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Summary: Has nothing to do with a Phantom of the Opera rip off. Ranma/Rurouni Kenshin crossover- Akane, Ranma and Ryouga come across something that has been hidden somewhere on the Tendou's property, it just so happens these hidden objects belongs to their resident spirit who has been there and watching them all along without anyone knowing it.

Phantom of the Dojo

Episode 5—Kenran?

'Where is that guy?' Akane thought to herself. He never misses a meal. Ranma's stomach more often than not resembled a bottomless pit. "Ranma, where are you?" She called out

Ranma's eyes bulged as he saw Akane come from around the corner, but she didn't seem to see him yet.

"What should we do?" Kenshin asked.

Quickly looking around and tossing the sword underneath the house for now, Ranma cleared his throat. 'Nothing, we shouldn't tell Akane anything, especially about this.' He thought.

"I don't think it is wise to keep this from Miss Akane, that I do not."

'Trust me; she's better off not knowing about this. Until we figure out, how to get you out I am not saying one word about this to her.' He could imagine the millions of jokes and teasing that Akane would make at his expense, for he also took any opportunity to tease her. Ranma lifted his hand in the air, "Yo Akane." There was a strange grin on his face as she came near. He felt his heartbeat speed up and the need to take in a nervous breath of air.

"There you are Ranma." She walked towards him, "What are you doing out here, dinner's ready." Looking around she seemed to notice the presence of their spirit type guy was missing. "Hey where's that guy…" She was cut off.

"He…uh went for a walk around the neighborhood." Ranma suddenly said a little too quickly.

Akane's brow creased in the middle, "A walk, all alone? What if he gets lost or something?" The tone of worry escaping her lips, "Why didn't you offer to go with him, you could have least been considerate."

Ranma could hear Kenshin's hmm, and he rolled his eyes. 'What was that hmm for?' He thought to the spirit that was now residing in his body.

"Miss Akane is concerned for my safety. She has a kind soul that she does."

"Yeah right," Ranma's tone was sarcastic; he then realized he had spoken that out loud.

"What was that Ranma?" Akane eyes narrowed.

Ranma's hands lifted into the air defensively, his palms held outwards, "I mean that a tough guy like that won't get lost. I'm sure he's just fine Akane. Really. No need to worry." He planted his hands onto her back and started pushing her, "Let's go eat, I'm starved."

Later that night when everyone was asleep, Ranma snuck down the stairs with a pen and paper in hand. 'I will write this note and put everyone's fears to rest, especially Akane's.' And there he wrote the note…

Dear Tendou family, do not worry about me for I have decided to see the city, its been more than a hundred years and I want to see all that progressed since the day of my death till now. I will return in a few days.


'There, that should do it.' Ranma thought.

"Yes it does look like something I would say," Kenshin's voice said pleasantly.

Ranma sighed and set it on the table so no one would miss it in the morning. Hearing footsteps coming from the stairs, Ranma turned just in time to see Akane yawning and wandering towards the kitchen. She saw a dark figure standing there and jumped back. "Who's there?"

"Akane, it's me shh." He said quietly, "wake up the whole house why don't ya?"

The light switch flipped on and Akane stood there staring at Ranma, "Geeze Ranma, you scared me. What are you doing here in the dark anyway?"

He shrugged, "just heading to the kitchen, I needed a snack."

Akane rolled her eyes, "Man, you and your stomach."

"Well then what are you doing up?"

"Well Ranma, I'm tired but I can't get to sleep so I was going to get some warm milk. That usually helps." She passed by him heading towards the kitchen.

Ranma let out a breath of relief as he watched her going into the kitchen, 'that was close.'

"Go with her." Kenshin thought to Ranma.

'What! No way.' Ranma argued back, he heard a hmming noise come from the spirit in his body, he felt his leg lift and himself move forward. 'Hold it, I don't wanna.'

'She wanted you too, I know a lot about being oblivious to feelings; I was like that. So I will assist you.'

"I don't want help!" He shouted and instantly cupped his mouth.

Akane appeared in the kitchen doorway at hearing Ranma's shout; she was holding a mug of steaming milk in her hand. "Ranma, are you uh…all right?"

He grinned rubbing the back of his neck, "uh yeah… I gotta little carried away thinking about uh…stuff."

"Are you sure, Ranma?" She moved forward and pressed her hand to his forehead, the slight blush stained his cheeks, the soft scent of sweet berries surrounded him, "I can fetch Dad if you need some help."

Her scent was so alluring and pretty, Ranma was almost drunk on it and his hand came up and lightly took Akane's by the wrist, "Uh…no, I'm all right." Akane was actually concerned about him, and he liked it. Even though she was in front of him, she was still too far away; he felt the urge to pull her even closer. His heart was beating fast and he tried his hardest to force it to simmer down. "Akane, you don't have to wor…"

'Her skin is soft.' Came the somewhat quiet voice of Kenshin in Ranma's head.

With wide eyes, Ranma immediately dropped her hand as he was suddenly shaken out of his reverie, "I'm all right Akane. You should go to bed now, there's no need to worry. I'm just really tired too." And he turned quickly hurrying out of the room and towards the stairs. What was the deal with that voice in his head, at that moment it seemed annoying, Ranma was going to get to the bottom of that comment right now! 'Why did you say that?' Ranma asked Kenshin tensely.

"I did not intend for you to hear that, it was my own inner thought. It appears you can also hear my thoughts as well as my voice, for I didn't say anything to you." Kenshin answered honestly.

Ranma groaned, 'Well cut it out, it's uncomfortable for me to hear thoughts about my fiancés' skin coming from some other man.' He needed to get this guy out of his body; something uneasy and indescribable was starting to nag at him.

'Very well then.' Kenshin was then quiet he didn't want to say or think anything that would make Ranma cross with him, that thought had come out of no where, and it would not happen again. Ranma went back to the room he shared with his father and headed right to his spot. While Ranma started to doze off, Kenshin who was thinking up a way to help Ranma over his little problems with Miss Akane, he came up with a good solution, if it would indeed work. He needed to use all his concentration tonight and of course he would not know until morning if the result of his idea was achieved. Kenshin set to work.

There was a kick into his side, and Ranma groaned.

"Get up boy; you'll be late for school."

'School? Oh yeah right.' Ranma tried to move but he just couldn't, man how late did he stay up last night that he couldn't even sit up?

"It worked."

"What worked?" Genma asked his son who was still lying on his back on his bedding.

'Hey, what's going on, why can't I move?' Ranma shouted, or so he thought he shouted.

"I shall explain." Kenshin thought watching as Genma left the room shaking his head. "I have tried a new idea, to be in control of you completely, in a sense we kind of changed places, my spirit is now in control of you completely, your body, your mind and everything else that goes along with it. You are still aware of everything that I do and say, that you are. Do not worry it shouldn't last long. Most likely I'll be evicted in twenty four hours. I saw a program on this on that television contraption."

'You what? Why! I need my body, I have to go to school, fights to fight on the way and Akane to protect which ends up getting me in the fights. There is no way you can handle that!'

"Your body will just be avoiding these fights today, while I get you to admit your feelings. I cannot have you making the same mistake I did, it might be too late if you don't act now. Which is why I am acting for you." Kenshin thought to Ranma, he stood up "so where are your clothes?" He looked down at himself wearing a white tank top and blue boxers.

'Over there on the chair.' Ranma groaned, 'don't humiliate me, if you do…' Ranma warned. There wasn't much he could do now though, why did this have to happen to him? And now the spirit who's in control of him will be telling Akane stuff he'd rather not admit too. Not now of all times, wait a minute, this spirit was in control of his body which meant… he snickered. He won't have to deal with Shampoo, Ukyou or Kodachi. And Ryouga, Mousse and Kuno as well, Kenshin will! Let's see how he handles these daily problems. Finally a vacation.

There was a knock at the door, "Ranma you better be up, Kasumi has breakfast ready and we have to get going."

"Just a minute," Kenran was just pulling on the pants and headed for the door. This boy wasn't any older than seventeen and his body was in great shape, it kind of reminded him of Sano the way this boy uses strength. Kenran opened the door and saw Akane standing there.

She noticed the top button on his shirt wasn't done up, Ranma has never left a button like that, she reached up, "You look sloppy, and you were really slow today." Akane buttoned his shirt correctly, patting the button when she was done. "What took you so long anyway?"

Kenran just smiled he would have to get used to this and remember that he was in Ranma's body and that's who Akane thought she was talking to. It is going to be tough since he is so different from Ranma. But it was only for twenty four hours, he should be able to pass this off for that short amount of time.

When she didn't get an answer Akane arched her brow. "Fine then, don't tell me. See if I care." She turned around and headed towards the stairs.

Not wanting to upset her after hearing the slight angered pitch in her voice. Oh yes he know how irritated she could get in a moment's notice. He would really have to make sure things went well today, and it wouldn't help if she was angry. He raced after her, "Uh don't you remember I stayed up real late, and I couldn't remember where I took off the clothing I dress in."

Akane looked over her shoulder, "Whatever, everyone is waiting on you to eat. Except your dad of course, he was going to steal what you had on your plate as usual, but I told him to knock it off."

"Uh thank you Mi—Akane." Kenran replied, almost had a little slip up there.

Blinking, Akane shrugged, "It's uh…no problem Ranma." Wow she got a thank you, smiling she turned and headed down the stairs for breakfast.

Her smile just seemed to freeze him to his spot, it was absolutely breathtaking and it knocked him senseless, how could Ranma not have said how he felt? He then heard Ranma's voice interrupting his own thoughts. 'Don't say thank you, I haven't thanked her for anything for awhile now. Only cause she throws it back in my face when I do.' Ranma grunted.

"Just let me take care of this, trust me." Kenshin thought to Ranma, as headed down the stairs and into the living room, where everyone was waiting. He cleared his throat, "Excuse me, but are you still worried about that… 'spirit type guy.' Inner Ranma suggested. "Yeah, the spirit type guy?" Kenran asked with a smile.

"Oh, maybe just a little." Akane said, "But he did leave us a note and it's a good idea for him to see the world he is well living I guess in now." She sat down in her usual spot, watching him just standing there, looking around. "Ranma?" Was something bothering him? Akane had this feeling that he wasn't exactly awake yet which was so very odd.

"Hmm?" His head jolted as if he were being brought out of a trance. "Did you need something?"

She pointed to his spot, "Your food is getting cold,"

Kasumi smiled up at Ranma, "Oh I hope you're hungry I made extra rice this morning."

"Oh, yes, thank you." Kenran sat down next to Akane, his posture straight. He noticed everyone staring at him. "What's the matter?" He picked up the chopsticks.

"Nothing," Soun said, "Nothing at all." He picked up the newspaper and began reading.

'Stop acting all polite, I don't act anything like that!' Ranma shouted and Kenran visually cringed.

Akane looked oddly at Ranma, "Hey, I'm gonna be late for school I better get going." She noticed that Ranma didn't even budge and inch, she just shook her head and got up from her seat, leaving the room.

'Hey get up! I go with her everyday, I hate being left behind. Tell her to wait for you!' Ranma shouted and Kenran jumped to his feet. 'You know you're not doing a very good job at being me!' Ranma also shouted, 'I really wish you would not tell Akane anything about uh feelings and stuff, it's a bad idea.'

Kenran cleared his throat and raced after Akane, "Akane, hey wait for me!" He shouted, after grabbing the school bag on the way out. He raced to catch up with Akane as they ran through the streets of Nerima.

"Hurry up Ranma, we're not going to make it before..."

A bike bell chime rang and Akane groaned, "What, does she have a nose like a dog or something?" Akane sounded indeed irritated, and she thought she actually heard Ranma groan.

Kenshin had forgotten about these inconveniences when he decided to take over Ranma's body, but how to throw these girls off his back was going to be tricky. Of course he never saw them out of the dojo or house, so he needed a plan. Kenran glanced over at Akane who seemed to have moved a tiny bit faster, her eyes were narrowed and her brow was creased. There was definite anger expressed on her face. Kenran didn't have time to react when a bike which seemed to pop up out of nowhere landed hard on his back.


Kenran felt like he had been hit by one of those trucks, 'who rides a bike like this?'

"Good morning Airen, Ranma go on date with Shampoo." Said an annoyingly cute voice with a Chinese accent.

"Get…off." Kenran gasped for air.

Shampoo giggled and jumped with the bike off of Ranma, landing next to him. She rushed to him and grabbed his arm lovingly. "Did Ranma miss Shampoo?" She seemed to purr.

Akane clinched her satchel handle so hard her knuckles were turning white.

"No I did not." Kenran said so seriously, that it nearly knocked Akane off her feet.

"You no be silly." Shampoo said wagging her finger at him.

Kenran removed his arm from Shampoo's tight hold and he saw her jaw drop, "Do not think you can grab on to me like that." Kenran looked right at Shampoo his normally warm blue eyes were oddly cold, and something in them made the girl step back.

"Ranma? Is you okay?" Shampoo felt a shiver of fear run down her spine.

That same cold look was narrowed in on Shampoo, "I do not have the time to deal with you today. It would be wise if you just left me alone."

Akane blinked, her mouth still hanging open. He sounded so different, kind of authoritative. She's never heard him like this before, usually his all panicky and sounds like he's just playing around cause there is hardly any serious tone. But not right now Akane's school satchel dropped from her hand and almost hit the ground, but Ranma quickly reached out and grabbed it before it could with a very quick reflex.

"Here I shall carry this, let us get to school now." After having said that he quickly grabbed Akane's hand and started pulling her down the street towards the skill.

Something was strange all right, Akane thought to herself. He had never in all the time that she has known him grabbed onto her let alone grabbed onto her hand like this, unless she was in some kinda trouble and needed rescuing.

Standing on a rooftop not too far, but far enough so the figure in a hooded cloak was not noticed, stared down at the people below. The wind lightly blew and the cloak opened a bit revealing a female body, she was wearing a very tight leather pants and halter top that stretched over not so large breasts. There was a belt which hung loosely around her waist. A sword and whip hung down onto her hip. She reached into the cloak finding a pocket and pulled out what resembled a powder compact. The woman then lifted the hood off her face, revealing long forest green hair; the wind whipped the long strands about, some of them moving back and forth against her waist. On either side of her face were purple triangles and a slender triangle going down from her hair line on her forehead to right between her forest green eyebrows.

She flipped open the compact, it was a mirror but an intimidating and yet very handsome man's face appeared in the mirror. "I have located Saotome, Ranma. And I will maintain surveillance for now." She said to the reflection.

"Good, good, Hua. I'll be expecting your reports." Said the deep baritone voice before his face disappeared from the compact.

Hua looked up, watching her target on his way, dragging behind him slightly a girl. Hua's eyes narrowed in thought. "Hmmm, could that be the one?" She leaped silently off the top of the building following Saotome and the female.

'Stop holding her hand, stop it right now!' Ranma thought angrily, 'I mean, it's not usual for me to do that.' He hated being on the inside looking out, it appeared to him that this Spirit Type Guy was putting the moves on Akane, and that just did not sit well with Ranma, not at all. He groaned, but that's impossible.

'Be quiet, I am doing this for you.' Kenshin was growing irritated although it didn't show in the sound of his internal thought to Ranma, 'I told you to let me handle this, do not worry everything will be all right, you shall see.' Kenran looked over at Akane and there was a faint blush sprinkled across her nose and cheeks. He gave her hand a squeeze and Akane's face instantly flamed red hot. Kenran faced forward a smile upon his face. 'She really does like you, I can tell, just look at the way she is reacting to you holding her hand.'

Ranma would of rolled his eyes if he could, 'yeah but you're the one holding it.' he grumbled quietly, which made Kenran hold down laughter.

'Jealous are you?' Kenran was internally smiling.

'What? No way! I mean, why would I be jealous just because you've managed to hold one small hand? Gimmie a break.' He sure didn't sound convincing.

'Right,' said Kenran, clearly not believing Ranma's comment.

Looking over at Akane once more, he caught her looking his way and he smiled lightly. "Is something bothering you?"

Akane just about stopped dead in her tracks. He's worried? About me? Were her thoughts at that moment. She blinked trying to take in this new version of Ranma. He had been acting strange since the moment he woke up. "It's just, you seem different some how."

"Different?" Kenran's eyes narrowed slightly in wonder, "How do you mean?"

"Well, for one the way you told off Shampoo, I've never seen you actually succeed, she's like an octopus, arms every where and you managed in only a few words to get her to back off." Akane was facing forward finding she couldn't really hold his gaze anymore.

Kenran softly sighed, "Does that please you?"

Akane's jaw dropped open in surprise. "Ranma, since when do you care about pleasing me? If this is some kind of joke, I swear you're going to regret it." She felt very insecure, just when she thought she figured out Ranma as a hard headed, egotistical jerk, he starts acting like a gentleman. It was very strange.

"Maybe I decided to change my ways, after all I have been with you a very long time." Kenran smiled and he saw Akane's cheeks tint a pretty pink. Her hand felt nice in his, it had been a really long time since he had done something as simple as holding hands with a woman. Kenran rather liked the feel of his hand closed secure around hers.

Opening her mouth to speak, she was interrupted by a loud obnoxious voice.

"You there! Ranma Saotome." It was Kuno who had spoken. "What is this? Why am I seeing you holding my dear Akane Tendou's hand? I…I wont allow it!" Kuno bellowed.

Akane rolled her eyes and she swore she saw Ranma just look passive at the idiot who now stood before them.

Kuno could not believe what he was looking at, how dare Ranma Saotome come in here and steal Akane Tendou for himself. "This deed will to go unpunished, you enemy of women!" He lowered his boken and pointed it at his rival threateningly, "Defend yourself."

"Ranma, why are you just standing there?" Akane was watching Ranma's reaction and he wasn't even making an annoyed facial expression.

Kenran took a quick glance at Akane, "He is just an idiot, not worth my time." That statement seemed to shock the upperclassman as he stood there staring blankly at him. Kenran did not spare Kuno a second glance as he pulled Akane towards the school entrance.

"Hey! Ranma Saotome, get back here right now. You dare to walk away from our duel? It has yet to be finished."

Looking over his shoulder at Kuno, Kenran saw the boy take a step back. "Yes, it is." His voice cold and terribly serious.

Kuno's eyes widened as he stared at his rival, he shivered slightly. There was something, something in his eyes that Kuno could not grasp. Although Kuno hated Ranma, there was always some kind of and angry or arrogant flame in the boy's eyes. But these eyes, they looked dangerous. Kuno backed off, lowering his weapon. He did not know what was going on here. But Ranma, he was definitely acting strange. From now on Akane would probably need extra protection. But from Ranma, the guy who claims to not want her, yet there he is every single time risking life and limb for the girl? Kuno nodded to himself. It was decided, he would keep a very close watch on Ranma Saotome. For Akane's sake.

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