Woody immediately caught Jordan in a kiss and hug. For a second, he was worried that Jordan would say no. There were no words to describe how he felt when he heard her say yes.

This past year had been wonderful for their relationship. They were finally moving at a steady pace. Jordan's life was beginning to become stable. James and Jordan were able to get to know one another; even Jordan's grandmother wanted to be apart of their new found closeness. It was all beginning to fall into place.

Woody had gone to the jewelry store about two months ago. He took a picture from Jordan's parents wedding and had Emily's engagement ring recreated. The filigree and Victorian styled diamond ring would look beautiful on Jordan's finger.

He wanted everything to be perfect. He made reservations at Jordan's favorite restaurant for exactly one year after New Orleans. Woody had even asked Garrett to help him. He figured that since Max was still no where to be found Garrett was the closest thing Jordan had to a father.

Garrett had given Jordan the day off. He told her that she should relax, maybe even go shopping. Jordan told him that she cold use a new dress to wear to dinner that night. Garrett told her to ask Lilly to go with her, and not to worry about anything.

Jordan picked out a black Donna Ricco Chiffon halter dress. She looked beautiful.

So when dinner was over Woody knew it was the right time. Everything was perfect. She was perfect, the dinner had been perfect, and the ring was perfect. Nothing could ruin tonight for them.

She had said yes. Woody's biggest fear was that she would say no. He knew that in the past year Jordan had matured, but old habits where hard to break.

So when she did say yes Woody had hope. Hope for their new life. Hope for the future. And hope that Jordan's old habits were finally broken.