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ELWOOD: WHAT! I don't love Senka...! God, ew, how could anyone love her!

SENKA: I hope I don't love him back in that...god, that's gross...ewwwwww...

Hehehe...yeah...that won't ever be posted for my own safety from them...Anyway, on with the actual story!

"What are you two doing here?" the man asked Luffy and Zolo suspiciously.

"We got lost," Luffy answered, still grinning.

"We need to get back to the town of Tuisaka," Zolo replied. The man suddenly seemed very angry.

"You can't go back there yet! Our plan is not yet complete!" The man yelled.

"Plan?" Zolo said, eyes narrowing. "Just who are you?"

"He's a scary crow!" Luffy informed Zolo, completely serious. Zolo and the strange man ignored him.

"I am..."



Senka looked up to see Usopp racing towards them, Nami following as a speck in the distance. Usopp stopped to catch his breath. "M-monster!" Senka blinked a few times, looked down at the strangled Elwood, looked back at Usopp, back to Elwood, back to Usopp...she pointed a finger at herself.

"Me?" she asked. Usopp shook his head.

"NO! There are monsters in this town!" he yelled. He suddenly took notice of a certain two people and he could have sworn he died right there...AlliKat and Sanji were just sitting there, casually painting the ship bright neon green, blue, and orange. He ran over to them immediately. How could they be painting Kaya's ship! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"

"Painting the ship," AlliKat grinned.

"Ah, isn't AlliKat wonderful when she paints?" Sanji sighed happily. Usopp felt ready to strangle them both.

"You're painting Kaya's ship!"

"Technically, Kaya gave it to Luffy, so it's his ship. I'm pretty sure Luffy won't mind," AlliKat grinned, and Sanji laughed. Usopp thought a moment and realized it was true. Luffy being who he was would probably say it was cool...Elwood finally snapped awake and since Senka had stopped holding the bag closed, he managed to crawl out.

"Ah...Elwood, you're awake...," Senka said nervously after seeing him stagger up with very angry eyes...

"Senka...I'M GOING TO KILL-!" Before Elwood could finish his statement, the same assortment of strange objects from before came raining down on him. This time, there were so many lollipops, kids books, etc. that Elwood became buried. Senka was completely baffled.

"What the hell...?" she said slowly, and then realized Sanji, Usopp, and AlliKat were staring at her. "I didn't do it, I swear!"


"4KIDS ENTERTAINMENT!" the man bellowed loudly.

"For kids' entertainment?" Zolo repeated.

"Oh, so you're a mystery man!" Luffy smiled.

"NO! My name is 4Kids Entertainment!" the man yelled. Zolo and Luffy just stared, so the man sighed. "You two weren't supposed to find this place...are your senses of direction really that bad?"

"Hey!" Zolo said, offended.

"Haha! It's true!" Luffy laughed. The man looked at them for a moment and then smiled.

"I can fix that..."


Sanji and AlliKat were still painting the ship, Senka strangely was actually trying to help Elwood out of the pile of stuff, while Usopp and Nami had spent the time sulking. Suddenly Nami realized Zolo and Luffy coming in the distance. The two stopped a few feet away from them, staring out at nothing with blank looks on there face. This got everyone's attention, mostly because Luffy was not proclaiming their presence unusually-and-yet-perfectly-normally excitedly.

"Luffy, you alright? Zolo?" Nami said, getting up from where she'd been comfortably sitting underneath a nice little gloom cloud. The two were slow to reply.

"Yes," mumbled Luffy.

"I'M...fine." For a moment Zolo had sounded like he was going to yell something, but now he sounded bored like Luffy did. Everyone was pretty suspicious now.

"How'd you find your way back?" Sanji asked suspiciously, joining everyone else in gathering around the two.

"We remembered," Luffy answered dully. "I am the captain..."

"Yeah," Zolo nodded. "How could we forget?" Everyone was quiet, trying to take in what was going on. They weren't acting like themselves, and on top of that...they weren't lost. At all. Something was very wrong...

"Senka, do you think...?" AlliKat said, looking at her sister with worried eyes. Senka nodded slowly.

"I didn't think they would do this...change their personalities to suit their own needs..." Senka shook her head sadly, but then looked back at AlliKat. "We need to stop them now, before they do more harm."

"Right," AlliKat agreed.

"You won't be stopping anyone today...," came a confident sounding voice. Everyone looked to see a boy with slightly messy, short brown hair and glasses walking towards them. Senka groaned and AlliKat just looked wearily.

"Matt...Why are you here?" AlliKat sighed and Senka twitched.

"I won't say anything, but I'm still waiting for that FMA DVD...," Senka replied between her teeth.

"I've come to stop you! Isn't it obvious?" Matt yelled.

"Yes Matt...but why have you come to stop us?" AlliKat said in a tired voice.

"Um, well, er...," Matt replied, not sure how to answer.

"AlliKat, Senka-who is this lowlife?" Sanji asked, glaring at Matt who was glaring right back.

"Doesn't seem friendly...," Nami commented.

"Nope," Usopp nodded. "I hope he isn't dangerous."

"He's dangerous alright! He tried to run me over!" Senka yelled, pointing a finger at Matt, who now looked confused. (Sanji gasped and then scowled at Matt at the idea of him trying to run her over.) Senka looked at Matt with angry eyes. "I always knew you were no good!" AlliKat looked at Senka and sweatdropped.

"How could he have tried to run you over if you were in the car with him?" AlliKat asked her in a confused tone. Senka twitched.

"Spiritually! He tried to run me over spiritually!" Senka shouted accusingly.

"Uh..." Matt looked at them puzzled and then scratched his head. "Er, if I've come at a bad time...I can always come back to stop you later, I guess..."

"Could you come back in a few hours?" Nami asked kindly. Matt thought about it for a moment.

"Well, okay...," he shrugged. "But don't go anywhere!" He shot them suspicious looks before quickly shuffling off.

"Not too bright, is he?" Nami said to AlliKat who just laughed. Usopp laughed weakly and even Sanji grinned. Senka gave a short growl, and then made a startling realization.

"Where'd Elwood go!" She exclaimed in a panicked voice. Everyone looked around, but didn't seem him anywhere. Senka then spotted him and starting twitching uncontrollably. He was walking off...with Matt. Trying to escape...with Matt. He preferred MATT over HER...


A\N: Matt is not and will not ever be in the Tales of Senka and Elwood. I don't love him enough. (obviously) The car conversation? Yeah, actual conversation. I refuse to be in the car with him driving ever again...