Title: Darkshipping Drabble
Author: Cheysuli
Rated: R
Pairing: Yami/Bakura
Warnings: Yaoi, Humor.
A/N: Sorry but I'm bored, no one's updating, and I just found a website full of dirty jokes.

Yami stumbled drunkenly through the front door, nearly falling as the world seemed to sway beneath him. He had just been out drinking with Marik, celebrating the fact that the yamis all now had legal identities (and not so legal IDs saying they were old enough to drink). Bakura had been invited to come along but for some reason that Yami and Marik couldn't understand, he refused and had chosen to stay home with his hikari.

Which was a real same since Yami had wanted to show him off. Bakura was gorgeous and sensual and he was all Yami's... and without Bakura there to prove it, none of the guys at any of the bars believed him when he told them he had a moonlit sex god for a lover. They hadn't even believed him when, after he had had quite a few drinks, he had regaled them with stories of his and Bakura's sex life.

But that was their loss.

But back to Yami trying to stay upright and walk at the same time. And if that wasn't difficult enough with the way the floor kept moving, he had quite the hard-on from talking and thinking about Bakura all night. And the fact that that last bar they had been to was a strip club...

Yami smiled and swaggered towards the stairs, stumbling a few times on the steps before he gave up on walking and instead knelt down and began crawling. After a few minutes, he made it to the top and laid there, dreaming of all the things he'd do to Bakura. He giggled and almost came right there.

But fortunately, he realized that Bakura was sleeping just a few feet away and he didn't need to fantasize to get some this night. So Yami carefully pushed himself to his feet, stumbled through the open bedroom door, and collapsed on the bed.

He sighed happily as he wrapped his arms around his lover. He hugged him tightly before rolling on top of him. Yami giggled as he trailed a hand down his lover's side then pushed up his nightshirt. Yami then gave his lover a kiss before reaching down and freeing his own hard cock.

He stroked himself for a few moments as he gazed drunkenly at his still sleeping lover before he slowly pushed inside the tight heat...

Ryou groaned as the person shaking him finally stopped. He blinked open his eyes, wondering why he was so rudely wakened in the middle of the night, and looked up at the one who had been shaking him.

Bakura was standing next to the bed and staring at him, exhaustion and mild amusement in his eyes. "Yami's drunk and fucking a pillow. Can I sleep in here?"