Summary: Has nothing to do with a Phantom of the Opera rip off. Ranma/Rurouni Kenshin crossover- Akane, Ranma and Ryouga come across something that has been hidden somewhere on the Tendou's property, it just so happens these hidden objects belongs to their resident spirit who has been there and watching them all along without anyone knowing it.

A/N: Like it says in the summary, this has nothing to do with Phantom of the Opera, but I thought it would be a cute title. So if you're expecting some anime version of Phantom of the Opera then this story is not for you so turn back now. And just so you know, I'll be going in directions in this story that some people might not agree with, I would just appreciate that you do not flame me or this story. Remember that this is fiction and it's just for fun.

Phantom of the Dojo

Episode 1—Spring Cleaning

It was a beautiful mid-morning, the birds were singing, the sun was shining, bright fluffy white clouds danced across the sky. It was a typical day at the Tendou Dojo as the shouts of pervert to jerk was commonly heard out on the street as passersby- well passed by.

Ranma was inside the dojo holding his cheek which now sported a long welt, facing an irate Akane who was twirling a broom like a baton in one hand, in her left hand she was holding a bucket of soapy water. She was dressed in a pair of blue jean shorts and a yellow shirt, with an apron over her clothes. On top of her dark blue-black hair Akane wore a scarf.

"What did ya do that for Akane? That hurt!" Ranma shouted stomping his foot forward.

"Ranma, you are not going to get out of helping me clean this dojo today! You know we promised my dad we'd do it this week."

He looked away crossing his arms over his muscled chest, "I don't have time to do any cleaning today, besides cleaning's for girls."

"What was that!" Akane's eyes narrowed and she stepped forward, dropping the broom and grabbing the bucket with both hands ready to splash him with it. "Care to say that again, Ranma?" She threatened.

Ranma's eyes widened as he held his hands up defensively. "Now, now Akane, don't do something that you're going to re— " SPLASH, a second later the now red headed Ranma-Chan stood there, blinking three times, water was dripping from her hair onto the hard wood floor making little puddles around her feet. A broom then flew at her and she caught it effortlessly in her hand.

"You can start with sweeping the floor you jerk." Akane said tensely after having thrown it at Ranma-Chan, she then headed towards the closet to clean it out.

They were always like this, the spirit thought as it watched the two clean the dojo that it has spent many a decade in. In fact there was really no concept of time to a spirit, just the noticed changing of certain things like the glass being put into the house as western influence had been added to it, the dojo remained the same as it ever was, except from the changing in martial art styles that it now housed. But streets changed, lights became what were heard of as electric, odd vehicles then appeared on the streets much different than ever before.

The sound of grumbling from the boy that often switched genders by the touch of either hot or cold liquid brought the spirit's thoughts back to the two of them. The spirit remembered when the gender changing person came to live here; it was interesting to say the least after hearing that it was a curse that caused this person's condition. The spirit sat against the wall in the far corner of the dojo, one leg propped up with its elbow laid across its' knee. The two mortals didn't even know that they had supernatural company, and has had it since the Tendou's moved in when the first born daughter was but two years old. The spirit was sure that when the realtor was here that he did not add haunted into the house and property listing, that piece of information would surely frighten anyone away. And the Spirit was not one to cause unnecessary trouble; it wasn't a poltergeist after all.

An annoyingly smooth voice interrupted them, "Akane Tendou."

The spirit saw Akane cringe and turn around, she put on a fake smile, "Kuno what are you doing here?"

Kuno pointed at what she wearing exaggeratedly and gasped, "Akane Tendou, I will not allow this; you're dressed like a common cleaning woman. Once I take you for wife you will not ever be caught in such clothing ever again."

Akane's brow arched and she blinked a couple of times, "Uh, more delusional than every today?" She commented but Kuno just laughed it off.

"A humorous wife, I like that." Kuno then cleared his throat.

Ranma-Chan was seething listening to this idiot, she stopped sweeping with a groan and turned around, broom still in hand, "What do you want Kuno?"

"Ah pigtailed girl, my love! You're both here!" He was running towards Ranma-Chan and was about to reach her, when Ranma-Chan's leg lifted and her foot was imbedded into Kuno's face, while his arms were extended outwards.

Kuno oofed and then backed off, "That hurt, I'll have you know." He stood up straight dusting off his gray kimono and dark hakama while a footprint was visible on his face.

Akane sighed and stood up out of the closet, crossing her arms over her breasts, "What brings you by upper classman Kuno?"

Kuno approached Akane slowly, "Oh my dear, fierce but beauteous Akane Tendou, I have come to invite you and now the pigtailed girl over to my estate where there is what you common people call a party next weekend, and I will be holding a small Kendo tournament, as well." He ran a hand through his hair, "I am sure to come out the victor as always, and the prize of course my dear will be a date with you."

"What!" Akane shouted, her voice bounced off the walls, "You expect me to go along with this nonsense of yours without even asking me!"

"Hey!" Ranma-Chan interrupted, pushing between Akane and Kuno, "There is no way that you're involving Akane in this stupid idea." She sounded so heroic.

Akane clasped her hands together, speaking softly, "Oh, Ranma," Her eyes twinkled adoringly and a slight smile appeared on her face.

One look at Akane's face caused Ranma-Chan's cheeks to stain pink, but she had to dissuade Kuno here from using Akane as some sort of prize. "I mean have you looked at her, she's so uncute, and got the strength of like ten gorillas, not to mention as dumb as a brick..."

Her heart dropped into her feet as Akane's fists clinched tightly at her sides. There was a strangled growl coming from the dark navy haired lovely. "Ranma! You jerk!" Akane pulled her fist back and slammed it right into Ranma-Chan's face and the red head went sailing through the air to land on the other side of the dojo in a crumpled heap. Akane then twirled around facing Kuno, "I am still not going along with that stupid idea of yours Kuno, you can forget it."

It was then that Kuno brandished a few pieces of colored paper, and shoved them at Akane who grasped them before they fell all over the floor.

"What's this?" She looked down at the papers.

"They are invitations I've spread them all over." Kuno flashed a smile on his sometimes psychotic yet handsome face. He pointed down at the papers, "and see I already have your name down as the prize. Now you don't want people to think badly of your family name or this dojo, do you? If you refused and didn't show up what would people think?"

Akane's head lifted as she glared at Kuno, he knew exactly how to push her buttons even if the idiot didn't realize it. Well it's not like her father had any students for the school of Anything Goes Martial Arts anymore, except for the few loyal students, but that wasn't nearly enough and something like her not showing up for an event could be even more devastating for the dojo if word got out.

Kuno's arm shot out and clutched Akane's shoulder pulling her to him, "But not to worry, I shall defeat all those who challenge me so I shall save you from having to date any of them."

"Why you…" came Ranma-Chan's strangled reply as she got up on her knees. "You just thought of way that you could get a date out of Akane, and I won't stand for it?" She got to her feet. 'Akane's my fiancé.' Ranma-Chan thought to herself crossly.

A soft sigh came from Kuno, "Oh Pigtailed girl, no need to get jealous. I know how you feel about me." He held Akane's hand against his chest, while looking over at Ranma-Chan "So I shall make both your wishes come true and have you both."

Ranma-Chan's face grew green as Akane growled. That was the last and final straw. Akane started shaking with anger and nearly a second later Kuno was flying across the dojo and out the door, where he hit the rock pathway and slid across the yard to crash into the retaining wall.

Ranma-chan chuckled, "Well that's your brute strength working for ya Akane."

"Shut up Ranma! I don't want to hear anything from you!" She turned around and hung her head.

"Akane?" She stepped forward reaching out to touch her shoulder when she heard the soft sounds of sobs coming from his fiancé, but she restrained herself and lowered her arm to her side.

She sniffled and whipped at her eyes, "no one is going to make me do anything I don't want to do." Akane whispered. But Ranma-Chan heard it just as clear as a temple bell wringing. She just had to say something, but Akane opened her mouth once more. "Just go away Ranma, I want to be alone."

Being the rather insensitive person that she was, and without really thinking, Ranma-Chan asked "So does that mean I don't have to help you clean the dojo anymore?"

Akane's fist tightened at her side, but she didn't pound on her fiancé like she felt like doing. Instead she relaxed her hand and squeezed her eyes shut. She had been doing fine before Ranma came into her life and she will continue to do fine on her own. She didn't need him for anything. "No I don't need you; you can go if you want." 'I really want you to stay!' is what she should have said, but didn't dare voice it.

There was a strange tone in how she said that, but Ranma wasn't going to think about it, and would rather go laze around or do some outside training, she quickly left the dojo. But first things first, and that was to change back into a guy.

Akane took a deep breath, looking towards the open dojo doors, "Ranma you jerk." She said softly, shaking her head slowly. "Do you not care for me at all?" No matter how she was feeling right now she promised her father that she would clean the dojo so back to work she went and besides she needed to get her mind of a certain blue eyed martial artist.

It took Ryouga a long time to find the dojo after Kasumi told him where Akane was and it was even in her yard! But finally Ryouga persevered and found it, he had been gone a whole month this time and even brought her a souvenir from Kyoto; he really was heading towards Okinawa but knowing how he was, ended up in Kyoto instead.

"Akane?" It was Ryouga's voice who was now standing at the doorway; he saw her look over her shoulder at him.

"Ryouga, you're back." She smiled with a tilt of her head, "You were gone so long this time."

He nodded with a smile while his eyes were closed in complete happiness, scratching the back of his head. 'She noticed I was gone and is happy to see me, oh happy day!' He coughed lightly and opened his eyes. "Kasumi said you were out here cleaning." Ryouga saw her smile which caused him to blush.

"Well Ranma was supposed to help me." She threw her nose in the air, "But he's being a jerk again. So I'm doing it by myself, I certainly don't need his help."

Ryouga stiffened in anger, Ranma that creep! How dare he treat Akane like this! She shouldn't be doing something like this by herself! "Hey A—Akane you know, I could help ya." He pointed at himself with his thumb, "I can do enough work for ten people."

Akane giggled, "I'm sure you could."

That seemed to brighten Ryouga's spirits right up as he walked further into the dojo as proud and tall as possible, "What would you like me to do?"

Looking over at the corner of the room, she got that strange feeling again, but just brushed it off as usual. This wasn't the first time she had this odd feeling, so it was sort of normal, often there would be a strange sensation from different places in the dojo or in the house. She never really alerted anyone to it and always just brushing it off as nothing. It's been this way since she was a very little girl.

Over by that one corner were a few supplies for cleaning. "You can dust if you don't mind?" She pointed to the long feather duster. "Just be careful of the mini shrine and pictures and scrolls on the walls."

"No problem Akane, I'll take care of it for sure." Ryouga rushed to the supplies and grabbed the duster, it was then that he felt something strange too and he looked around, but didn't see anyone. It was the strangest thing, like he was being watched. He would keep his eyes open in case it was the feeling that trouble was ahead with that still in mind he went right to dusting.

Akane smiled and turned back to the closet, if only Ranma was as helpful as Ryouga was. She groaned and squeezed her eyes shut, "No Akane stop thinking about him, he's a stupid jerk." She whispered to herself going through the clutter on the floor and on the shelves. There was so much junk in this closet, there was a photo of herself looking rather the age of four and her mother, wearing similar looking cream colored training gi's with both of them wearing matching red belts, they were both standing with their fists punched forward. She remembered when her father took this picture and Akane smiled at it. This picture has probably been in here all these years. She would set it aside and take it in the house. Akane bent forward again and found some of her mother's old things and smiled at the weights that she remembered her mother used, just like she does. She thought back to when she was first given these by her mother.

"Now Akane, you don't want to have to depend on a man for everything, so use these everyday and you'll become strong enough to take care of yourself.'

Akane who was about four years old smiled and nodded, "yes mommy, I ta goo care a dese." She was handed the small hand weights and they were heavy.

"But remember dear, there will come a time when you won't be able to defend yourself against everything, and then the man you love will be there to help you."

"Mommy? I don unerstan." Akane rubbed her eyes.

"You'll understand when the time comes." Mrs. Tendou patted her daughter on the head. "You will surely understand then."

Akane sighed and blinked the tears of long gone memories away, and set the weights outside the closet door, she then bent over and started taking out all the Kempo materials and other junk that had gathered in the closet over time. The closet would need new plaster and paint soon, as it was peeling off in some places.

Kasumi sure knew how to lay on the guilt, Ranma thought as he carried a tray of food out to the dojo for Akane. Kasumi had talked Ranma into helping out with the cleaning. He was thinking of excuses that didn't make him sound like he wanted to help. He cleared his throat. "Yo Akane, you're too much of a macho chick to clean this up on your own. No, no that would get me into trouble. How about, Akane, you look like you could use my skills in this cleaning thing, since you're not as good as me…" He stopped right there. "Ugh I have to say something that won't insult her, but that's so hard especially if she's still mad at me since I walked out." He said out loud to no one in particular. He neared the open dojo doors and thought he heard Ryouga's voice.

"Hey Akane, help me with this will ya?" He coughed, "I hope it's not too much for you?" He snickered playfully.

"Nah, I can handle it." There was a pause, "Wow it's long and hard.

Ranma's eyes bugged out. 'What the…'

"Well I imagine it would be; it's been kept out of human hands for a long time." Ryouga's voice laughed.

"So what should I do?" Akane's voice asked.

There was a soft laughter coming from Ryouga, "Just wiggle it slowly back and forth a little."

Ranma practically dropped the food tray, so he carefully set it down, his eyes narrowing in anger Why that no good, pig boy, how dare he…

"Hey its slipping, pull on it its going crooked." Ryouga's voice shouted in panic

"Well that's a little strange don't you think, is it supposed to do that?"

"How should I know, I've never played with it before." Ryouga's voice answered.

There was another pause and then Akane said, "Hey look at that, its some kind of liquid, its kinda sticky."

That was it, he couldn't take it anymore. Ranma practically flew into the dojo, "What the hell is going on in here!"

Both Akane and Ryouga were startled by Ranma's entrance that they jumped nearly a foot in the air; both their heads were turned towards the direction of Ranma.

Ranma saw exactly what they were doing, in their hands they held what looked like a fragile rolled up long thick scroll that was almost half way undone and it looked like it was about to tear, Ranma could see blotches of what looked like sticky substances on the thin paper. His face flamed bright red. "Uh, I mean. What are you doing here Ryouga?" Whew that was a good save, Ranma thought to himself.

"I came by to see Akane and give her, her present." He looked forward as Akane continued to unroll the scroll. "But she was working in here all alone so I decided to help her out, unlike a certain ass who walked out on her."

"Hey!" Ranma stomped his foot, "I just don't like cleaning, all right."

Akane rolled her eyes, she could already see that Ranma and Ryouga were only paying attention to themselves now, and it could damage the scroll that has obviously been in the closet for a long time. She really wanted to see what was painted on it, but she supposed it would have to wait. Akane slowly set her end down on the floor, and headed back to the closet.

"Ranma, I didn't come here to fight with you this time, but now I see it was unavoidable! I will defeat you now!" Ryouga shouted walking away from the scroll.

"In your dreams Pork Butt!" Ranma exclaimed as his fist was raised in the air.

Akane stopped paying attention to their fights as she heard the sounds of attacking and defense. She picked walked into the closet and her toe caught the edge of something and she fell forward, her hands slamming against the plaster in the closet and then going through them. A cloud of dust erupted into her face as she spurted and coughed. Blinking trying to see through the cloud of dust she noticed that there was now a huge hole in the wall. "Great job Akane you klutz." She reprimanded herself.

The light was shinning in the large hole and something caught her attention, "What in the world…" She looked back at Ranma and Ryouga; they both somehow ended up choking each other, their hands around each other's necks. "Ranma, Ryouga stop fighting and get over here. You've got to see this."

Ranma pulled his fist back and smashed it hard into Ryouga's stomach sending him backwards, "What was that Akane?" He walked over to where Akane was. Ryouga got his feet grunting, and decided to defeat Ranma later as he too walked over.

Akane pointed in the large hole.

"Geeze Akane what did you do?"

Akane rolled her eyes, "I fell all right!"

Ranma was about to say something when a large box caught his attention. It wasn't a box; it was a crate "Hey what's that?"

"It's a crate, Stupid." Ryouga said as he too was looking in the large hole, "It's too big to take out, so I'll take break the wall more with my Bakusai Tenketsu."

"No Ryouga, I don't want to shatter our wall." Akane expressed with a hand on his arm. Ryouga's face heated to at least ten shades of red. Ranma caught this out of the corner of his eye and grunted.

"Back away, I'll take care of it." Ranma reached up and took Akane's hand off of Ryouga's arm which made it look like he was just pushing her backwards. Ranma made a fist and started smashing the wall with his massive strength. The plaster was fragile anyway so it's not like he would end up hurting his hand too much. He soon made enough of a hole to get the crate out. On hands and knees, Ranma crawled inside the hole and grabbed the crate and slid it forward. It wasn't very light to his surprise and he had to drag it out of the hole, he then dragged it out of the closet.

Akane, Ryouga and Ranma all stood there looking down at the crate.

"So what do you think is in this thing?" Ranma said kicking it a little.

Akane shrugged, "Who knows, I don't even know how long it's been there."

"It was inside the wall for a reason." Ryouga said while pointing at the crate, "What if who ever opens it gets cursed or something."

Ranma and Akane both hmmed, Ryouga did have a point. But the two of them just had to know what was in there and why was it hidden in the wall?

"I'll get a crowbar." Ranma said suddenly and hurried out of the dojo.

Ryouga's draw dropped, "Hey! Ranma you idiot! You're going to be responsible for curses and crap! Do you hear me Ranma! You get back here!" Ryouga chased after Ranma.

Akane looked at all sides of the crate; it wasn't like there were demon wards or anything on it. For all she knew that through the hole was the original closet. She put her hand to her chin in thought. What if it was money, or treasure? Her eyes lit up that would really help out the family.

Feeling a strange sensation behind her, she turned around looking in all directions thinking that Ranma had come back, but he wasn't there. Shifting her eyes from side to side she wondered just what that was. The sensation then moved next to her, there was a slight difference in air temperature. Man they really needed to get the air conditioner fixed, this was really starting to bug her. Hearing loud arguing from Ryouga, she was brought to the attention that Ranma was back, she turned her head towards the open dojo doors and found Ranma walking in with crowbar in hand.

"All right, let's get this sucker open." Ranma approached the crate…

Well that's it for episode 1; I hope it's peaked your interests. Stay tuned for the next episode which will be out very soon.

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