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Chapter 6 "A kept secret, what happen? And night"

The next day Eriol and Syaoran were in a café waiting for Tomoyo and Sakura, who were around town shopping; they were talking stuff

"Did you tell Sakura?" Eriol asked Syaoran

"No, I haven't found the way to tell her" Syaoran said "I don't know how she will react, I mean, you know how it was before"

"I know" Eriol said in understanding "but you're planning on telling her some time soon?

"Yeah, I am" Syaoran said "But that's not my only problem" Syaoran said again

"What do you mean?" Eriol asked

"Well, mom doesn't know I haven't told Sakura about it" Syaoran explain "She thinks Sakura knows that's why she didn't mention it the day Sakura went to the house for dinner"

"Are you crazy?" Eriol asked him shock

"No, it's the same thing with Sakura I can't find the courage to tell her" Syaoran explain

"I understand you" Eriol said "If you want I can tell Tomoyo to help you with Sakura"

"No, it's OK, I'm going to tell her myself" he said "even if she hates me after, I'd be better than her finding out some other way"

And as the talk Tomoyo and Sakura were around buying clothes when Tomoyo notice a sad look on Sakura's face

"Sakura, are you ok"? Tomoyo asked

"Yeah, I'm fine" Sakura answered

"Are you sure 'cus you look sad" Tomoyo said "Did something happen between you and Syaoran?

"Well, last night, hhmrr, well, we.. we almost…. You know" Sakura said

"Have sex?" Tomoyo said

"Yeah" Sakura said

"So what happen?" Tomoyo asked her



It was around three in the morning when Sakura woke up by a loud thunder and found that Syaoran wasn't next to her, she looked around and found him on a sofa looking outside the window and he looked worried

"Syaoran, are you OK?" she said standing up and walking towards him

"Yeah, I'm fine" Syaoran said "Did the thunder wake you up"

"Yeah" she said sitting on his legs "Syaoran, you don't look fine, tell me what is it?

"I …… well, I…… "He didn't found the courage to continue so he just kissed her but this time it wasn't just a kiss, it was intense, much more intense than the other kisses they had share.

He slowly got up from the sofa and walked towards the bed, they were still kissing when he laid them down, and Sakura was starting to feel uncomfortable, especially when he began putting his hands under her pajama's shirt touching her belly and kissing her neck, she understood the meaning of his carreses

"Wait, Syaoran, stop" she said to him but he continue "Syaoran, STOP" she said a little louder and pushing him away

Syaoran immediately reacted

"I'm sorry" Syaoran said "I'm so sorry" he said and left the room.

End of flashback

"And he didn't return, I wait for him 'till 6:30 in the morning and he didn't came" Sakura said "I think he's mad at me"

"He's not mad at you" Tomoyo said "he probably didn't return 'cus he was afraid he could have done something he might regret later"

"You think?" Sakura asked

"I don't think I know" Tomoyo said "now you tell me something why did you reject him don't you want to?"

"Of course I want to I'm just scared" Sakura said

"Do you think he's going to leave you after you two do it?" Tomoyo asked her

"No, of course not, Syaoran is not like that" Sakura

"Then what is it?" Tomoyo said

"Well, I.. don't know what to do" Sakura said " I mean I know he had other girlfriends and that he… you know and ….

" I understand" Tomoyo said "and yeah I know Syaoran had other girlfriends besides you and I don't know if he went intimate with them, but what I can tell you is that, one he won't compare you to them, you're too especial for him and second, the answer will come naturally" Tomoyo explain her

"Really" Sakura said

"Of course, at first I was scared, I mean, Eriol is such a hunk, and I knew he had other girlfriends before me, but when the time came, it felt so good that I found my body responding by itself"

Tomoyo told her

Sakura didn't say anything back, she was thinking it, Tomoyo made it clear for her, all her fears were gone, well not all but most of them, and now she knows what she has to do,

"Let's head back, they're probably getting impatient" Sakura said

"Sure" Tomoyo said smiling at her knowing she helped her a lot

Half and hour later they were all in the dinner, Syaoran was still behaving a bit strange with Sakura, but she let it pass and didn't get upset, she understand what was wrong with him

"So what did you guys did while we were away?" Tomoyo asked

"Nothing, just talked about stuffs" Eriol said "What did you girls did?

"We were shopping and we talked about stuffs" Tomoyo answer

And as they talk their lunch came and an hour later

"What are we going to do now? Eriol asked

"Let's go to the ice ring, Sakura hasn't seen that yet" Syaoran suggest

"Let's go then" Sakura said

After a entire day of showing Sakura around, going here and there if was already night, they went to get something to eat for dinner and then return home.

Eriol and Tomoyo

They were watching TV in their room

"Eriol, are you OK?" Tomoyo asked "You look worried" she said again looking at him

"Well….. I'm a little worried about Sakura and Syaoran's relationship" Eriol said

"Why do you say that?" Tomoyo asked him

"He hasn't told Sakura" Eriol said looking at Tomoyo with "you know what I mean" look

"What?" Tomoyo asked "why not? She asked again

"Not enough courage" Eriol said

"He has to tell her" Tomoyo said "I'd hate to lose her friendship and I'd also hate for her to get hurt, Syaoran also"

"Yeah, I'd hope he does" Eriol said getting comfortable with Tomoyo's head laying on his chest

Syaoran and Sakura

Sakura was in the bathroom, she was looking herself in the mirror, looking at her image, trying to see if she is sexy enough, with her hair half wet half dry, she's wearing it down and she never does but for him, she will, she's also wearing a short bath rope, and that's the only thing she's wearing (A.N: you get what I mean?), she took a deep breath and left the bathroom

When she got to the room, she saw him sitting on a sofa looking outside the window

"Syaoran" she said

"Yeah?" he asked turning to see her, he was amazed for what he saw, he stupidly stood up, watching her walked towards him, standing in front of him staring in to his eyes and he understood what she wanted

"You know, you've got to help me here, I've never……… " she didn't finish because he kissed her, his hands went around her waist and hers went around his neck, while they were kissing he was pushing her towards their bed, once they were in front of it, Syaoran stopped

"Sakura, before we do this I need to be sure you want this and that you're not doing this just to please me" he said looking in to her eyes

"I want to" she answered and then kissed him

Before pushing her completely on the bed he pulled the belt on her bathrobe and it slipped to the floor leaving her naked, he stared at her and she was trembling under his gaze

"You're so beautiful… so very beautiful"

And he kissed her again and laid both of them down on the bed still kissing

"I love you Sakura, I love you"

"I love you too"

Syaoran was on top of her; he kissed her neck and pressed her hands with his behind their heads and on the pillow. He turned around leaving Sakura on top of him, his arms were around her waist, they were devouring each other in this moment of passion. She never thought that she'd ever do something like this and that it'd feel so damn good.

Feeling Syaoran inside of her was magical, she knew he had done it before, he didn't tell her not did anyone but she didn't care, right now he was her and only hers. He was making her show a part of her she didn't know she had.

After a while

She was still on him, but this time they were only kissing and it felt different not bad different but good different, they were still naked under the bedspread.

Soon Sakura was sleeping and Syaoran was just staring at her, the best night of his life just took place, he'd love to repeat it and maybe in a future they will. If that kept secret don't break them apart.


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