"A not very common relationship"

She's the school nerd, and he's the school hottest guy, yeah I know what you think "this is the cliché story about the nerd and the hot guy" but no, it isn't a very good summary. S&S, T&E

Chapter one "A secret"

Syaoran's point of view

Hi, I'm Syaoran Li and I'm here to tell you the biggest secret of my life, I have a relationship with someone, right now it's not a good time to say who she is, and you won't even imagine who she is, all I'm allow to say is that she is the most amazing girl I have ever met.

It took me by surprise, I mean, me in a serious relationship, it would be easier to see the sun at night, but not now I'm really in love with her, it also took me by surprise 'cus she's not exactly the kind of woman anyone would relate to me.

I'm sitting in my chair in the classroom waiting for the teacher; I'm also watching her from the corner of my eyes, she notice and she smiled at me, I smile back at her, but our contact is suddenly broken because the teacher went in interrupting us, Damn I hate it when that happens.

End of Syaoran's point of view

Good morning class! The teacher said placing his stuff in the desk "please open your books on page 132 and do the exercises from 1 to 50, I'' correct them at the end of the class" he said sitting down on the chair to read the news paper

Syaoran's point of view

I hate this teacher, he always does that, arrive late and make us do plenty of exercises and we don't finished them by the end of the class, which we won't, we get more exercises for homework, and in a way is a good thing 'cus I get to spend more time with her, her as the girl I'm in love with, we spend a lot time together, out of the school of course, but to me it's not enough.

As the time went by my eyes landed on her again, she's doing the exercises, always so responsible, I try calling her attention but I couldn't get her to hear me, so I turn back to do mines.

The only people that knows about us is my cousin Eriol and his girlfriend Tomoyo, and it was an accident, they found us kissing under the trees in my house, they freak out, but they're also ok with it.

As the bell rang, the teacher got up from his desk, and like always, he gave us homework, and left the classroom, I swear one of these days I'm going to complain.

"Hey it's time" I heard a guy say, it's time? You might be wondering what that means, well the complete sentence is "It's time to bother the nerd". The nerd is a girl call Sakura Kinomoto and they, they as the people I hang out with, always bother her at lunch or when the class day is over.

End of Syaoran's point of view

He was walking towards the building's exit when he saw his group of friends surrounding poor Sakura, she was kneeling on the grown and they were surrounding her.

"oh come one leave her alone" Syaoran said

"What! Are you getting soft or something? Chen asked

"No, of course not, it's just not funny anymore" Syaoran said "She doesn't even cry" He said again walking away from the group

"Yeah, he's right" Feng said running towards Syaoran hooking up her arms with his

They all left leaving poor Sakura behind, she just sighs and picked her stuff from the floor and started walking leaving the school.


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