The Senka and AlliKat-One Piece Parody

A/N: Yeah, I don't own One Piece. However, Senka and AlliKat I do. (From The Tales of Senka and Elwood)

The plot? Senka and AlliKat are determined to join the Straw Hat Pirates, and 4Kids has become more involved then they should be. 4Kids wasn't even supposed to be in this, but after I saw what they did to poor Sanji...I knew it had to be done. If there's someone in the world who actually likes 4Kids' work of butchering anime...leave now before I find you.

"AlliKat, I have a plan...," Senka smiled to her sister, AlliKat.

"Wazzat?" AlliKat yawned, stretching like a cat on her bed. Senka held up two wanted posters in front of AlliKat. "Ah! Luffy! Zolo!"

"Yes. I'm going to try and join their crew no matter what! You too! We'll go to the grand line and find One Piece with them! Yeah!" Senka exclaimed. "Mwahahahahaha!" AlliKat eagerly perked up.

"Yay!" AlliKat said but then suddenly paused. "But Senka...isn't the grand line supposed to be dangerous?"

"I thought that too, but then I found all these vacation posters, so it should fine."

"Oh, okay. Let's gooooooo!"

((We both always wondered why there are so many gosh-darn people who've been to the grand line when it's supposed to be so evilly dangerous and what-not.))


"Whirlpool ho!" Senka yelled as their small rowboat drifted towards a large whirlpool.

"Whirlpool!" AlliKat exclaimed, looking around for it. When she spotted it, her eyes grew large. "Wowwwwwww! I've never seen a REAL whirlpool before!"

"Wow..." Senka nodded. "It's very impressive indeed..." They watched it silently for a few moments, getting closer and closer.

"Hey, I just remembered something..."

"Huh? What?"

"Aren't whirlpools bad?"

"Hm...," Senka said thoughtfully. "I suppose you're right. In that case, let's get out of here!" Senka and AlliKat started rowing as fast as they could, but they forget to change direction and ended up getting closer to it instead. "Oh no! It's not working!"


"Hey, there's a rowboat going into that whirlpool!" Usopp cried out.

"Liar," Nami said bluntly.

"No, it's true! Look!" Usopp yelled and tossed Nami the binoculars. Nami took a look for herself.

"He's right. Luffy, you should help them," Nami said, looking at Luffy. Usopp jumped down from atop the mast, while Luffy ran over to where Nami was, leaving his spot on the boat.

"That looks dangerous!" he said when he spotted the endangered rowboat.

"Idiot! Help them!" Nami yelled irritably.

"Ah, okay," he grinned. He stretched his arm out to the rowboat...


"Ah! Senka, a hand! A hand!" AlliKat cried. "It's come to push us closer in!" Senka glared annoyingly at the hand.

"Why would it do that! We're already heading straight for it!" The hand grabbed the boat and then suddenly they felt their boat quickly being pulled away from the whirlpool. Senka and AlliKat looked at each other and grinned.

"Luffy!" they cried out together.


"Luffy, you idiot! You're going to crash them into us!" Nami screamed. Luffy looked at her, still smiling.

"Didn't think about that," he laughed.

"Let go of 'em before they crash!" she commanded.

"Oh, okay." Luffy let go immediately, but the boat kept going. It slowly lost speed until it gently bumped into the Merry Go. Everyone gave a sigh of relief. Nami and Usopp peered down into the boat.

"There's no one in it...," Nami started.

"I could of sworn there were people in it...," Usopp added, confused.

"AH! THERE ARE PEOPLE ON MY ARM! GET 'EM OFF!" Luffy yelled. They looked back at Luffy and saw that there were indeed people on him. Two to be precise, both girls. One had long purple and blue hair and gleaming red eyes, the other short green hair and cat ears, paws, and tail. Zolo and Sanji suddenly came running in, Sanji from the kitchen and Zolo from where'd he'd been sleeping on deck.

"What's wrong? Are we being attacked!" Sanji asked loudly.

"What's with all the noise! I'm trying to sleep!" Zolo said irritably.

"There are girls on my arm and they won't get off!" Luffy cried. He tried pushing them off with his other hand, but they wouldn't budge. Suddenly they both looked up at Luffy and grinned.

"Luffy!" cried out Senka.

"Yay! Straw hat!" AlliKat yelled.

"Huh?" Everyone sweatdropped. Sanji then spotted the two girls and immediately hearts flew from his eyes as he coasted over to them. He tossed a lollipop out of his mouth and got down before them.

"What reason do you two lovely ladies have for coming here? I think-" Sanji started, but was cut off by a bloodcurdling scream from Senka.

"SANJI! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR VOICE!" Senka screamed, tears flying from her eyes. Senka continued crying about his voice while AlliKat took his lollipop and started examining it closely.

"A lollipop? I thought Sanji was a smoker? Is he trying to quit...?" AlliKat thought out loud to herself.

"SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG HERE! VERY WRONG INDEED!" Senka screamed, resulting in everyone sweatdropping. Sanji was about to ask what was wrong with his voice, but Senka stopped him. "DON'T SAY A WORD!" She let out a sigh and thought a moment. Senka then turned to Luffy and made a fist.

"Something is very wrong here, Luffy, and I intend to save your crew from the clutches of this cursed evildoer before it infects you all! That will be my new mission, and after that...after that you have to let us join your crew!"