had found were not worthy, or more to the point, rich enough, to have her. Until Donovan had come down from his castle and presented himself to them.

Donovan's family, as they had known him then, had descended from kings, the blood of nobles and only the highest royalty had been known to reside in his ancestors. They had lived in their castle in the high mountains, away from their small city, and had never conversed with any people among them.

It was why the day Donovan had come down from his castle and rode into their city atop his great, black stallion their population had come to a halt and watched with awe filled eyes as he made his way to Serenity's home. He had come with great respect, and had spoken with her parents, informing them he had heard stories of their only daughter, the most beautiful woman to have been born to these parts in centuries.

Her parents had sent for her in the middle of her riding lessons, she remembered. She had come back from the stables, still dressed in her breech's, with her hair wind blown and tumbling down her back in a riot of curls, her cheeks flushed from her ride and her eyes vibrant, but confused. The maid their parents had sent had given strict instructions that she was to go her rooms and wash before going to join them, but Serenity had ignored that. She had been a constantly disobedient daughter, and instead of listening to the maids pleas had strode straight to the parlor and found her parents sitting with a tall, dark man.

Her first impression of Donovan had been utter shock at how incredibly handsome he was, with his black hair and deeply enthralling gaze. He had risen the moment she had come into the room, his long frame slowly unfolding itself, those eyes sweeping over her slim form and taking in every small detail, coming back to her shocked gaze with a lazy arrogance that she had found quite thrilling. He had smiled then, a slow curving of lips, as if he had known exactly how she would react to him and had been pleased by it.

Her parents had been horrified by her appearance, but Donovan had waved their concerns away, stating the rumors of Serenity's beauty had been not rumors, but merely the spoken truth. He had introduced himself to her, and that night after he left her parents had informed her he had asked for permission to marry her and they had consented.

She could admit to herself that she had been pleased by their choice, pleased with Donovan's handsomeness and obvious enchantment of her, but something had tugged at her heart in knowing she would be tied to him for the rest of her life. It was now that she was able to realize the restlessness, the sorrow she had felt had been connected to Endymion and her silent knowledge that she had been waiting for him to come for her.

It was odd to realize such a thing now, to know what could have caused her sadness after she was informed of her impending marriage. Endymion had known of her his entire existence, had known she was somewhere in the world, but he had been unable to reach or find her. He had possessed the knowledge of her from the moment of his creation, but she had not. It seemed her heart had felt him near, had reached for him and struggled to find its completion, but to no avail. She knew now what had always left her so unbearably lonely as a child and a woman, what had caused her heart to yearn in some moments with such clarity that it was almost as if it would break in two. It had been the absence of Endymion and the desire, no, the need she'd had for him.

She wondered what could cause more suffering: the seeing and the knowing of what was meant for you, or the shadow of what it could be. A dim memory of what one knew was somewhere on the earth searching for you, as you were searching for it.

Everything became so suddenly clear for her, as if a thick curtain of fog was lifted from her eyes and she was able to see her life fully for the first time. She had waited for Endymion from the moment of her creation, just as he had waited for her, and she could never return to the life she'd once had. In it was only loneliness and despair, a barren land that held no sunlight and no joy. But most importantly, it held no Endymion.

Unaware of where her thoughts had turned, Endymion felt only her stiffen against him and immediately assumed it was due to her fear of how tightly he was holding her, of the way his hands were running intimately over her. It cost him dearly, but he leashed the terrible hunger for her clawing through him and set her away from him, instead bringing his hands up to gently cup her face between his palms. He bent and placed a soft, chaste kiss on her lips.

"Do not fear, little one, I would never ask for more then you are ready to give." He murmured the reassurance against her cheek, nuzzling the smooth flesh.

Following the lead of her heart, she turned her face to his and covered his mouth with hers, bringing her arms up to wrap about his neck and urge him closer to her. She could feel the muscles vibrating beneath her wandering hands, could almost taste the savage impatience he was fighting to hold inside, and only loved him more for having such a strong resolution to keep her safe and feeling comfortable with him.

But the time for safety and comfort was over. She wanted to know him as intimately as his dreams had allowed him to know her. She wanted to feel his mouth running over her and his hands as they raced over her as well. She would have him, and she had chosen her time.

He tore his mouth from hers, breathing hard, horrified when he realized he had pushed her back on the bed and covered her small body with his much larger, heavier frame. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He spoke the words like a prayer, automatically moving to retreat.

She wounds her arms tighter around him, one about his neck, the other about his chest. "No Endymion, you won't leave me now."

He shook his head, struggling to clear his senses from the drugging intoxication of hers. Even now he could feel his body nearly crying from the feel of her softer curves pressing themselves against him. "No, I won't leave you Annsachd, but I can't control myself like this."

"I don't want you to control yourself." Serenity spoke quietly, her eyes dark and watching as his whipped to hers and held, his entire body going as taut as a bow. "I want you to make me yours Endymion."

He couldn't believe what he had heard, although he knew by the strength of her gaze he had not imagined it. Even now he could feel her winding herself around him, could feel her pressing with more force against him. The fear he had so clearly seen in her before was gone, replaced with a courage and determination he could not help but admire. She was willing.

He took a deep breath, to sustain himself and carefully asked, "Are you certain, little one? Once I begin, I would be unable to stop myself. Once you belong to me, you will belong only to me." He was already lowering his dark head to rub his lips against her throat, his body fitting itself into the gentle cradle she provided for him. The hunger was roaring through him, the taste of her flooding his senses like an addicting drug. "Be sure."

She could feel a small thrill ripple through her at the feel of his hands moving with growing impatience over her, her eyes slowly drifting closed as his mouth moved with growing aggression against her. "Yes Endymion, yes. I'm sure."

It was as if she had released a dam, the gentleness of his nature disappearing and in its place a man who had waited much too long for his woman. His hands moved with speed over her writhing form, tearing the thin nightgown from her body, revealing her slender figure under the small light filtering into the room. The moon's soft glow washed over her pale features and only enhanced her beauty, his mouth moving with ravenous pursuit over her. He took her breast into his mouth just a little roughly, causing her to cry out and arch against him, her hands fisting in his dark hair and holding him as he suckled her hard.

How could she have ever denied them this? She wondered how she could have ever lived without this knowledge, how she could have ever thought to deny them this intimacy, this desire and hunger that only they could quench for one another. She had suspected she loved him before, but with a sudden clarity she knew he was the reason she existed, the reason she had been born and would live in this world. He had suddenly, fiercely, become everything.

He had torn his own clothing from his body without her realizing it, and she was shocked when she felt his hot, muscled form slide along hers, the rough hair from his chest tickling her stomach as he pressed himself into closer contact with her. One of his hands was cupping the weight of her breast in its palm, molding it gently as he continued his powerful suckling, the other palm moving with slow deliberation down her smooth body, obviously enjoying the softness it encountered. He lifted himself slightly, never breaking contact with her breast, and inserted one hard, hair roughed thigh between hers, parting her thighs, allowing his hand to descend and cover her center.

Her eyes flew open, her gasps suddenly turning into long moans for more. His hand had only allowed her a moment to accustom itself to him, before he had slid a single finger inside of her. She could feel him there, moving through her wet folds, his thumb suddenly rubbing against a sensitive area that caused her to cry out sharply, a stab of intense desire racing through her.

She could feel something building with alarming strength, a nameless sensation that caused her breath's to quicken and her eyes to glaze. A little frightened, she whispered his name, seeking reassurance. "Endymion?"

He released her nipple from his mouth, lifting his dark head and bringing his gaze to meet hers. She saw the raw edges of his passion, the razor sharp hunger beating through him, but more importantly she saw the savage love he had for her, the immense adoration and enchantment she had cast over him. She saw, as clear as day that he meant to keep her with him forever.

"I love you Serenity." He whispered it quietly, his tone roughed by the gasps she was emitting as his hand picked up the pace, as her hips moved with him and she murmured his name. "I always will."

She wanted to tell him she felt the same, but with a blinding force that shocked her, her body erupted, a thousand lights exploding before her eyes as she screamed his name. Slick with sweat and shuddering from the effort, she struggled for breath as her body slowly calmed, her mind aware that his mouth was once again latched to her breast, that his hand was still buried inside her, but moving with a slower, more teasing edge to it now.

She felt his tongue rasp against her hardened nipple, felt him moving until his hips were positioned between her thighs. He lifted himself onto his arms, his broad, powerful shoulders above her, blocking out any light from the moon. She could only see his eyes, gleaming in the dark as he lowered his head and took her mouth with a heart wrenching gentleness that shook her.

"I'll be as gentle as I can." He spoke quietly against her cheek, and she felt him suddenly, probing at her slick entrance. "Remember that I love you, my little one." He buried his face in her neck and plunged forward.

There was pain at first, a searing red that flashed before her eyes and caused her to cry out from it. But just as quickly it was gone, replaced by the growing desire for more as he gently withdrew, only to surge forward once again. Her arms came around him, holding him tightly, one thigh wrapping itself about his now plunging hips as the other dug deeply into the mattress, seeking relief. She felt one of his hands slip beneath her bottom, lifting her to meet his thrusting hips, a low, guttural sound , almost like a growl, torn from deep within his chest.

It was so much more then she could have ever imagined. She could feel his panting breath against her breast as he suckled her greedily, she could feel his rock hard muscles beneath her hands as he strained for that final release that both craved. The muscles of his arms quivered as his thrusts became rougher, the mouth at her breast sucked harder, as together, chests heaving, teeth clenched, they plunged together.


She felt languid, as liquid and lazy as the water that lapped against the edges of a lake. A thin sheen of mist covered them from their frenzied lovemaking, dampening their skin, adding a soft glow to her, her eyes drooping with laziness as she sighed with contentment.

It seemed Endymion felt no such laziness, she thought hazily when she felt his mouth moving over her limp length. He was nuzzling her breast, his hands shaping her form at will, low, rumbling growls coming from deep within his chest.

He couldn't seem to stop that soft growling. She didn't mind, really. The fact that he was so obviously enamored of her both pleased and excited her.

"I love you so much." He whispered the words against her breast, still nuzzling, his eyes closed. "So much my heart aches."

She stroked the dark hair back from his face, shifting against him. "I know you do."

She listened to the night whisper around them, and was slightly surprised when he began whispering in a tongue foreign to her, his tone soft. She didn't understand what he was saying, but because she was watching him she suspected they were endearments, words he had said so many times to her before, in dreams. Her own heart melted, and she cupped his face between her hands, lifting those dark, dreamy eyes to meet hers.

"I love you Endymion." She watched the affect her words had, watched with some amusement as the dreaminess that was there quickly dissolved, as they sharpened and narrowed on her own. "I've loved you from the moment I could breathe."

He had been so caught up in his haze of love and desire he had forgotten this was no dream, but reality. He was even momentarily terrified this could be a dream, until he remembered that in his dreams, she had never spoken to him. Consumed with love, he drew her into his arms and held her there, pressing his lips to her brow as their naked limbs tangled together.

"You belong to me now Serenity." He was kissing her, his words fierce. "You will always belong to me and no other."

And she realized quite suddenly, as passion took them and he began fresh explorations, that Donovan had been unable to penetrate warnings through to her this time.


He imagined Endymion believed he was frightened of him, staying away and heeding the warning he had howled into the night after he had invaded her rooms.

The beast was a fool.

Nothing and no one frightened him. He had lived in this world as long as he had; he had roamed the mountains and forests of the world for the same amount of time as him. He possessed the same knowledge and contained the same strengths inside of him. Did he think so little of his brother that he would think him frightened by a mere warning?

He knew Endymion was at the moment aware of whom and what he was, of the threat he represented in his life. They were perhaps not brothers by blood or the same Creator, but he had been made the same night as him, and with the same abilities. His own Father had perhaps been darkened with evil, immersed with malice and craving only to destroy what the other had thought to create, but that did not make him any less. Perhaps it made him more powerful, with more dark emotions coursing through his own veins. He was able to accept the darkness that had been marked on him at the moment of his birth, whereas Endymion fought against it with a fury even he found he admired.

Serenity was the one object they could not share. He had not dreamt of her, as Endymion had, but had known of her as a shadow in his mind and heart, a dim vision he was able to see only because Endymion felt so strongly for her. Over the past centuries she had been shown to him, from time to time, when he knew Endymion longed the strongest for her. He had felt himself fall deeply in love with her, just as Endymion always had.

It had been a pure stroke of luck when he had heard of her beauty in his castle, listening with avid interest as his maids and servants whispered of her. Her beauty was not normal, they had whispered in the dark, such a woman was born for someone, meant for much greater things then they could imagine. He had known in a split second that it was her.

His first sighting of her had been the change in his existence. Her enchantment had struck him, like an arrow through the heart, and sent his well ordered world spiraling out of control. He would make her his, before Endymion or any other could take her.

But destiny was meant to follow a course, he thought with a heavy sigh. It had been written several centuries ago that she was to be found by Endymion and taken to his home in the mountains. Of course, he knew what had been written had only reached that point, and had halted there. What had been written lastly was that the ultimate choice would be hers, and the future meant from there on would be made solely by her.

He found it bloody convenient that the journey had been written for them, but not the destination.

Her choices, her destiny, not his. What was to happen between he and Endymion would happen, and one would have to destroy the other. They had each existed long enough. It had come time that one of them met the Creator.

In the darkness of his rooms he realized with a sudden jolt he had been unable to connect with Serenity for some hours. He had kept a thin thread of contact between them since he had invaded her rooms, through a dark sorcery he had learned. But he could not feel her, he could not penetrate her mind and see inside of her, whether she was with Endymion or not. He had been able to halt there earlier mating, but even he knew he would have to take her in order to truly stop it. The powerful emotions Endymion felt for her would not be held much longer.

He rose in the dark and strode out to the balcony of his rooms. Below him, lurking in the shadows, were his own pack and his own people. They had waited for several centuries to take what Endymion reigned, relying on Donovan's choices as the years passed. He felt his own time for living in the shadows had come to an end. What Endymion possessed was rightfully theirs and would be taken by them very soon.

The first step in taking back his kingdom would be to gather all of his kind to him, all of his forces, and launch a surprise attack against Endymion and his. With the beast unable to detect the threat coming to him, Donovan and his people would then be able to kill them more easily, take the empire, and Serenity.

A sharp breeze whistled through the thick trees below, rising high enough to touch him and sweep over his smirking form. His Father spoke to him, whispering encouragement and promises, that he would finally be held in high esteem with him below. Laughter, loud and insidious, rumbled from his chest and burst out, echoing into the night as a clean strike of lightening struck nearby. Thunder rumbled from above, erupting like a volcano, and he flung his arms out as a rush of pure, greedy adrenaline was pumped through him and in a blinding flash, he saw his victory as clear as day.

Storm clouds moved in to cover the moon and block out any light, the eyes gleaming a feral red in the darkness as he allowed the rage of the animal to take him, hailing to his pack that their time for leadership and reign had finally come.


In sleep she was exquisite, her pale features relaxed, her long lash's resting lightly against her smooth cheekbones, her lips soft and warm, her small, slim form stretched as she clutched at the sheet for warmth. Her long silvery hair cascaded in rippling waves down her back, to just below her waist, curling riotously at the ends. He still could not believe she was completely, utterly his.

She had given herself to him five days ago, and since the moment they had joined his apatite for her had been ravenous. He spent most nights exploring her soft, giving body with gentle wonder, and most mornings, as well as afternoons. She teased him about it, stating he had dreamt of her for centuries, why should he be so shocked at what he found?

He had stated that reality was so much better then misty dreams.

He allowed her sleep now, in the early morning of a new day. The light mist of the night was still settling outside. He could see it through his balcony, a thick river of fog that was descending slowly toward the earth. The sun was just barely beginning it's crest over the hills, a soft glow barely illuminating the room, but enough to chase the last of the darkness away.

He knew for a fact she had not dreamt of Donovan since they had joined. She had told him she was relieved, yet also disturbed. She remembered one last nightmare that plagued her only because she could not recall what it had been about. She told him she only remembered Donovan's laughter, then silence. She worried not for Donovan, but that his silence meant he may well be planning something against him, Endymion.

He was pleased by her concern for his well being, but he would know if Donovan were attempting something against him. His people would warn him, and they had been unable to detect anything for the past days as well.

He still worried over what Serenity had told him of Donovan. Teheratlas…….., He wondered of him, the other who had been created the same night as him, but as a wholly evil instrument, his own brother in abilities and strengths, but never in blood.

He remembered the Creator taking him aside and telling him he would be the first to face the evil's of the night, that he would be the first to be tested against darkness, as well as the darkness that resided inside of him. He would not only have to face and destroy Donovan, but come face to face against the malice that lurked inside his own heart.

His troubled thoughts were set aside when Serenity shifted, sighing softly in sleep as she turned toward him. He bent to place a gentle kiss along her bare shoulder, luxuriating in the feel of her smooth, warm flesh beneath his wandering lips and hands. Already he had slipped the sheet from her body, running his hands along her hips to her breasts, where he cupped the round flesh in his palms and began to mold the soft orbs.

"Good morning." He murmured it against her throat, enjoying her little gasps as she squirmed against him. "Are you always so delicious in the morning, my little one?"

"Endymion…..." She was still caught between sleep and awareness, moving with languid laziness against him, her eyes misty as she gazed down at him.

"How I love you Serenity." He stroked one hand between her thighs, touching her gently, pleased she was warm and wet and ready for him. "There would be no sun without you in my life." His tongue slid across one of her nipples, and he delighted in the sound of her small cry for more. "More, my love?"

"Always Endymion." She whispered to him, her hands stroking over his taut shoulders.

Patiently, gently, he suckled a rigid nipple in his warm mouth, lapping his tongue across it, enjoying her movements. She was groaning, arching her back, and deciding he had tortured them both enough, slid smoothly inside of her.

He felt her stiffen against him, and then slowly relax, her nails digging into the rock hard muscles of his back, her mouth suckling his shoulder. His arms quivered with the efforts of his thrusts from above her, her thighs locked securely about his waist, his hips slapping impatiently against hers. Struggling with his own desire's, he watched her beneath him, the way her eyes were tightly shut, face pressed into his shoulder, her hair hanging like a shining curtain down her back to pool on the pillow below her. A shaft of light slid across her features, bringing them into brilliant focus, and quite suddenly he was swamped with a fierce, possessive love, a wave of ferocious emotions coursing through him.

Growling low in his throat, he buried his face in her neck and began plunging into her with brutal possession, his arms banding around her as tight as steel. Serenity could only gasp, so overcome with passion that soon the orgasm was tearing through her, robbing her of breath and sanity, the world turning blissfully black for an instant of time. He felt her body tighten around him but could not yet follow her, to consumed with love and lust to be able to allow himself release.

He coaxed her to rise with him again, holding her close to him as he pumped his hips against hers, his face still hidden against her throat. He was speaking to her in his tongue, soft endearments of love, promises and oath's that he would keep for her and only her. He could feel small beads of sweat pouring down his back, could feel her body, slick from his, sliding through his hands as he held her close. Lifting his face to look down on her, he watched and was darkly pleased when she threw her head back and screamed his name.

Gathering her closer still, the muscles of his body tightened and he froze for a moment, before he lunged against her one last time, pouring himself into her as the orgasm finally took him. He could hear her crying out his name, could feel her hands in his hair, and exhausted, allowed himself to collapse on top of her.

He could feel her relaxing, inch by slow inch, until he feared she might turn to liquid and slide away from him. Making sure to keep her in the tight circle of his arms, he rolled to his side, tucking her against him, turning to brush at silvery strands that still clung to her sweat dampened skin.

When her eyes opened and she stared at him in wonder, he couldn't help the grin that came. "Did you enjoy yourself, little one?" He teased her gently.

She was still struggling to catch her breath. "You know I did." She wondered if he knew the affect that sizzling shift in features had on her. "You're turning me into a sex maniac." The moment the words were out she blushed deeply, horrified she had said her thoughts out loud.

His laugh was loud and rich, his mouth covering hers for a moment in a long, hard kiss. "The very idea has great possibility, don't you agree?"

She hit him, annoyed when he didn't even seem to notice. "No, I don't. You can't seem to think of anything else."

"It's quite hard too, when you're near." He rolled her underneath him, nuzzling her neck and causing her to squeal with laughter. "You don't mind, really, do you annsachd?"

She looked up at him, at the eyes as blue as sizzling lightening, at the brutally handsome features that could cause her insides to melt. She wondered if she would ever tire of just looking at him. "You know I don't." She stroked his dark, unruly hair back from his face, smiling when he bent his head and kissed her with such tenderness her heart swelled.

"Do you think we've made a child together?" He asked quietly, and she felt his hand move over her flat stomach, touching it softly.

"If we haven't yet, I would be surprised." The very idea didn't terrify her as she had thought it would, but pleased her immensely. "Do you want a child?"

"I would want several son's first, to help me protect the daughter's you would give me." He stated solemnly.

She raised a single, slim brow. "Just how many children do you want?"

He began kissing her again, distracting her. "This discussion should be left for another time. I would wish to have you for myself for some time first, before I have to share you."

"Endymion, stop distracting me." The last word emerged on a moan, his hand slithering down her body.

"But I do it so well, annsachd." He assured her gently, chuckling when she murmured his name and accompanied it with a small curse word.

He was running his hands over her, the heat steadily building between them once again, when a sudden, sharp howl pierced the air. He stiffened immediately, his entire body going taut, his head snapping up as his senses expanded and he listened in silence. She watched his nostrils flare, and watched as a sudden, violent rage over took him in an instant.

She was unaware of him ever moving, only that he was suddenly off of her and standing tall and naked beside the bed, his head cocked to one side, his mind clearly elsewhere. She sat up, bringing the sheet up to cover herself, watching as he finally re-focused and latched his dark gaze on her.

"I'm needed." He spoke in a deadly calm tone, his features wiped clean of any emotion. "Remain here until I return."

He was already striding toward the doors. "Wait! Let me come with you!" She struggled to come off the bed with the sheet around her.

He stilled at the doors, looking over his shoulder at her. "You will remain here." He made a single, slashing motion with his hand. "Right here! You will not step one foot from this room." He was quiet a moment. "I will leave guards at the entrance to protect you." His eyes met hers once more before he was gone.

Hurt, but more baffled and terrified by his demeanor, she sat heavily on the rumpled bed and stared at the closed doors.


The moment he was out of their home he shifted to wolf, racing through the thick forest surrounding his home, toward the east where the call had come from. His heart raced with both fear and sorrow, while his mind remained cold and calculating on what this could mean.

He found them gathered in an open area where the trees seemed to part and leave a gentle cradle among the leaves for them. Most had already shifted from wolf to man, and all turned when he burst into the clearing, his own form shimmering from wolf to man in seconds.

His people parted for him, and he came to see what his worst fears had proved correct. There, lying among the dry leaves of the forest was one of his people, a young man who had served him for several centuries, bloodied and torn. His face was pale from the effort he had made to return to them, his eyes glazed with pain, but Endymion could admire him for having the strength to shift from wolf to man as wounded as he was.

"Cullen." Endymion bent to one knee next to him, examining the wounds over his body. There were numerous bites, but more tearing and gash's, deep wounds that even now steadily poured blood. "What happened? Who did this?"

The young man breathed deep, struggling through the haze of death that seemed intent on taking him. "It was others… us. But they weren't like us." He looked up at his leader. "They killed Robert instantly, tearing him to shreds, and Shawn distracted them so I could escape." He grunted, shutting his eyes a moment in pain. "They still got me though, but Shawn attacked them and told me to come back and tell you."

Endymion refused to feel sorrow or pain, although it beat as a wound inside of him. His mind had to remain cool and focused at such a time. "Traitor's." He hissed the word between his teeth. "Bloody traitors."

Cullen was shaking his head. "No, they were not our kind." He groped for the name that had been shouted at him, almost like a taunt designed for terror. "They belonged to Tehe—Teherat…..."

"Teheratlas." He finished for him, looking back at him when Cullen again groaned. "Take him back to the castle. Have his wounds tended too." He rose and met the eyes of each of his men. "We will not lose another."

They lifted Cullen and carried him away, leaving Endymion alone in the quiet of the forest with his thoughts.

So the time had finally come, he mused in silence. The war of the empire's.

Donovan would find that defeating him would take more then any strength he possessed.


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