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Sesshoumaru lay in the woods, mangled horribly, soaked in his own crimson, demonic blood. His brother's attack had been far more potent than anything he'd come to expect from the pathetic hanyou, and such an underestimation was going to cost him. He was completely paralyzed, his breath coming in haggard gasps and his vision outlined with dancing black spots that were certainly not a good sign.

He took stock of his situation with calculating apathy. He was resting under the shady boughs of a young willow tree and was buried fairly deeply in the thick, green foliage that sprouted around him. This was good. The forest would shield him from harmful changes in the weather and the foliage would conceal him from all but the predators that could smell his potent blood.

He would just have to wait patiently until he could heal enough to move. He was angered greatly at having been put in such a degradingly helpless situation, especially since this hand had been dealt by his pitiful younger brother. Despite his icy, calm attitude towards the situation, he was forced to admit that he should have already been healed long ago.

For some reason, the wounds his brother had dealt him were steadfastly refusing to close and give him back the use of his body. A nagging voice in the back of his frigidly clear mind was beginning to worry, and he could not silence this voice, for he knew it spoke the truth. His situation could very well be more dire than his insatiable, demon pride would allow him to admit.

Sesshoumaru found that without the use of his body, he was left with little else to do than dwell on his all-consuming hatred for the hanyou who shared his flesh and blood. Since he was forced to wait while his body healed, this liberated quite a bit of free time for him, and not being one to enjoy dwelling on things he could not change, Sesshoumaru decided to revert to a more primitive way of passing the time.


Miroku walked through the woods steadily, his Buddhist staff making a soft jingling noise as he used it to push aside the thick vegetation blocking his path. The others had fallen on the ground in exhaustion from Inuyasha pushing them to locate his brother before the youkai managed to heal himself, so they'd been forced to set up camp until the humans could recuperate. Miroku had slept for a few hours and been perfectly fine afterwards, but the women traveling with them needed a bit more rest than him, so he'd gone on to look for food and a possible hot spring for them to bathe in.

Miroku wasn't sure why Inuyasha wanted so much to find his brother. After the blow he'd been dealt by the Tetsusaiga, Sesshoumaru was certainly not going to be bothering them for quite some time, but that just wasn't enough to satisfy the stubborn hanyou. He wouldn't rest until he'd managed to shred every last inch of his brothers sinew, just to make absolutely certain the youkai was good and dead.

Miroku never really understood the feud between Inuyasha and his pureblooded brother. From what he'd picked up, since they never actually discussed the matter openly, Sesshoumaru was angry with Inuyasha since his father had apparently favored him in giving him the Tetsusaiga, while all Sesshoumaru got was the Tenseiga. Also, Sesshoumaru seemed to resent his brother for being a hanyou, which never made sense to Miroku, since Inuyasha could hardly help being born a half-breed. The monk shook his head in frustration.

The whole ordeal reminded him of something Lady Kagome had mentioned to him once called a 'Soap Opera' which is some kind of story in which the characters are put through a never-ending barrage of plot twists and surprise endings. When compared to some of the soap opera stories Kagome had told him, their lives seemed remarkably similar to the works of fiction.

Especially when you threw in the fact that they were each hunting the same demon for entirely different reasons. If you tossed in all of those stories along with Inuyasha's feud with his brother and all the other little tidbits and characters like Kouga and Kagura and Ayame and Kaede and all the demons they'd fought along the way, you'd have one hell of a soap opera.

Miroku chuckled slightly to himself, trying to think of every single twist they'd come across in their path and finding himself completely unable to. He was still grinning mirthfully at their interesting situation, when the smile dropped flat off his face. He lifted his nose to the air, grimacing as he recognized the strange scent he'd caught on it.


There was fresh blood spilt very nearby, and a hint of demonic power came with it. Miroku considered running back to the camp to get the others, but he'd traveled quite a distance and the owner of the blood might flee before he returned with his companions. Not to mention, he had a sneaking suspicion of who the blood belonged to, since he could sense a fairly large amount of power coming from it. Miroku gritted his teeth and strode purposefully forward, cutting through the forest with new determination as he neared the source of the smell.

Sesshoumaru was lying at the base of a tree, completely immobile, just as Miroku expected to find him. His instincts had been right, and it was in fact the hated brother of Inuyasha whose blood scent had been drifting on the morning breeze. Miroku was amazed the youkai hadn't been attacked by a pack of local carnivorous demons yet, but he supposed any nearby clans had sensed the power radiating off of the demon and been too afraid to investigate further. The monk strode forward until he stood before Sesshoumaru's still form, not afraid to approach him since the blood smell was old, indicating that the demon was unable to move from that spot.

Miroku looked down at the sleeping demon with disgust, noting that it wasn't just the scent of his blood that lingered in the air around him, but the blood of the thousands he had killed before. Miroku wanted to lift his Buddhist staff and shove it into Sesshoumaru's skull, cracking his head in two and ridding the world of the abomination known as the Lord of the Western Lands, but as he gazed down at the sleeping demon he felt his resolve begin to melt away.

Sesshoumaru's long silver hair was splayed around him like a shimmering, lustrous blanket, and despite the light splattering of blood on his smooth skin, he looked almost angelic with his fine features and beautiful, pale skin. It wasn't just the demon's physical beauty that stayed Miroku's hand. The monk's conscious played a role in the matter as well. Even though Sesshoumaru was his sworn enemy, and they'd battled on more than one occasion, the demon was injured to a very critical point. Even though Miroku knew Sesshoumaru would kill him easily if he ever got the chance, all he was doing now was sleeping.

The monk was left with a very difficult decision to make. He could either make short work of the treacherous youkai, which was probably the smart thing to do, and be plagued with the guilt that comes from killing a defenseless being for the rest of his days. Or, on another note, he could go ahead and do whatever he could for the demon and hope that he would not suffer for it later. Most would have easily chosen the first alternative, but Miroku was a very honorable person, despite his perverted tendencies, and knew he would not be able to raise a hand against the beautiful youkai as long as he was injured.

The sun was still hanging just barely below the noon mark in the sky, and Miroku knew he had a good couple of hours to get them buckled down for nighttime. He figured that would be the time when most demons would start feeling a little braver and would probably stumble across the sleeping demon. The monk set his staff to the side and gathered whatever dry wood he could find in the area. He soon had a small fire going and was about to put some food over the flames to cook, when he realized Sesshoumaru wouldn't likely eat anything he offered him.

He glanced warily at Sesshoumaru, who was still curled up at the base of the tree in the exact same position he'd been in the entire time. Miroku figured it would be safe to leave him long enough to find some water. He figured that even if the demon wouldn't eat human food, he still needed water most likely.

The monk was grateful to see that there was a still forest lake not fifty paces from where Sesshoumaru lay with water cool enough for drinking but warm enough for bathing as well. He drank what he could while he had the chance, and then memorized the path he'd taken to the lake so he could lead Sesshoumaru there when the time came.

Miroku smiled in wonderment at the thought of leading the bloodthirsty Sesshoumaru anywhere. It was still a very strange concept for him to think of doing anything to help the enigmatic youkai. He strode back into the clearing and saw that the little fire he'd built had nearly died out in the couple of hours he'd spent scouting the nearby terrain for food, water, and any nearby demon habitations. He bent over and fed it the wood he'd stockpiled until it was once again crackling merrily with new life.

He glanced to his side quickly to verify that Sesshoumaru was still where he'd left him, and froze stiffly. Frigidly cold, golden eyes were glaring at him fiercely from across the clearing as Miroku straightened from his position of bending over the campfire.

" Good morning, Sesshoumaru." Miroku greeted as soon as he'd recovered from the ice being shot his way and managed to regain the use of his voice. His heart pounded wildly as he wondered if, in addition to awakening, Sesshoumaru had regained his ability to move and would soon be lunging at him.

The youkai glared back at him from his place in the thick foliage, but didn't move an inch, much to Miroku's immense relief.

" What are you doing here?" Sesshoumaru demanded in a voice that was unsettlingly commanding coming from one in such a helpless predicament. Miroku tried to swallow but found his mouth had gone dry and his throat had hitched up.

" I found you lying under that tree and decided I was going to do what I could for you, since it doesn't look like you'll be moving anytime soon." Miroku responded with a little more confidence, letting Sesshoumaru know that he was here by choice and could leave him to his fate at any time.

" I do not require your assistance, human." Sesshoumaru hissed, glaring at him with a look frosty enough to still a raging bull. Miroku refused to let himself be intimidated and kept his face neutral in response to the demon's death glare.

" Well, allow me to disagree. From the looks of it, I'd say you very much so require my assistance, unless you wish to be devoured by the first pack of demons that happen to stumble this way?" Sesshoumaru glared at him with doubled hatred, but Miroku met his gaze unflinchingly, not wavering for a second in his resolve to hold his ground.

Sesshoumaru was perfectly aware of the truth in Miroku's words, he did need the monk's help, but he would sooner have tea with Satan than admit it aloud. Sesshoumaru growled low in his throat and looked away, seemingly ignoring the monk's presence as he stoked their fire and prepared several lengths of bandages he'd torn from his robe. As much as he knew he was going to pay for it later, he was going to have to dress Sesshoumaru's wounds or there'd be little chance they'd heal properly.

Miroku didn't mind that the youkai was ignoring him and actually preferred it to the unsettling death glares he'd been sending his way. Miroku held the bandages draped carefully over his arms as he walked slowly to Sesshoumaru, not wanting to give him the wrong impression by making any sudden movements.

Sesshoumaru watched him approach through narrowed eyes that glowed with mistrust. At first, he didn't understand the monk's intentions, but as he noticed the bandages in the human's arms, realization hit him and he growled a warning. He'd be damned before he let a human touch him.

" I don't like it anymore than you do, but if you don't let me do this you'll either die from blood loss or have some rather nasty scars in the future." Sesshoumaru was still glaring at him, but he stopped growling, which Miroku took as silent permission to approach.

Sesshoumaru seemed to be ignoring him again as the monk slid the top of Sesshoumaru's clothes off, grimacing as the scent of fresh blood hit him square on. Sesshoumaru's normally flawless, smooth chest was riddled with painful lacerations that bled freely as Miroku pulled the scarlet-soaked cloth from them and bound them tightly.

Sesshoumaru normally would have gagged at the thought of a human touching his body, but as the human monk worked on him, he was surprised to feel a strange tingling wash over his skin. Miroku's hands were amazingly gentle as they ran over his muscled chest and arms, feeling like smooth silk and leaving trails of heat wherever they touched him.

Sesshoumaru wondered briefly if this was some kind of trick the monk was using to gain his trust, but that thought didn't stay for long as he felt the pain in his wounds leave him almost completely. Miroku's soft touch was coaxing his wounds to heal and Sesshoumaru could sense that he was far better off now than he'd been before. The demon was confused to feel a shiver creep down his spine as the monk began to rub a healing slave over the skin on his back where there were many scratches, but nothing big enough to merit a bandage.

The rhythmic caresses of Miroku's hands were lulling to him and he felt his body relaxing almost against his will. He knew he should have been ripping the man's face off, but for some reason, he craved the feel of the monk's skin running smoothly over his. Sesshoumaru sank deeper into the dreamy state created by the human's touch, and was horrified to feel a new emotion coursing through him.


The feel of the monk's skin was arousing to him, and he was appalled as he realized that if he'd been able to move, he would have had the monk under him by now.

Sesshoumaru closed his eyes in disgust and tried to ignore the caressing touch of the human, but found that the more he resisted the faster he was sucked into his growing need. He all but let out a sigh of relief when the monk pulled away from him, gathering up the leftover bandages for when they'd need them in the future and depositing them next to their fire.

The sun was just barely beginning to set and Miroku prepared for himself a comfortable place to sleep that night. It was too dangerous for him to try and walk back to his friends in the dark, and Sesshoumaru was still unable to move. Miroku decided he would leave as soon as the demon began to show signs of regaining his mobility.

" The sooner the better." Miroku muttered to himself. He'd refused to let even a hint of his desire show through on his surface, but the feel of Sesshoumaru's skin had aroused him greatly. Something about the stunningly beautiful demon was more tempting to him than any of the women he'd ever groped before in his life.

It'd taken every ounce of his willpower to make him stop massaging the demon's back with healing salve and tear himself away from the sensuous man. It didn't help that he was fully aware that the demon was completely immobile and wouldn't be able to stop Miroku if he decided to do something.

Miroku took a deep breath to calm the lusty fire raging within him and merely settled down for the night, completely oblivious to a pair of glowing golden eyes watching him with intense lust the whole night long.

To be continued.

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