Ron was meant for more then this. He was the Chosen One, meant to purify and destroy the dishonored peoples … not protect them! He was to lead the League of Shadows by my side … and I, the mother of his children. But it is not my Beloved's fault … oh no. it is not. The fault lies solely on Possible; she has filled his head with this … foolishness. I will make her pay for what she has done … there will be a reckoning. – Yori Ra's Al Ghul

Final Chapter: In The Air Tonight

"You don't look surprised, Stoppable," Yori noted as she took a step toward him.

"Master Sensei was the leader of the League of Shadows, but he had been growing older, maybe cared a little more than you thought he should. So, you played the innocent party and turned me on him. Then, when I got him out of your way, you moved in and took control of the League." Ron stated with an emotionless tone.

"Close, Detective, very close," Yori giggled, "But no cigar. You see,, Master Sensei, as you called him, was my son."

Ron quirked an eyebrow, "You think I'm young, but my body is not what it appears. I am the rose that has escaped the fall's chill." Yori stated with a pleased smile. "How old do you think I truly am, Stoppable?"

Ron said nothing, just followed her with his eyes as she walked slowly around him, like a cat toying with its prey. "Your guess is as good as mine, Stoppable. I no longer remember the year of my birth. It has been... millenia since I was born in a small village near a oasis in Egypt, long before Romulus was a twinkle in anyone's eye.

Ron narrowed his eyes as she continued. "I was born to a poor family. Then, the Pharaoh came; he wanted concubines. He slaughtered my family and took me as his own. At first, I hated him for the death of my family, for taking away everything I ever loved. Sound familiar?" Yori smiled longingly. "It was truly his servants who were behind the attacks on the family. He was a good king. He loved me at first sight; maybe it was my spirit, maybe it was my body, but he loved me, body and his soul. That was an unwise decision.

"I pushed my hatred down, and was a good concubine, one of his best. I was his favorite. I met his every need more willingly than even his wife, and I was rewarded with much freedom." Yori continued, "It wasn't long until I learned the reason for his long reign and… appreciated stamina.

"He had a secret, you see, a natural bath, which would immediately return whoever bathed in their waters to their absolute prime, giving a flawless body, marks, blemishes, all gone, leaving only strength and beauty. Once I learned his secret, I redoubled my efforts to seduce him, to bend him to my wishes. It didn't take long until he allowed me access to the baths at my leisure… That was the beginning.

"I began planning. I would use the Pharaoh's own recourses against him. I used his resources to gather those like me, starting with the Concubines, the young women torn from their families, who watched their loved ones die. I seduced the Pharaoh's finest guard; in exchanged for physical satisfaction, he taught me to fight and kill silently." She smiled proudly. "Once he taught me all he knew, he… disappeared, as did his family. An adulterous bastard as him should not be allowed to have children, but his wife didn't seem to agree with our extermination of his spawn.

"I passed on my knowledge to my fellow concubines, and eventually, we built up enough of a force to make a successful surprise attack. We slaughtered his royal guard before I finally killed the Pharaoh. We burned his city to the ground and wiped his name and city from the history books. Thus, the League of Shadows was born.

"The League flourished through the ages, growing in number and skill, in combat and subtlety. Our first major crowning achievement was Rome. Nero was an interesting challenge, but like all men, a woman's sensual touch is all it takes to, as they say in modern times, take his eyes off the ball. Despite legend, he did not sing as the city burned. He screamed as I slowly tortured him to death while his empire fell to ash. And so it was throughout history; every time a city reached the pinnacle of its decadence, we returned to restore the balance. We sacked Rome, loaded trade ships with plague rats, and burned London to the ground.

"You've claimed Triton as your Rome, Stoppable, so what will it be?" Yori asked. "Will you come to me, stand by me, fight by me," she asked, "Or do I have to destroy you with your empire?"

"Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers?" Ron asked, crossing his arms defiantly.

"Oh… so unwise." Yori said, kicking at Ron's head, only to widen her eyes in surprise when she hit air.

Ron hit the floor and rolled away before moving to his feet in a single fluid motion.

"This is going to be fun," Yori said, turning and stomping toward the battle-ready Ron.


Meanwhile, Hirotaka and a small group of men and women walked toward the library, each carrying a large case. "Find the entrance," Hirotaka ordered as the group scattered across the room, searching the walls.

They searched the room before one finally found a hollow wall behind a bookshelf. Hirotaka nodded as he knocked on the back of the now empty shelf. "We can search for the latch or…" he moved to one of the cases and signaled for his minions to back away. He steadied himself on one knee as he raised a rocket launcher. A moment later, the hatch and part of the wall was blown away revealing the hidden staircase.

Hirotaka said nothing as he motioned for the casual-dressed Yamanouchi ninjas to make their way down the stairs with him close behind. Hirotaka paused a moment when he came upon the Cave, and marveled at the equipment Ron had gathered. "Reload." He ordered as he placed the rocket launcher on his shoulder.

One of the ninjas quickly loaded a rocket, and stepped away. A moment later, the Bat-computer was made a burning husk. "Reload." The ninja repeated the process, and a second later, the suit vault was destroyed. This continued till the hidden lair was nothing but a smoking, burning ruin.

"Last one," the ninja said as he reloaded the launcher.

"Only one we need." Hirotaka said as he targeted the Tumbler. A moment later, the armored vehicle's side was pierced by the rocket followed by the once-fearsome Batmobile exploding violently.

Hirotaka rose to his feet and turned to his minions. "Our work is finished here."


Kim watched as the last of the guests climbed into their cars and drove away. "That should level the playing field… Ok, you three, time to head to Grandma and Grandpa's…" Kim said, turning to Helena and Dinah. "Where's Barbara?" Kim asked, a sudden chill running up her spine.

"She was worried about Ron and went back," Dinah said innocently.

"And where's Dick?" Kim asked, trying to keep the fear from her voice.

"Probably followed her," Helena shrugged.

"Shit!" Kim cursed before turning and running back toward the manor. "YOU TWO STAY RIGHT THERE!" she ordered without looking back.


Ron gasped as Yori's small fist slammed into his rib cage, yet he was able to get his arm up to block her kick. "You're better than you let on," Ron growled, throwing a fist at the woman's face but just barely missing. "You impress me." Ron said before Yori finally made contact with his jaw, and continued a combo into his now sore ribs and abdomen. A well-placed kick finished with Ron flying backwards and hitting the unforgiving wooden floor

"And you disappoint me," Yori sneered down at Ron as he pushed himself up onto his hands and knees on his own living room floor. Ron wiped the blood from his mouth and glanced up at his attacker. "Master Sensei had great faith in you, Ronald. I had great faith in you. You have failed me, you have failed justice, and you have failed yourself."

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!!" Barbara's small voice called as she dove at Yori, only to be batted roughly by the Japanese crime lord's backhand. The child yelped at the impact and flew backwards into the unforgiving wall harshly.

"Pathetic child," Yori snorted, turning away from Ron, missing the flashing anger burning in his brown eyes. "Now to finish you, Stoppable. It is sad really. It seems your peers were correct. You are nothing."

"No… I am far more than nothing," Ron growled, rising to his full height in one fluid motion. Yori's eyes widened as she felt a sliver of terror enter her warlord's heart, a sliver that quickly became a giant creature of pure fear. "I am Justice." He said, taking a step towards her, causing the mastermind to back up into the wall. "I am your Nightmares." he growled in the most menacing voice to ever cross Yori's ears. "I am… BATMAN!"

Before Yori could respond, Ron grabbed her by the collar and threw her across the living room, smashing through a love seat. "It's over." Ron growled, losing the 'disguise of Ron Stoppable' completely.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ron saw a pair of ninja approaching the limp little girl, but before he could go to her aid, a flash of red and green attacked. Though they were bigger, stronger, and more advanced in skill, the boy's sneak attack was successful. With a simple two swing to the back of their heads with his staff, the costumed boy took the two ninjas down. "I've got her, Boss," the masked boy nodded as he pulled Barbara off the ground.

"What did we say about the costume?" Ron growled.

"Psshaw," Robin shrugged, "Like a rescue would work as well if I was in a pair of shorts and a Power Rangers t-shirt?"

"Barbara!" Kim called out as she ran to the two children. "Dick, are you ok?" Kim asked as she squatted down to dote over the two children.

"Ms. Kim! Secret Identity, remember?" Robin put a gloved finger to his lips.

One of the ninjas quickly pulled themselves to their feet and tried to rush the woman and two children, but without even glancing, Kim spun around and kicked, the heel of her shoe slamming into the ninja's face, sending him tumbling to the ground unconscious, blood running freely from his shattered nose.

Robin and the now dazed but conscious Barbara stared in awe. "Holy boot to the head, Ms. Kim."

Ron nodded and turned back to the broken love seat to find Yori gone.

"She got away?" Kim asked with frustration in her voice.

"No, she didn't," Ron said, turning and moving toward the library. "I placed a tracking device on her. It won't be hard to find her." He said as he opened the door to the library, walking through the rubble.

"Oh, my God…" Kim breathed as she looked at the destruction from Hirotaka's rampage.

"The Computer should be able to track it," Ron said, stepping through the blasted hole in the wall and walked down the stairs with the confused Kim and two kids close behind.

"Exactly how is the computer supposed to track anything when it's charcoal?" Kim asked as Ron stopped at the top of the stairs and looked over the damage.

"Too predictable…" Ron smirked as he pulled his car keys from his pocket. He pressed a single red button on his keychain, and for a moment nothing happened. But suddenly, Kim and Barbara had to grab the wall to steady themselves as the whole underground cavern began to shake. Dick yelped loudly as he fell forward.

"Ron, what's happening?" Kim yelled over the sound of moving metal and earth.

"Always keep a spare on hand in case of emergency," Ron said quizzically watching as the destroyed Bat Cave began to tremble and shake. The central part of the cave with the damage equipment slid back letting the destroyed wreckage of the computer, costume vault and Batmobile fall into the deep underground lake below as the now-hollow cavern walls opened up to reveal a larger computer network, a second costume vault, an incomplete second Tumbler, and a large bat-shaped vehicle lowering from a hidden compartment in the cave ceiling.

"The thought struck me a few months ago. Someone could possibly locate and destroy the cave, so I began construction on a second cave in the event of an internal attack." Ron stated as he moved down the stairs and opening costume vault.

"Good thinking…" Kim said slowly as she followed behind. "Freaky and paranoid, but good thinking…"

"You really are filthy rich, aren't you?" Dick asked as Ron stepped out of the vault, suited up with his cowl pulled back.

"Paid for all this and still have enough to buy the newest model of Porsche." Ron said with a smirk as he approached the lowered bat-shaped jet.

"Kim, I want you to call Gordon, tell him something big is going down tonight," Ron said as he pressed a button on his belt making the jet hum to life. "Get Bonnie, too. Yori knows we're on to her, and she's not going to risk giving me time to stop her."

"What are you going to do?" Kim asked as Ron pulled the cowl over his face and climbed into the jet's cockpit.

"Stop her." Batman growled as the cockpit slammed shut.


Yori stood patiently on a rooftop on the end of Lowerton, looking out over the large river that bordered the city. She glanced up when she heard the whine of the jet engine and watched as the jet came to land on the neighboring building.

An amused smirk crossed her lips as the Batman glided over to the opposite edge of the rooftop, his long cloak-like cape draping around him. "Well, well, I see you took my advice about theatricality a bit literally."

"What are you planning?" Batman growled, his white eyes narrowing on the woman.

"Your intimidation techniques won't work on me, Stoppable," Yori spat with a disgusted expression.

"It has something to do with the mass amounts of Scarecrow's fear toxin that your people have shipped into the city," Batman growled out, ignoring Yori's surprised expression. "The best time to strike is during the holidays, especially Christmas. You likely have enough Fear Gas to cover the whole Tri-City, and with everyone distracted by the Holiday Season, you'll be able to dispatch the gas with little initial opposition. You're probably using the Christmas Parade balloons for tomorrow's annual parade as containment vessels. They could get in the central part of town without any suspicion. But my only question is: if they're in Upperton, why are you here?"

"You truly are a great detective," Yori complimented with a fond smile.

"It's just what I would do if I was a psychopath and wanted to drive everyone in the city insane with fear," Batman shrugged slightly.

"Why am I here? Simple really, just a play from your own book, Stoppable-San," Yori said in her old tone and accent that used to calm him, yet now only made him ill.

"You're a distraction," Batman narrowed his eyes.

"Very good, and now, how can you possibly disable me and make it to the far side of the city in time to stop the balloons, even with that jet of yours?" Yori laughed in triumph.

"Thank you," Batman said with a smirk before turning and taking a step toward the Batwing.

"What? Where are you going?" Yori asked exasperatedly. "You can't just walk away from me!

"You can't just leave me, Ronald," Yori snapped, "Even if you stop the balloons, I will still be here. Do you still lack the strength to do what is necessary, Ronald?"

"I won't kill you, Yori, but I don't have to save you. Master Sensei always taught that to do what is necessary, often times, you must trust others," Batman responded, glancing over his shoulder at the dark haired ninja.

"Like me." Yori spun around and her eyes widened as she saw the glowing outline of Kim Possible's battle suit in the shadows.

"You…" Yori growled as she focused on the redhead. "This is all your fault!"

Batman paused a moment, studying the obviously insane woman's posture. "Care to explain that one to me, Yori?" Kim asked, stepping out of the shadows. "I must have missed the memo."

"If not for your meddling, Ron would have submitted to me years ago; he would have fathered me an heir: one with Mystical Monkey Power flowing through him. But you would not allow him to release you, and for that, he has followed you to destruction." Yori ranted, what sanity was left in her dark eyes fading completely. "I sent my best to break you! Yet you still refuse to hate him, to push him to me!"

It took a moment for realization to cross Kim's green eyes, but once it did, her face contorted in anger. "Go stop her balloons, Ron. Yori and I need to have a little girl chat."

Kim and Yori stood facing each other as the sound of Ron's jet took to the air. "You sent those thugs to rape me?" Kim asked for clarification before she released her wrath on her rival.

"Sent them, Kimberly?" Yori laughed, "Hearing your screams and watching your spirits crumble was quite entertaining, to say nothing of the visual show."

"Ok, just wanting verification on that," Kim said, taking a fighting stance. "Now, I'm going to kick your ass."


The streets of Upperton were busy with last minute shoppers. It wasn't unusual to see crowded sidewalks the night of Christmas Eve, getting last minute preparations for Christmas Day. "Mommy, look! Appa!" A little girl called out, drawing the crowd's attention to the sky and the inflated Sky Bison floating above the city streets, followed by other cartoon characters.

"We must hurry," Hirotaka said as he led the dark suited minions, pulling the balloons down the street. "They must be in position."

"Once my gas starts following the breeze, no place in this city will be safe," Scarecrow said as he walked beside Yori's second in command.

"Meow?" a sultry voice purred in Hirotaka's ear.

Hirotaka turned quickly to see Catwoman taking a quick leap back. "It's been a long time, handsome," she smiled seductively.

"Bonnie Rockwaller, Catwoman now, right?" Hirotaka said as Scarecrow glanced between the two in confusion. "You look…" he said, looking over the skin tight leather clad body, "Good."

"Done your homework on me, did you?" She said, walking toward him with extra sway to her hips. "I was your little kitten once, Hiro-baby…" Bonnie purred, stroking the man's cheek with her gloved palm. "But kitten's grown some claws!" She hissed as she slashed his cheek with her clawed fingertips.

"You bitch!" Hirotaka yelled as he backhanded the costumed woman. But she rolled with the blow and landed on one knee. "There's no way you and Stoppable-san can stop us; we destroyed all his weapons."

"Are you sure about that, honey?" Catwoman smiled as she looked up at the full moon above the parade balloons.

"What?" Hirotaka asked as he and Scarecrow glanced up. "Kami-sama…" His eyes widened as Scarecrow let out a strangled scream at the sight of the symbol of the Bat over the full moon.

Hirotaka and Scarecrow watched in horror as the symbol fell from the sky and flew toward them. "Where does he get all those wonderful toys?" the ninja whispered in awe as the bat-shaped jet flew toward them.

Inside the cockpit of the Batwing, Ron hit a few controls as a digital image of the balloons and their cables came into view on the HUD. "Locked on target." Batman whispered as hooks snapped open on the nose of the jet.

"What's he… no…" Hirotaka gasped in realization as he followed the jets path. "SHOOT IT DOWN!!" He ordered, but none of his forces brought any weapons capable of reaching the supersonic aircraft. All he could do was watch as the Batwing hooked the cables of the balloons, jerking them from his thugs' hands, and pulled them into the sky.

"Oh no… he stole your balloons…" Catwoman sighed, sucking on the knuckle of her thumb. "Was that your big plan? I hope you had a back up…"

Hirotaka's face twisted in rage as he watched his mother's fool-proof plan fly away. "Stoppable…" he growled in anger.

The Wing pulled the parade balloons high into the atmosphere, where the air was thinner, and let them go before circling back and arming a missile. Targeting one, he fired, causing the poisonous gas to explode before disappearing into harmless smoke.

"He's coming back!" Scarecrow yelled as the Batwing returned to view. Hirotaka started to throw a smoke bomb, but was interrupted by Bonnie's whip wrapping around his wrist, pulling it back.

"You wouldn't want to leave now, would you?" Bonnie asked before she tripped the terrified Scarecrow to the ground.

The gathered ninjas watched the jet fly over without stopping and even the Catwoman hesitated in confusion. Yet, suddenly, the street lights started to explode from being impacted by batarangs. "What's happening?" The group looked around in surprise, watching for the Dark Knight. Yet, none of the ninjas noticed their numbers dropping by the second, disappearing in the shadows.

"It's over," A growling voice spoke directly behind Hirotaka, causing him to jerk in surprise.

"Hey, Batman," Catwoman waved with a smile.

Scarecrow took a step back before turning and running down the street. Batman said nothing, only glanced to Catwoman and nodded. She took the message and took off after the costumed criminal, leaving the two Yamanouchi-trained ninjas face to face.


Well, if you told me you were drowning

I would not lend a hand

I've seen your face before my friend

But I don't know if you know who I am


"Where do you think you're going, toothpick," Bonnie hissed as she threw a whip around Scarecrow's feet, sending him to fall flat on his face.

"Stay away from me!" Scarecrow warned angrily.

"Huh? Never had a guy tell me that before," Catwoman smiled flirtily. "Are you playing for the other team?"

Scarecrow untangled his feet and pulled himself back to his feet. "You must have a lot to fear, what with hiding behind a mask, Bonnie, was it?"

"All there is to fear is fear itself," Catwoman replied, wrapping her whip around her body. "All you have to fear is me and my friend back there, especially him."

"Let's put to that to the test," Scarecrow said, moving forward quickly and releasing a spray of gas from his sleeve into Catwoman's face.

"Why, you little…" Bonnie coughed, rubbing her eyes, but gasped when her vision returned to focus.

"Hey, Bon," Brick Flagg said as he stood before her.

"Brick? Baby..." Bonnie gaspedm looking up at her first real love's face. "Is that really you?"

"Yup, I'm alive, no thanks to you," He said coldly.

"What?" She took a step back as if he had hit her.

"You ruined my life, Bonnie," Brick explained, his eyes narrow with a hint of red in his cold eyes. "You were never more than a whore to me, an easy sack just a phone call away, but then, you got pregnant with that little bitch." Brick said as Catwoman turned away trembling. "I could have had it all, but you made me settle for the least I could, so you could go off and shake your tail in that stupid costume. I hate you, and I'm certain MY daughter feels the same way."

"You…" Bonnie whispered, still not looking at him.

"Our little bastard child would be better off with someone else for a mother. Kim would make a good one. She doesn't leave her little girl alone at night to go parade around in spandex."

"Stop…" Bonnie growled and in a moment swung around, connecting with Scarecrow's face. "CALLING MY BABY A BASTARD!" She bellowed as Brick/Scarecrow fell to the ground unconscious. Bonnie fell to her knees shortly after, crying into her hands.


Well, I was there and I saw what you did

I saw it with my own two eyes

So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you've been

It's all been a pack of lies


Fists and feet met on the rooftop in Lowerton. "I don't fully understand why he would hold out on you for so long," Yori growled as she threw a punch at Kim who easily blocked it. "He could have me, power, authority, yet he stays loyal to an overbearing bitch like you."

"This from the crazy woman that wants to kill a city," Kim countered.

"Touche," Yori hesitated a moment. "Perhaps Ron is attracted to women with control issues."

"You say that as if he was ever attracted to you," Kim growled, throwing a roundhouse that Yori blocked.

"Oh, he was; I've seen him look at me, admiring my body," Yori smiled as she tried to get through Kim's concentration. "He may have physically stayed faithful, but his eyes and mind were mine, many times."

Kim said nothing as she took a defensive stance. "I gave up the jelling when I married Shawn," Kim said with a smile. "You can drop the mind games and stop playing."

"Ah, yes, Shawn Gordon; you honestly don't know what became of him, do you?" Yori asked innocently as she threw a punch and kick.

"These mind games are really starting to get annoying," Kim responded with a swift kick that Yori blocked easily.

"If you survive this encounter, perhaps you should speak to Betty Director… and your dearest Ronald." Yori smiled venomously.

"What?" Kim narrowed her eyes on the exotic psychopath.

"You are right, Possible; play time has passed," Yori smiled before hitting Kim with a rapid barrage, using all the skills she had mastered over the last several hundred years. She used strikes and techniques that made the strongest warriors crumble. Her eyes widened when Kim's small gloved hand caught her fist. "W-What?"

And I can feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord

I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, Oh Lord

I can feel it in the air tonight, Oh Lord, Oh Lord

And I've been waiting for this moment all my life, Oh Lord, Oh Lord

"This is something I can thank you for," Kim said with a strained voice, and Yori noticed her skin was beginning to flush. "This is a little technique my Grandmother taught me, after your thugs raped me. It's to make sure no matter how outnumbered or overpowered I am, I can get the upper hand. Question: did you know that the human body never uses its muscles to their full potential?"

The air rushed from Yori's lungs as Kim punched her in abdomen with enough force to break steel. The force of the blow lifted the woman off the ground and across the rooftop. Yori rolled over and pushed herself onto her hands and feet, coughing hard and watching as splashes of red landed on the hard surface beneath her.

"You've… you've learned to unlock your chakra gates…" She gasped as she looked up at the redheaded fighter before her, "You do this and call me crazy…" Yori pushed herself back to her feet and returned to a fighting stance. "That technique is suicide. Only a fool with no concern for him or herself would use such a death sentence."

Well I remember, I remember don't worry

How could I ever forget, it's the first time, the last time we ever met

But I know the reason why you keep your silence up, no you don't fool me

The hurt doesn't show; but the pain still grows

It's no stranger to you or me

"So, the chance of beating the HELL out of a sorry bitch like you costs a few years of my life," Kim's strained, flushed face broke into a smirk. "No big."

Yori growled and rushed a second attack, which Kim easily dodged and pushed her knee into the ninja's already sore ribs, forcing more blood to fly from her gaping mouth. Kim rolled with the momentum and slammed her elbow down into Yori's shoulder, causing an ugly, crunching sound to echo across the rooftop.

Yori stepped back. her now useless arm dangling at her side as she used her good arm to raise a defense.

Yori tried another rush; this time, Kim successfully ducked, and Yori flew over the edge of the roof. "Yori!" Kim cried out and reached around catching her by the sleeve. "Hang on!" She called down to the dangling woman.

Yori glanced down at the large riverway below her then back up to Kim. "After everything I have done, you still are willing to save my life."

"All life is worth saving," Kim responded heartedly.

"I see… so that is where he learned it…" Yori bit her lip. "Neither of you can ever be strong until you learn how wrong that is." Yori smiled softly. "Whether I live or die today, I have already defeated you in a way you can never recover…" she said harshly before twisting free from Kim and falling into the rushing water.

"Yori!" Kim called out before looking away. Stumbling slightly before falling to her back onto the rooftop physically spent from the fight.


And I can feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord

I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, Oh Lord

I can feel it in the air tonight, Oh Lord, Oh Lord

And I've been waiting for this moment all my life, Oh Lord, Oh Lord


"You've gotten in our way for the last time, Chosen One," Hirotaka growled as he took a fighting stance.

Batman said nothing as he stood there patiently with his cloak wrapped around his body. And when Hirotaka snapped his attack, he simply stepped from side to side, dodging Hirotaka's barrage of kicks and punches.

"FIGHT ME!" Hirotaka growled as he made smooth calculated punches and kicks that hit nothing but air and the occasional end of Batman's cape.

Hirotaka never saw the punch coming till he felt the gloved fist slam into his body just below his chest. "That was for playing Kim, Bonnie, and Monique years ago," Batman growled before grabbing Hirotaka by the hair and slamming his face into his knee.

Hirotaka gasped as he fell backwards, apparently unconscious, as Batman draped his cowl back around his body.

"Batman!" The Dark Knight turned to see Commissioner Gordon and Detective Bullock approaching. "What happened?" the Commissioner asked.

"A terrorist organization was going to release fear gas through the parade balloons," Catwoman answered for him as she tossed the unconscious Scarecrow at Commissioner Gordon's feet.

"Detective Possible should be wrapping things up with the leader," Batman stated with a vague hint of pride in his voice.

"Batman!" Bullock barked as Batman lifted his fist to knock out the stubborn Hirotaka rushing behind him. "…Behind you … right."

"Let's get these guys booked," Gordon ordered to the group of unconscious ninjas around the street. "Thanks again for all your help, Batman; we …" Gordon drifted off when he found himself and the overweight Detective alone. "I swear I'm going to put a damned bell on him next time I see him!"


Some time later, Kim sat at the front steps of the warehouse and glanced up at the sound of the police siren. "You ok, Partner?" Harvey Bullock asked as he climbed from the car.

"Never better," Kim smiled as she stood up and approached her old friend.

"Bats said you were taking on the bad guy," Bullock looked around.

"Yeah… it's been taken care of… I… I did my best…" Kim let her chin drop. "But I couldn't save her…"

"You're a tough broad," Harvey put his arm around her shoulder. "But you can't save everyone, Kid."

"Thanks," Kim kissed his bristly cheek. "What now?" Kim asked as she glanced up at the sky and the bright Bat-Signal shining in the night sky.

"A Dark Knight's work is never done," Harvey joked, "Think he ever gets tired of this? Ya know, saving people."

"Nope," Kim smiled lovingly as she looked up at the signal in the sky. "It's who he is."

Meanwhile, in the towers of Upperton, a single figure stood in the darkness. Ron Stoppable gazed down at the city, his city, his long cloak blowing in the wind as the Bat-Signal glowed forth, the only light in the sky. They once told him there was nothing to fear. But there was something out there… in the darkness… something that will not stop until it gets its revenge.

There is Vengeance.

Ron glanced up at his symbol adorning the dark clouds.

There is the Night.

He slowly pulled the cowl over his face, narrowing his now white eyes.

There is …

With a great leap, he flew into the sky. His cape hardening into a glider, soaring through the darkness like a Bat seeking out its prey.

The Batman


Yori sighed as she entered her private chambers at the Yamanouchi School. Her shoulder was broken, no doubt, but a dip in the Lazarus Pits would do wonders. "What's wrong?" Yori stopped at the sight of the concerned look on her young child's face. His bright green eyes stared behind her in the shadows. "Do we have company, child?"

"Hee… hehe…" a soft cackle filled the room.

"Who's there?" Yori spun around.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Insane laughter echoed as well as a single gun shot followed by another and another. Each causing Yori to jerk as the bullets tore through her body.

"W-What do you want with me?" Yori coughed as blood slid from her wounds and mouth.

"You?" Joker asked, stopping out of the shadows, blowing on the barrel of his gun. "Not a damned thing, toots; I just want to rectify a little somethin'."

"What?" Yori's eyes widened when Joker took the seven-year-old boy's hand. "Stoppable's raising my and Kimmie-cub's kid," Joker grinned as he stepped onto Yori's wounded stomach then on across. "It's only right to raise his and Possible's bouncing baby boy! HAHAHA!"

"What's your name, kid?" Joker asked as he led the boy out of the school. He simply stared back at him impassively. "Hmm, ok, then. How about I name you… what do you think of … Jason! Name ya after my favorite homicidal movie maniac?" The child said nothing as he followed the man out of the school. Honoring his mother's teaching of following the strong. "Jason it is! Jason, my boy, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Jason let his impassive face break into a small, shy smile as the man holding his hand laughed hysterically.


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