The Sticky Spot

Author's Note: This is a new way of writing for me... AS THE AUTHORESS! Sorry that it's in script form but I couldn't help it. R&R!

Authoress: Picture the scene: Mrs.Weasley is rummaging through her and her husband's bedroom. She's cleaning up. She's an insane clean-o freak. After tidying up the dresser, the drawers (and having quite a tough time putting Mr. Weasley's disgusting pink socks in his sock drawer), and more, she has decided her sheets need a bit of washing. She takes off the comforter and the pillowcases when she SEES IT. Something that would make your stomach turn.
(Your Stomach: turns)

Something that would make you scream for your mommy.

(You scream: for your mommy)

Girl in Audience: MOMMY! - Can I have a soda? Thanks, you're a doll!

Authoress: She sees - A STICKY WHITE SPOT.

(You: gasp.)

Authoress: Her mind reels. He wouldn't - would he? She's suddenly confused. Why would he? Why wouldn't he tell her? She calmly calls him in.


Arthur: (Out of breath, stumbles in) Yes, darling, dearest?

Molly: What. Is. That. (points)

Arthur: (Looks down, sees it, but still answers with:) What, dear?

Molly: That. (points again, nearly touching it.)

Arthur: (Bends down, almost centimeters away from it) Oh! That.

Molly: Yes. That. What is it.

Arthur: Oh, well... I, well... you see...

Molly: What? What do I see?

Arthur: (Sobs) I couldn't help it!

Molly: You promised me that if you ever needed ... that ... that I would give it to you!

Parents in the audience, now would be the time to cover your children's eyes.

Child in the audience: I CAN'T SEE! I'M BLIND!

Arthur: But last time you yelled at me because of ... it...

Molly: Well it would have avoided the mess you've put me in! Why, Arthur? Why?

Arthur: I'm SORRY! I promise, next time -

Molly: There will be no next time, Arthur.

(You: gasp.)

Arthur: But you mean -

Molly: I'm not 'helping' you next time.

Arthur: But it was only one time! One Time!

Molly: Yes, and one time leads to another time...

Arthur: I promise!

Molly: (Puts hands on hips and begins walking out into the hallway) Next time you want to lose weight, you do it yourself!

Arthur: (runs out into hallway, yelling:) BUT IT WAS ONLY VANILLA ICE CREAM!

(Curtain Closes. Authoress, Molly, and Arthur come out and bow.)